Will vs Physics

Will vs Physics

Science and physics are obviously true. We have measured them consistently and you can't argue with success! In other words (because I can't help myself)... ...Thermodynamics isn't just a good idea; it's the law. ;-)

If you don't understand physics and chemistry, I strongly recommend you study them. If you are going to try to “bend” rules, it is a good idea to understand them first.

Unfortunately there comes a point where I start to question some assumptions that I have experienced counterpoints to. We assume that the measurable reality we have come to understand over the last couple hundred years is based on laws that are universal for all space, persistent through time and Solid from influencing and changing.

The most common pseudoscience arguments for Magic try to invoke “Quantum Physics” whereby perception affects the thing being viewed. While I won't disappoint in this regard, I'm not going to try to hide behind bad science. I fully recognize that what I believe from this point forward is utterly against commonly understood scientific understandings. Hense... No matter what I say from this point forward please do not assume I am trying to claim right right of “science” . I am most definitely stepping away from any right to do so. ;-)

Back to my dispute. I believe that the laws of physics are able to be affected by will. I believe that the assumption that the laws of science are universal, persistent and solid actually helps make them so... until they encounter different beliefs that are either more strongly willed in a local area or which have more “momentum” for a lack of a better term. Or more effectively stated for my purposes... conceptual momentum.Conceptual Momentum is the idea that reality is a consensual effort where all of the players in reality agree on what they will experience. IF there is any truth to the idea of conceptual momentum it accounts for some weird happenings I've experienced.

I have encountered areas of the world where the rules were a little different. It is amazing how much effect a small change can make! Imagine the consequences of a 30% reduction in Gravity or a lowering of the melting point of steel. I've been in rituals and/or done alchemy where somehow materials displayed properties very different than the ones I had understood them to have.

Additionally, I have first hand accounts from people who experienced greatly different rules of reality in rural areas of the world. They claim they watched a spoken word manifest responses in animals and plants. They also say they watched chanting result in physical manifestations of entities that don't normally exist in our concentual reality.

By this light science is one of the most effective examples of conceptual momentum our Race has ever created! It is an understanding of what you should experience documented so clearly and with such a solid base of evidence that it could theoretically affect reality itself!… and there are accounts that it has done so. Old Books by multiple authors halfway across the world from each other mentioning properties of metals or solutions (well known ones we still use) that don't line up with our current expectations and whose experiments we can't confirm so we simply chalk up to old wives tales.I have even heard a story from a couple sources that before the first nuclear explosion, copper had a property that the US team was exploiting that made it much easier to refine Uranium and Plutonium than our current techniques. In the story, the property suddenly just disappeared the moment that the bomb went off almost as if some sort of referee overlooking reality declared that “That shouldn't be THAT easy” and changed the rules.

In the end I can tell you story after story, but without solid proof it's just heresay and I don't have that proof. All I ask is that while reading this site and seeing if you can do anything nifty, please try to play act as if you believe that will can affect reality. If it can't then you just wasted a bit of time Bullshitting yourself. However, If it can, you just started forth on a path of experiencing real and effective magick... despite a cultural training that declares what you are experiencing is impossible.

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