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Work Smarter, Not Harder: Hard Work Isn't Enough, Learn a Key to Wealth...

Hard Work Pushing a Stone for No seeming Reason
Work Smarter, Not Harder: Hard work isn't enough, learn a key to wealth.


We all know working 80 hours a week will not get you rich. So why is that common advice successful people give? Because it is an important component if you are doing everything else.

Wealth comes from making good investments which end up paying out. We have 3 common resources. Our money, our ideas and our time. We can invest any of these to build any of these.

Example. I can spend time learning. By doing so my ideas CAN become worth more. Alternately I can invest money into time (spending money to have more time). The question of investment is whether your investments are paying out more that you are putting in. Especially in the realm of ideas that can be hard to identify. Does your learning help you either learn more, have more time or earn more money? If so, then it was a good investment.

As you make more and more good investments of time, ideas and money you get to where (if you are smart) you create free time, money or intellectual space to make new investments. In 1998 I set a goal for myself to have at least 1/2 of my time and monthly budget free to invest to either increase my wealth or to change the world in the ways I desire to.

I made it easier to do this by keeping my overhead low. My family can survive comfortably on less than 2k/mo, but we can earn a lot more than that. Everything between what we need and what we earn is freedom to invest or live the life we want. Additionally I only need to work about 15 hours a week to earn my money which means I can (and do) spend over 90 hours a week investing or living the life I want. (16 awake hours a day *7 days a week =112 available hours per week.)

The key here is the constant need to invest. If I sat back for longer than a couple months and didn't reinvest money and time I would backslide. My earnings per hour would decrease, and I would have to spend more time to earn less money.

I'm constantly exploring how to expand my businesses, start new businesses, invest in other businesses, learn new skills and automate aspects of my life to free up time. Many of these investments are a waste of my time, but it only takes a couple minor successes or one big one to cause your free time and/or money to leap forward. My big win was my online continuing education business. I've had smaller wins with my computer repair and website businesses which helped me do the continuing education project. I leveraged the freedom of time and money from the first wins to work for other ones.

What you don't usually see is the list of failures. I've had 2 computer businesses fail, five marketing companies fail, three computer game, software or app projects and six intellectual projects I spent hundreds of hours working on fail. I've lost tens of thousands of dollars to the wrong people and tools. I've failed to finish at least a dozen books and I've disappointed easily a few dozen people with failing to be able to do what I intended and started to do. That's not counting easily 3 explored ideas and opportunities a month which take at least 4 hours each to vet before I decide not to do them.

I'm not asking for sympathy. All those failures and the future ones to come are the risk I chose to attempt another big win. My next big win could be tomorrow or it could be in years. I don't know.

So is hard work and sacrifice the path to wealth? Depends on if you are making good investments which either increase your time, ideas or money. If not, no amount of work will make a difference.

Scientific Evidence of Conceptual Momentum?

I just enountered Rupert Sheldrakes banned TedX video.  I very much enjoyed the video and was thinking... "FUCK YEAH.  Like a lot of mages and Priests I've been arguing that conscious decision is currently in the process of co-creating reality for a while now, but I didn't have any evidence.   This guy has evidence!"
Of course my second thought was: "Lets check him out?  Real science or BS?  I'm not going to share this if he's a quack."

So I researched his books as well as scientific community responses to them, and I found a healthy debate.  While many many people disagreed with him or weren't willing to engage in discussion, when people came forward to dispute his claims he cited evidence and it was commonly the people arguing AGAINST him who tried to present flawed evidence.

I'm not saying this guy is solid.  I haven't researched him enough, but his video agrees with my teachings, says them very well and my early research is promising.   Please check him out, investigate his research and claims and comment!

If this stands up, this is actual evidence of my claims for why and how magick works!

If not... whatever.  It's still cool.  :-)


Be Powerful,

Awo Fa'gbemiro


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Business Coaching

I have started over 20 businesses over the years.  13 failed before their first year.  3 lasted a few years before I gave them up.  One is on the back burner idle. 3 are still running, and because of two of them I am semi-retired at 35.

Some businesses were manufacturing.  Some were Sales/Advertising.  Some were Technology. Some were Service. Each business taught me something.

At this point I have enough experience to know and avoid the most common Small Business pitfalls.  My experience allows me to recognize the things that will make a business succeed. It has also given me a lot of tools to overcome roadblocks.

The last 4 businesses I looked into didn't even get past the early planning stages because I was able to recognize fundamental problems early on that I didn't care to find ways to overcome.  That willingness to overcome is what makes a successful business, but us old timers tend toward an "aww fuck it, let the young and hungry do that" perspective.

Over the years as a Computer, Network and Website Technician, one of my favorite things to do was to analyse and improve business processes to help a company succeed.  I don't like the 6am phone calls from a desperate company to get the network up and running again, but I LOVE the meetings where we identify how to change technology or business practices to increase profits.

If you have a small business and the numbers aren't working, give me a call.  I will talk with you about your business and we'll explore changes in products, services, technology, advertising and business practices to get the numbers working again.

If you are thinking about opening a business, save yourself months and thousands of dollars by calling to put your idea through the ringer before we brainstorm solutions.  When we first start a business it's tempting to be in love with it and ignore the warning signs.  You can reach success far faster by having an outside perspective who can help you find success with the right offering, in the right time, in the right way.

Good business consulting recharges me and brings me joy so I offer it at 50% off.  I only charge $50/hr, and I will accept payments with 20% down.

If I love your business idea and believe in your team I may even be interested in investing with time, money, computer/network/website services, Adwords and/or SEO.


To schedule an Appointment, Use the contact form to contact me


Power Before Wisdom: Gaining and Using Power Wisely in its many forms.

Welcome to Power Before Wisdom. This site was originally started in 2006 as a blog of my search for spiritual/magickal power. I studied magick, and I experimented to see what worked and what didn't.

True magick however is about affecting your life, your community and your world. It isn't about just playing in the sandbox of theory. It's about drawing blessings and change into your world. If you are doing effective magick you will end up with the exact amount of good things that you are willing to live with. Health, Joy, Money, Love, Family, Friends, Opportunities, Home, Jobs/Businesses, Land/Wealth.

I used magick to have the business, relationship, health, family, home and more. In doing so I learned aspects of power beyond Magick and Spirituality.

Gods and Magick are powerful, and I recommend that people study them to empower their lives. Yet I also believe in the power of technology, politics, money, activism, history and non-spiritual self-growth. At this point in my life, I feel that I have something to add to the conversation on these topics as well through my perspective as an effective worldly mage-priest.

Therefore I am adjusting the Power Before Wisdom brand into expressing ALL of the Power and Wisdom I'm interested in, instead of just Magick and Spirituality.

I am slowly separating articles into: Magick/Witchcraft, Shaman/Priestwork and Life/Business, and will be writing more into each of these areas.  Alternately you can just read the last 10 years of writings by going to The Blog.

Be Powerful,
Awo Fa'gbemiro aka Scott Reimers

Custom Spellwork

My practice has reached a point where I am willing to custom spellwork.  I can design you a spell for just about anything (reasonable to our skill and culture), but I will only perform spells which align with my morals.  If the spell you want designed goes against my morals, I will tell you that and while I will still design it, you will have to perform the spell yourself.

My Process:

  1. You pay $100 Custom Spellwork Fee.  This includes 1 hour of spell design and performance.
  2. You call me with your problem.  I will ask if you want me to design a spell for you or to cast it for you.
  3. I think on it and perform divination concerning effective spellwork.  
  4. I propose the spell(s) alongside what I learned through divination and provide an estimate.
  5. If you accept the estimate and want to move forward we do.  If you ask for a change I will work with you to adjust the spell and re-divine for success.
  6. If you are having me perform part/all of the spell I will do so. At the end, I will check if the Spell is completed successfully using Divination.  If there are unexpected challenges/work I will stay in contact so you can confirm them. 
  7. At this point the remainder of the estimated cost will become due unless we agreed to payment terms during the estimate.  If you did not ask for terms and want them after the work is done there will be a $50 fee for dishonesty added to your total.

The Fine Print:

  • - While you have a license to use and share any spell I write for you, I retain the copyright.
  • - I require an oath of secrecy concerning the details of any spell I perform for you.  While you may tell anyone that you hired me and share praise/complaints, you need to keep specific details of the spellwork private to yourself, your trusted family and your closest trusted friends.  This prevents you from interfering with the spell by sharing too much.
  • - Don't lie or abuse the intent of this... Things will go badly for you, and I probably won't even know why.


Spells I have designed/performed successfully before:

  • - Purification Spells
  • - Relationship Spells
  • - Healing Spells
  • - Removing Curses
  • - Binding Spells
  • - Money Spells
  • - Manifestation Spells
  • - Banishing Spells
  • - Overcoming Addiction Spells
  • - Transformation Spells


Pay the $100 Custom Spellwork Fee or Contact Me to get Started


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