Acupuncture at home… without the needles!

The Everyday Magick blog drives me to realize the many ways that I practice magick in my day to day life.  Here’s one I’ve actually used for YEARS, but only recently realized might be useful to others to learn.

There are shower water pic adapters (Here's one for $30).  The idea is to allow you to use water to floss.  Well a few years ago I thought, “This might make a pretty good back scratcher.”

So I turned on the water pic and started firing the stream of water at my back.

“Hrm…” I thought to myself, “Feels Ok”

Like any decent back scratch I moved it around until all of a sudden… WOW.   RIGHT THERE!

I found a place where it felt like I’d hit a pressure point in a good way.   Now I’d done enough acupressure and acupuncture to know that I’d just hit a minor chakra and the water was definitely doing good stuff.  (I explain chi and chakras in Using Aura, Chi, Ether and Chakras.)

I let it work on that chakra for a bit and then I decided to move the spray around.   I noticed that there was a clear channel where I could sense energy being pushed ahead of the spray (kind of how leaves advance before a hose on a sidewalk).   After mapping out the channels (and running out of hot water a few times) there were some clear patterns.   The channels seemed to be meant to go UP my front, meander over my head and then go DOWN my back.  A couple months later, I was amazed at how the channels I found were nearly identical to meridian maps I looked up. 

Meridians_Down_the_Back (image borrowed from have a few differences in my model verses the many different maps I’ve found, however it’s pretty amazing how I was able to map out meridians.

So for years now I’ve deal with an issue of some sort (a headache, ankle problem, pulled muscle) by going to take a shower.   I turn on the water and just spend 5-20 minutes using the water pic to clear the meridians and activate the chakras.  I find it more effective than acupressure (since I can't reach back there well) and no acupuncture needles required.

Give it a shot sometimes.  See how it works for you!
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