Intuition, Divination and Pre-cognition for the rest of us.

I fell into a trap earlier this year.  To be honest, I’ve fallen into a few (There is a reason PBW’s tag line is “Learning magick the stupid way”), but I’m only going to talk about one the traps I fell into in this article.

I wanted to work on my Divination skills so I did what thousands of wanna-be witches worldwide do.   I started giving readings.

First, I found that most people who were willing to pay for such a thing either had someone they trust or were much more likely to pay someone with a better resume then I have online here.   Then I decided against recommendations, “Hey, money is nice, but I’m willing to do this for free for the practice.”

I gave a few readings, but my advisers knew their shit.  The free readings may have gone well and I received practice, but it wasn’t enough for my needs and there was very little followup.  Sometimes it took MONTHS for me to learn if my divination helped them, and even then there was a wildcard.  Maybe my divination WOULD have helped them, but often people didn’t act upon it.

When I first started learning Tarot about a decade ago, the guy teaching me said:  “Here’s a spread.  Do a reading every morning.  Take notes.  Learn from the details you get.  See what was right and what was wrong.”   I was lazy at the time and didn’t really follow-up.  Additionally there is a common belief that you can’t do good divination for yourself.   Due to that mix of laziness and this belief, I hadn’t really used Divination for my own purposes for over a decade since then.  Only recently did I realize that was a mistake.

Self-Service Divination and Intuition
The same person who taught me Tarot also worked out cool techniques for self-service divination.  At one point he literally started taking out a map and using Pendulum divination to tell him where he should drive.  After he drove there, he would get out of his car and walk the street.  When the pendulum responded, he would walk up to a front door and offer the person there a free massage in the hope of helping someone who needed it and earning tips.  He had a 66% success rate on people letting him in and someone in the house being ready for a massage the moment he knocked.  He even had some persons ask him to return consistently for additional massages.  He made his living from it for a few months…  This probably should have been a hint to me that self-service divination is doable, but I didn’t accept it.

Divinatory Knowledge vs. Intuitive Power
Earlier this year I found the Divine Openings and it armed me with a different way of thinking.  My whole life I sought knowing.  I figured knowledge was power.  In Divine Openings, however the goal is less knowledge and more trust/faith/openness/allowing.  So I started practicing this.  More and more you would hear “I know it sounds weird, but…” coming from me.  I had such a success rate with this, that I started trusting the weird more and more.  I’d buy things that I didn’t think I was interested in because my intuition said: do it.  I’d say things to people because it “felt right.”  At one point I had no money for two weeks solid and there were major bills coming up, yet my intuition said: “Use this time to relax and spend time with your daughter.”   So for two weeks of having no money, I focused on spending time with my daughter, exercising and my spiritual practices.  In the end, just before my phone, this website and my web access were going to be shut-off for lack of payment, I received a stream of calls from clients and was in perfect position for an awesome storm of great work, which made a lot of happy customers, referrals and covered my bills for almost 3 months.

Real Wisdom is…
I recently re-read “The Reality Matrix” by John Dalmas, and something really stuck out.  On Page 139 of my copy, a young lady has an intuitive moment.  She wakes in the middle of the night and her intuition tells her to meditate as she has many times before:

“Results from this approach were seldom extravagant.  Ordinarily she would remain semi-entranced – not until something dramatic or explicit happened, but until she felt that she was done.  Later, perhaps next morning in the shower, or at the salon, she would find that she knew what she needed to know – or more often, did what she needed to do, perhaps for little or no apparent reason.  In such instances, she was wise enough to not manufacture rationales.  She seemed to know naturally that real wisdom is correct action, or the contemplation of it, and that all knowledge and understanding are only substitutes, available for use in wisdom’s absence, or backups to explain with.”

After reading this I decided to focus on accessing divine wisdom.  Meditating and trusting my intuition when I felt it.  It takes a while but you can get to the point where you can recognize the difference between intuition, whims and ideas.   I recently had what really sticks out to me as a winner.

Speakers in Unexpected Places…
I’m hard on clothing, so late August I was walking through a second hand store.   I shop like most men do: Know my target, hunt for it as quickly as possible, make the kill… er, buy it, and leave.   So as I’m walking straight from the front to the back focused on the men’s clothes I suddenly JUST KNOW that there is something I want on the next isle, second rack from the end, middle of the third shelf up.

Kind of confused, I decide to turn down the isle, walk to the end and look in the exact place I just “knew.”   It took me a second of asking myself what I was looking at and why I would want something in this mish-mash of useless electronic crap to realize what was in front of me.

I have a set of Altec Lansing Computer Speakers that are about 15 year old.  They have amazing sound, but they are 15 years old.  One of the speakers went out about 9 months ago, yet the sound from the subwoofer alone is so good that I kept the set.   They are VERY difficult to find due to their age, their weird power requirements and odd plug system.   Yet sitting in front of me on that shelf were the EXACT same speakers without power cords or sub-woofer.  Because of this, the speakers were CHEAP.   I took home a set of $200 speakers for $7 and now have great sound in both speakers again.

Obviously, this isn’t an example of life changing pre-cognition.  But most of us couldn’t handle the level of excitement and drama we associate with psychics due to stories and TV.  I think this is why we all want to use our pre-cog for other people.   Aside from the fact that we don’t want to have to do the work of listening to our intuition ourselves, we think that Psychic Abilities are supposed to be used for life changing IMPORTANT stuff... not finding a great deal on used electronics!  >.<

More and more though, I’m finding that being a skilled pre-cog isn’t about giving good information or wisdom… It’s about paying attention and acting on information and wisdom you receive.  The more you listen the more you hear.    If you can’t trust yourself to decide between menu items with your intuition, how could you trust yourself to decide life paths using it?

Learn to listen and, more importantly, have the courage to ACT on your pre-cognitions.    If you have a vision where you meet a beautiful partner at a coffee-shop and have a great time, then go to the coffee-shop and follow-up with the vision... If you feel the urge to suddenly stop and do something unlike yourself, give it a shot.  Once in a while you will probably walk around without finding anything.   More likely you’ll reach a point where it’s more than you’re ready to trust.

One time, I stopped by the side of the road on I-80 in the middle of the Sierras on a hunch.  I stepped over the side of the railing because that’s what I felt I should do.   My Intuition was telling me to make my way down a VERY steep hill and I still didn’t know why.    I questioned my ability to get back up and so I decided not to continue.   I drove away regretting, but I don’t know why to this day.

In truth, unless you are a VERY daring person you will have a lot of those halfway stories when you follow your intuition.   The most common culprit leading my faith in intuition to be overcome has been people.   I’m following a hunch and along the way I know need to walk up to someone and talk to them about something... unfortunately, I usually hem and haw for a while before walking away after a few minutes.   It’s one thing for me to just-do-it when “I have no clue what I’m doing”, but calling attention about this in front of others: Scary!

Likely your fears or limits will be different.  Maybe you’ll enjoy the “talking to people” intuitions, but will be stopped by the “I’m driving home at 3am and I should stop to talk to a spirit standing on the side of the road” intuitions.  Either way, give it a shot.  Try it.  Even if you walk away feeling stupid there is a sense of accomplishment in just trying.  More frustrating I’ve tended to get less feedback from the big ones.   LOTS of work for: meh.

Plus, after a lot of those effortful weird ones, the “there’s something I want over there” calls are a pleasure that you really enjoy.  :-P

Power Before Wisdom

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