Power Before Wisdom Weekly Update 8-22-11

Personal Update from Power Before Wisdom:

My daughter just started school again.  She had a great first morning and I think we're off to a good year.  

The two slowest times of the year for my business are the Yule Season and Summer Vacation.   I'm proud to announce that while this Summer Vacation was painfully tight financially due to overspending on Summer Solfest, I've made it through and people are already calling to get work scheduled.  ^_^  

My daughter going back to School also means a return to my regular schedule @ the gym.  I lost 40 lbs this summer due to the HCG diet.  I'm currently hovering @ about 265 and look forward to continuing the downward trend through a very strict diet and exercise.

New articles since last update:

  • none… :-(
  • I’ll do better this week I have three planned.  ;-)

Weekly Rune Reading:



The Core of the Week is Berkana - I’m understanding this to mean that this week we will watch things that have been gestating for a while be born to the world.  A lot of us have irons in the fire, a bun in the oven or a project we’ve been working on in secret.  This week they will see the light of day!

A hidden Gebo leads to an obvious Kenas OR a hidden Wyrd - That leads me to believe that the new creation gives us a couple options, only one of which is obvious.  We can see that this birth will offer us a “light in the darkness” (which I’m reading as an opportunity for a new path), but in order to have get this we will need to make a deal that we didn’t expect (it will be a good deal though).  One thing that the runes point out here is that while we may think we only have one option, we DO have other options and we are free to choose whatever we want. However in that case the path will not be clear… If we choose to ignore the obvious option it will be necessary to trust intuition to guide us because there won’t be a logical path to our goals.

Weekly Astral Challenge:

I should have the actual introduction and how to (including the last pictures) finished by Wednesday.  It’s only partially done, but you can read the unfinished introduction for the Weekly Astral Projection (Remote Viewing) challenge if you'd like...

I’m hoping to have the test software finished this week, but worst case scenario people can post their results in a forum post.

Store Update:

Site Updates:

  • Website Rune Castings – The Free Runes and Rune Master Android Apps will take a few hours to modify for the website.   I can probably have the Single Rune Draw as well as the Rune Layout up and available this week though.
  • Menu Updates - A lot were done.  I'm hoping everything other than articles is easy to find, but I'm still working on designing a better article structure though.
  • Search - MAJOR updates to the search tool.   The only thing it doesn't search now is comments!
  • Magick Primer - The primer has become unwieldy in it's current form.  I'd like in the near future to organize it into a step by step "here's how to start" set of articles laid out and schedule when I will release different ones. 
  • Site Layout Updates - I'd love to hear input on the new layout.  By moving a lot of stuff to the head I opened up a lot of space on the side to Ads.  Ads are a difficult challenge for designers.  People don't like them, but we need them to pay the bills.   PBW has been up for two years and it is COMPLETELY a labor of love.  I literally lose a few dollars a month on hosting for it.  People's click rate on the Ads I used to run didn't even pay for the hosting.  Hopefully the new layout will help present Ads people are interested in without pissing everyone off by getting in the way.  :-)

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