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My purpose for this website is to make good money by entertainingly teaching people whatever they can accept from what I have to offer about Magick and Spirituality.

I am a Jack of all Trades.  I’ve researched and experienced a little bit across a wide variety of topics.  I have found a shortage of deeper understandings in the realm of publically available Western Magickal Knowledge.  I aim to organize articles sharing what knowledge I have and find partners and resources to link to for deeper and related subjects.

Llewellyn Press has pointed out that Magick is a small market, so the only books that make sense to print and market are entry level books.   I would like this site to empower persons with more advanced knowledge AND EXPERIENCE of a specific related topic to write advanced e-books and use this site to get enough sales to help compensate for the effort of the task.

While I will gladly link to quality free content, I would prefer to make money by being paid a referral fee whenever a click from my site turns into money for the owners of the destination the link leads to.  I will be explicit to my readers as to whether I’ve reviewed your offering or not.  If I do not like your offering, but I can see that it could provide value to some I will say exactly that and still link to it.

Thus, If you have:
- An article that either supports or disputes one of my articles
- A Product or Service which would meet the needs of my readers
- A Product or Service which would fit my readers demographics
Contact me so I can link to it and work out realistic referral fees with you (if applicable).  

Please also Contact me if you know of such a source that you feel I should offer even if it isn't your own.  Creating a powerful site for persons to research and find content regarding magick is a large project and your help will be extremely valuable.

Thank You for your help in creating a more consciously magickal world,
Power Before Wisdom

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