Creating, Flavoring and Using Balls of Power (or other shapes)

I'm almost embarrassed to be writing this article. This is one of the most basic of the basic techniques. Do a search for "how to make a ball of energy" (or Chi/Qi/Power) and you'll find hundreds of articles where people attempt to teach this. I could probably save myself a lot of time by just linking to one of the better ones, but how would I steal their Google search positions if I did that? :-P

Ok... down to business. I believe in two different "kinds" of energy you'll commonly work with. Astral and Ether. You can Make Energy Balls out of both. Astral is a LOT easier for most people and what we're going to cover here. You can control Astral energy with Focused thought. Imagination often works too...

If you are reading this article because you don't know how to do this, likely you WANT to believe in magick, but don't yet. What I teach you here is going to help you decide what you want to believe more solidly. If you want to believe in magick, you will hear people's affirmative responses. If you want to disbelieve you'll hear people's negative responses. For most people this part of your magickal growth is the easiest to get stuck in... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

The Technique: Imagine a point of energy. Believe it's real.

That's it.

As long as you believe. As long as you hold your thoughts on it, persons who are experienced at magick will be likely able to give you details about it.

Wait... details. It's a point of power... not much to say here. Let's change it then.

Technique 2: Imagine the point moves back and forth in a straight line, faster and faster until all you perceive is a solid line of power.

At this point there is actually something to it.   It has length.  People might be able to tell you how long it is.   Test them.  Make ones of different lengths and see if people can tell you how long they are.  Have them make ones of different lengths and try to see how long they are.

Or maybe you have to feel it; maybe you can “hear it”… Or maybe you “just know.”  Not everyone perceives things the same way.  Once you find your way AWESOME!   Who cares if you can’t see it?  If you move your hands through them and you can feel them GREAT!    The other senses will come later.  It can be argued that mages intentionally induce a form of Synesthesia in themselves in order to experience magick in the ways that they choose to.  I do know that I experience non-magickal Synesthesia now… I don’t know if I did before.  So consider yourself warned… Don’t practice magick if you don’t want to smell oranges when you see one.   Not everything is as pleasant as oranges: Shit. Vomit. Rotten Meat.

My wife just pointed out that if you’re smart you’ll learn to control it the opposite way…  You can turn off your sense of smell with the yucky things…   Guess I’m not smart enough yet.  Of course, I don’t have to change diapers all the time at work like she does…

At this point you’ve made a line of power.  Onward…

Technique 3: Spin the line of power faster and faster until it’s a disk of power.

To help my imagination I often prefer to actually “flick” the line to get it spinning.

Technique 4: Make the disk Flip like a coin faster and faster until it’s a ball of power.

A ball of power.  Here is where I’ve had hours of fun.   Somehow it’s easy to hold onto the form of a ball of power.  Most other shapes tend to start fading much faster as you release them from your thoughts.  A point of power blinks right out if you aren’t focused on it.

Balls of power are kind of like the Island of Stability at Elements 114-126.  While they will fade without care, they stick around long enough to play with them.  They also have enough form that most people can perceive them.  People can generally tell how large they are and where they are.  People can even tell you what flavor they are…

Technique 5: Believe that your Ball has a color, smell, texture, sound, idea or emotion “flavor.”

This right here is where you are going to get the best results.  Practice making balls of power and then putting qualities into them.  Then hand the ball to someone else.  There is a VERY good chance that they will be able to tell you about the qualities.   You’ll have the best results if you honor all of the different modalities of thought and put a memory into it.   If you can think of a warm day when you felt happy, heard birds chirping, and as you sat you smelled and stared at fresh cut grass; you’re honoring all of the modalities.   Someone will be able to tell you they see green, smell grass, someone else will hear birds chirping or feel warm.  Either way… you receive confirmation!

Creating and Flavoring Energy Balls is a very basic technique and yet a LOT of advanced magick is based off of it.  For example, years ago I was a security guard at a convention center.  There was a party with a couple thousand people in one room, but my job was to guard another room.  Simple right?

Well.. not quite.  You see.  On one end of the room were the only restrooms they had opened in the building. There was no tape telling people where to go, no signs saying where they should and shouldn’t be and this room also happened to be nice and quiet so people could come in to make and receive cell phone calls.

I was under strict orders to keep people going straight from the other room, into the restrooms and back.    The guy I relieved was exhausted and angry from trying to tell people again and again… “Sir, I need you to either go to the restroom or leave” and having them give him shit.   Many people liked to just walk in on the phone and head over to a quiet corner forcing us to run over and herd them away.

I decided I didn’t want to play this game.   I created barriers (literally out of a disk of power stretched into rectangles) only to find that people enjoyed walking in the energy.  Some would literally walk into the room… sidestep into a barrier and start walking the length of it before sidestepping and going to the restrooms.  Additionally if people weren’t going to the restroom a few would pause and talk at the edges, but others would just walk on through.   So I “flavored” the Barriers with a Rubbery Pushing back the harder people pushed them.

THAT was interesting to watch.   People would walk the edge of the barriers, some people would step into them, but it was interesting to watch how they would be pressed to return.  Literally.  We’re talking 99% of people would stay within 6 feet of the barriers in a 200 foot long room with 300 feet on either side.

Even when they felt like talking on the phone and going to the corner they would only push a barrier as far as they felt comfortable (avg. 4-6 ft) before standing there… and often the would slowly inch closer and closer back into the “green zone.”   After a bit I decided I didn’t want to have to provide the energy for the push back anymore so I made the barriers slightly vampiric.   They would drain energy of people who touched them.

HAHA!   At this point most people who wandered into them jumped right out… sometimes LITERALLY!  I had a couple hardcore, “I’m strong,” persons but I spent the rest of my night calmly entertained as I watched people go in a perfectly straight line, staying where they were supposed to without my having to say a word.

Be creative.  Sometimes the subtle magicks are more useful than attempts to express great power.

Power Before Wisdom

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