You WILL forget your Magick: How to Compensate

Manifesting Ideas Ring

It is very very rare that we actually remember Magick.

Instead, we usually remember a story we about when something felt magickal.    Now our actual memory can be tied to that story, but if you take a moment and review your memory you’ll notice that you often don’t actually remember the moment of magick. 

To make things more confusing when you finally get to the memory you’ll notice that it doesn’t usually feel magickal. Now this doesn’t mean there was no magick, instead it simply points out what actually happens in powerful magick.  

In powerful magick we and/or our world change.

The thing we recognize as magick is the boundary between the experience that was, to the experience that is.   However, we are now in this new perspective.  This is our new normal.  As sane entities do, unless we anchor the specific perspective/circumstance shift, we let go of the old perspective to be fully present with our current one.

Magick is the change.  Most of the time it is the aha moment, the crazy coincidence, the impulse to do something unusual which creates amazing results. Sometimes it’s the weird visions or talking to non-physical entities. You’d think it is easy to remember the impossible moments, but now that we’ve experienced them, those aren’t impossible to us. 

We were one person experiencing one world one moment, and in the next moment we and/or our world changed. If we do not make sure to anchor the moment of this change in our memory then our old perspective of ourselves or our world will fade and with it any recognition comparing the two. 

Even IF we anchor the moment of the change and tell our story of magick, the memory is useless unless we chronicle who we were before the change.

- - Example 1: Magickless story - -

I made a magick ring and because of that this week I decided to restart PBW.

There is no magick in that story because we don’t know what the ring did, if anything.

 - - Example 2: Magick filled story - -

3 weeks ago I was feeling lost in my life projects.  I felt that my store was in danger. I felt that was going to be a waste of my time/money because I was questioning whether everything I’m paying to add content to the site may be fake.  This coincided with me encountering a powerful tradition of regular spellwork/offerings that had the mojo, but I felt taken advantage of rather than served. I felt that my wood burn business was fucked because I wasn’t sure if I’d ever turn a decent profit at it.   I felt that I’d started so many things and they were all a waste of my time.  

2 weeks ago I decided that I valued the concept of the regular spellwork led by divination.  I realized that by the time I recognize I need to do a spell it is often LONG past due.  I also realized that the consciousness that might be getting in the way of me asking for what I need is probably the easiest thing to change using magick as long as I let something else I trust guide the spellwork.

Thus, I designed a special tarot reading that had my favorite qualities from the traditional Dafa and Ebo process.  It created space to ask trusted spirits for guidance on the easiest spellwork we can do to improve our lives.

I was excited that I feel I created something nifty and I tested it on myself.

My very first reading I asked for spellwork to bring success increasing income streams. At the time I honestly felt helpless to do so despite my past successes.  Unfortunately, humans aren’t logical.

My Reading
Spells: Speak or write intent to take and use ideas.  Create amulet to hold my feet to the fire and make sure things get manifest.  Take a cleansing shower to remove old relationships with ideas.

I immediately did the spellwork recommended.  I ended up merging the spoken intent in the form of enchanting a random ring I had to be the “amulet” to hold my feet to the fire.

It was barely a few hours later than I noticed my thoughts which so often wander seemed to be driving back toward a goal they had wandered from.   I experienced 3 days of the most intense productivity I’ve experienced in years.   More importantly since then I’ve been regularly driven back to the tasks which will make my ideas bear fruit.   Old projects are being brought back up to get finished.  Finished, but never released projects are being connected to new social and sales channels.   I’m constantly experiencing inspiration of things I need to do to follow up with my ideas and bring them to manifestation.

Because of this I restarted PBW because I see a vision of how to create a living community of Magick, Faith and Spellwork alongside ways to create opportunity and value.

This story has magick. 
There is a before/after contrast and the leverage points of the spellwork and ring make sense.

Recommended Lesson:

Don’t just try to remember the magick.  You need to document and recognize the “before person.”   If you experienced magick you are already the “after person.”

As long as you create anchors to see who was and notice the leverage points you’ll be able to recognize that the moment you felt was magick was definitely a moment of great change. 

And if you’re lucky you’ll be able to remember the magick to...

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