Pathwork to Mastery: Mastery's place in Western Magick & Spirituality Part 1

Pathwork to Mastery

I play video games and table top RPGs. One of the concepts in those games is a point buy. There are points of diminishing return.

  • 1 point buys you a lvl 1 skill.

  • 2 points buys you lvl 2 skill.

  • 4 points buys a lvl 3 skill.

  • 8 points buys a lvl 4 skill and so on.

If you have 12 points you can choose how to spend them. You can either specialize or generalize.

Lvl 4 skills are AWESOME, but if I choose to buy that, I only have 4 points left for other stuff. In my life before now, I chose to spend a point here and a point there to be “ok” at a lot of things. It would be like spending the points to have 12 lvl 1 skills. None of them are excellent, but I'm a balanced person.

Believe it or not this is not optimal in the games. These games are supposed to be played with other people. The BEST possible team is not a team of balanced players. It is a team of players who intentionally chose to be AWESOME at a couple things and WORK TOGETHER.

We have a choice in the game to have a group of 4 generally self-sufficient but not excellent characters... or we have the choice of 4 awesome characters with skills that balance each others weaknesses.

If you have no community, generalization is a good choice. Simple stability. However what if I told you that specializing BUILDS community? What if I told you that making the choice to be great at something and support someone else becoming great at something else empowers inter-dependence.

Look at it this way. If you decide you want to become a Master of Chi Healing you will offer people around you 3 examples at the same time.

  1. You can show them how awesome a master chi healer can be and use those skills to help

  2. You can show them how to master something

  3. You create a demand for skills you don't have, which gives somebody else a niche they can serve and grow into their own mastery.

If you want to see healthy and powerful magic in your lifetime I challenge you to TRY everything, but find an aspect of magic and master every little bit you can. Stretch yourself, find weird learnings or teachers, challenge the assumed limitations, grow it as far as you can love, teach those skills to other people as quickly as you can, and when you stop loving it do the same thing with the next love.

If we can find 100 people in our generation willing to stretch the known boundaries of magick and teach others what they learn, our children will experience miracles we can barely imagine... and call them normal.

Unfortunately... I'm learning this at 32 because I've been doing it mostly wrong up until now.

Learn More in Part 2 tomorrow

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