Host a Traveling Mage-Priest for a few days!

My new schedule allows me a full week off every other week, and I want to start traveling!

I'm looking for hosts with a Spare Bed/Couch. Alongside experiencing the region and meeting people, I would love to go experience the holy places or places of power nearby.

Since you are saving me hotel costs by hosting me, I am offering a $200 service credit for Readings, Divination, Spellwork, Initiations and/or Training as long as either: 
- The schedule allows me at least 3 days for experiencing the region and practicing my personal magick/faith.
- There are at least 3 people who want to pay for initiations and training.

While I have a budget for traveling, I'd prefer that work during trips pay for themselves.  Thus on top of the other credit, I will give a 150% credit for any of my travel fees you pay.  Between those credits you could receive $500 of dollars worth of work and initiations for $200 of gas/airfare... and I'll get to visit new places, meet cool new people and perform satisfying work in alignment with my ideals!


I'm not a picky person. Even if all you have is a mat on the floor of a dirt-shack, I promise to be an interesting, clean, respectful and, most importantly, temporary guest. I have a store and temple to return to the next week!. :-)


Please contact me using the contact form and send your phone number.  I'll call you back and we'll get it scheduled!

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