The Law of Silence - A theory why we can't prove Magic on a large scale


“You will find what you are looking for...” It bothers me to no end that that sentence sounds like that ultimate cop-out yet it is one of the laws of magic and manifestation.

I believe in magic, I have many pieces of personal evidence that are “good enough for me” but I am confident that they won't stand up to scientific rigor because the requirement of repeatability to prove something, is literally something I can't provide.

I consistently declare that belief effects results. I hide behind the law of silence, that ones magic only works as long as people don't “disbelieve” it. I tell people, keep your mouth shut about your spell until it works...

...but one of the things that has really bothered me about my arguments was the question: Why can't I just do it on Camera? Why does a camera seem to cause my magic not to work? Why might just documenting a spell sometimes make things go wonky, but not other times? A camera doesn't have any will, neither does a journal.

I think I've figured it out my mistake though. I was trapped in an assumption of action leading to consequences as if that was the complete picture. However I missed a major step. The action leads to consequences which are perceived.

Magic literally can't prove itself because belief effects it... OUTSIDE OF TIME. If there are viewers who perceive the consequences with reason to disbelieve that the cause could lead to the effect... then, the cause didn't have that effect.

By this argument, ONLY magics that are either unseen or can be explained away will work.


Ironically that would be reasonably measurable in ones personal lives. Couple magical Consequences with a believed lie concerning the cause OR only perform magics as long as others who might disbelieve will not see or hear of the actions and consequences.

Step 1) Decide on a spell that with a consequence you can have as long as others don't disbelieve.

Step 2) Make a believable story of cause and commit to telling that story to EVERYONE... this only works if you keep a promise to never share any evidence you obtain... ever.

Step 3) Perform the magic, hide the consequences behind the false “cause story”. Measure results and then once you have your answer destroy the documentation of measured results. Alternately you MIGHT get away with hiding them in a “fictional story” that people won't try to disbelieve.


The nicest thing about this is that as long as I never share the cause and effect stories, I should theoretically be able to come back here and confirm/deny that this works. ^_^

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