How to Experience Big, Powerful & Epic Magick

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American's don't like to believe it, but great magick isn't simply about what you know and what you do, but it is also about where you are and when.

Most of this website focuses on the parts of magick we humans can directly control. There is a lot of psychic study and understanding the “rules of magick.” However, up until now I haven't taught how to do the really awesome stuff. I've alluded to the fact that awesome magick tends to happen when our lives are in danger.

The reason I haven't taught this yet is that I was resisting the obvious truth in my own life. Because of this resistance, the awesome magicks mostly happened in my life by accident. Sure I would talk about embracing the opportunities (Mostly Weather Magick Stories, and some stories of Spirit Work), but realistically I wanted to believe that I could have Awesome Magick Whenever and Wherever I wanted it. Lesson after Lesson tried to teach me about the where and when aspects.

  • Traditional Annual Magicks are always done at the same time and same place…

  • Story after Story of deep magick involving heeding a call to be at the right place at the right time…

  • An Old Mexican Witch Spirit Mocking me about being too white-stupid to Grow My Garden, Claim my Land, Study and Nurture the Magick of my Land, Plant in the right places, Harvest at the right times, prepare in the best places at the right times and cast in the best places at the right times.

Nature Magick and Weather Magick has been one of the deeper confusions for me. When I've done most of the magicks that leave me awestruck it's almost always near effortless. I don't have to call awesome energies forth. I don't have to design a 42 step ritual with 15 tools and 40+ ingredients.

The most awesome magicks are almost always this: Be at the right place, at the right time and do the right thing.

I've had times when the right thing was simply to open an astral door which was closed, release an Energy which was bound or even simply to talk to a spirit of the land. Other times the right thing was to talk to a person, be present and chase off a thief, or go on a walk (which had incredible experiences as a result).

The results in those cases were ALWAYS greater than my effort (sometimes terrifyingly so). I've likened this in the past to throwing a pebble to start an avalanche. Each time I spoke of this, I focused on my old belief that Magick wasn't usually about that. I believed that we needed to build power using spirit work, modern ritual and training to have magick be solid, reliable and available at our beck and call.

Modern Ritual, Magickal Tools and (power building) Spirit Work are attempts to amplify our efforts. Semi-disciplined ritual work I've experienced can have effects 100 to 1,000 times as powerful as what we do in the moment. However I've had Natural Magicks many Million of times more powerful.

After a particularly successful rain ritual (30 minutes of ritual resulted in 2 weeks of highly-intense and abnormal daily rain) I mentioned to a fellow mage that I was confused as to whether we had called the rain or if we were simply acting on a precognitive expectation of weather to come. His response was to list some of the cultures whose shamans recognized their tie to the natural world. They believed that they were an important part of the rains efforts to come. They believed that they couldn't make the rain on their own, but that they needed to help as sometimes the rain would only come if they called. This is the essence of co-creation.

We Mages like to think we are capable of shaping the world to our vision. We spend a lot of time trying to do so. On the other hand Priests tend to try to shape themselves to our world. However what if what the world needs is a Mage willing to be part of something greater. We can know what we want AND be willing to listen to what the world wants too. If we have discernment then when both of those align, we get to be there to “push the button” if you will. Every part of the whole is important. Some things will not happen without a mage, just as other things won't happen without a builder or a financier and so on.

My point is this. Choose to be the “Mage on Duty” and listen to the call of Destiny (To be in the right place at the Right time) and you will experience more regular, incredible and powerful magick.

I'll leave the Cause and Effect debates to you.


P.S. - If you are wondering HOW to be on duty I recommend:

  1. Find a vision of what you desire and work for it.  (This shapes you into a tool with important talents and knowledge.  The world rarely had special need for a blob without a purpose, talents or knowledge... there are lots of those out there.)
  2. Have a disciplined practice of personal meditation and/or daily divination (Teaches you to recognize imagination vs spirit talking to you)
  3. talk to spirits on a regular basis to form healthy relationships (shocker... learning how to listen to spirits helps you listen to Spirit.)
  4. SCHEDULE times when you aren't distracted by life.  Time spent with a quiet mind.  Watching a fire, weaving a basket, painting, gardening, walking through nature.  In short... be a little bored.  (It will give you time to hear potentials which distractions block.)

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