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The PowerUp Call
PowerUp Calls are a fast and simple morning phone call where your coach gets you into gratitude mindset and guides you toward choosing and manifesting a day you will enjoy.  Over the last year, PowerUp Calls have changed my daily habits by providing me with consistent and guilt free accountability to the one person who matters most... myself.


Infinability Coaching
Robert Cornish is both my personal and PowerUp Call coach.  On top of my PowerUp Calls, I also have a half hour coaching session with him once per week.  The best way I could describe his coaching technique is that Robert asks you how to solve your own problems in such a way that you can answer him. At the end of absolutely every call, I clearly walk away with at least one major insight that has helped in anything from my 3 Businesses, to my Parenting, to my Relationship with my Wife and even to my Spiritual/Magickal Quandries.  

I've come to consider my weekly coaching call imperative.  Seriously... If I had to choose between my house payment or paying for this call, I would buy the coaching session and use it to figure out how to improve my financial situation.


Divine Openings - Things are Going Great in my Absence: How to let go and let the Divine do the Heavy Lifting.
Once upon a time, I followed a random link to a website selling a book written by a woman, Lola Jones.  Her website disturbed me with the intensity of what the testimonials claimed.  It made me think SNAKE OIL!  Yet spirit was telling me to purchase the book anyway (I NEVER do this!).  The book is all about how to open yourself up to accepting manifestation and how to do it more effectively.  After reading the first chapter and experiencing their (pictorial?!?) initiation intensely, I decided to blog my experience with it HERE.. and the project continues.  

Even though as of this writing I'm still only 2/3s done with the book, I rely heavily on the emotional tools she has provided.  I feel that this book has greatly led to my life being strongly in flow every day and a constant sense of joy.


The Reno Magick Store
Reno Magick has a store that I am in charge of.  While some of the items are intended for local sale only, I am also adding products which I either make and/or feel are strongly magickal.  Little by little I will be adding Bindrunes, Candle Magick and my Alchemic Creations.

Additionally, this blog is the result of a long time goal of creating a more overtly magickal world.  This store is offering me the chance to take it to the next step.  I will be selling personal Magickal Items that I feel can safely (or at least positively) put into new hands.  To ensure quality, I will literally sell the enchanted rings, amulets, focii and tools I use day to day and create new ones.  This means that it will take a while before I can replace products I sell, but it is important to me that if I sell an item, I am COMPLETELY sure that it is powerfully magickal.  

Also, please understand... I use divination for these larger sales, if you want to buy a ring and I respond that you are not correct buyer it means nothing regarding you PERSONALLY. It merely means that the product would not be right for you at this moment.

Simple Power Designs
If you're reading this you hopefully like my Web Design.  On top of the links at the site,  Power before Wisdom, Reno Magick and The Archmage Card Game are other sites I have built and maintain.  As an example of what I can do for your company, Power before Wisdom first hit the web in January of 2010 and it already has thousands of readers per month.  My goal is to reach 100,000 readers by the month of January and it looks likely that I will achieve it!  

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