How to Punish Negative Political Ads (or businesses you don't like)

make_your_click_countIf you are like me you are seeing advertisement after advertisement for politics. I have my strong beliefs and you likely have yours. The fact that you are reading this means that yours probably are similar to mine, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that you understand that you have power to change the way things are done.

I am SICK of negative ads. ESPECIALLY lies. On TV we don't have much choice, but you are likely seeing a lot of Political Ads on Websites. You've probably clicked on Ads that Interest you to show your support. Ironically you are doing it EXACTLY backwards.

A Campaign has to pay when their Ad is Clicked. So when you click on an Ad for a Candidate you support, you are costing them money. They are having to pay to get that click... and now their War Chest for Advertising is just a little bit smaller than it was before... thus you hurt the person you supported. (obviously not a problem if you were learning something about them to help you make a choice of course)

So... here is my recommendation. Click on Ads for the Candidate you do NOT support. It's like voting, except it probably means more. I've probably cost the campaigns for candidates I dislike a few hundred dollars this year already. What feels even better is that, in doing so, I've ensured that the website I was reading ended up getting some money from the hands of people I disliked. Thus in one fell swoop I hurt the campaign of someone I'd rather not see enter office AND helped the owners of a website whose content I liked enough to read. Sounds rather win/win eh?

Now... please do NOT do that here. If Google sees me asking for an Ad to be clicked on my site I will lose my Ad Sense Account. I'd rather not have to deal with that situation. However anywhere else where they don't recommend doing this? Have fun! :-D

Most Ads can only be clicked once per day.  More than that one per day doesn't count so don't waste your time... however clicking DIFFERENT ads would be fine.  :-)

Remember... (everywhere except for here) Click Early and Click Often.  Unlike voting you can legally do it more than once and make a difference each time! ^_^

Good Spelling,
P.S. I also do this to companies who I dislike.   I can't tell you how many times I've clicked on Monsanto Ads.  ;-)

P.P.S Yes... this does increase the Campaign's Click Through Rate thus making the likelihood of their Ads being shown just a little bit larger, however...  I think it's a worthwhile tradeoff.

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