Does being Vegetarian or Vegan Affect Magic

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Short Answer: Yes.

I've spent a couple years of my life as a vegetarian.  I've never been hardcore vegan.

For me vegetarian was never about the "poor animals" side.  Some of my favorite memories are of raising animals before respectfully killing,skinning, gutting and eating them.  

Originally, I went Vegetarian because I believed the bullshit about us feeding the world many times over with the grain we feed to cows and chickens.   I didn't understand at the time that while fundamentally true, the logistics of "selling" and transporting the grain would interfere with the economics that we use to grow the grain.  The sheer amount of meat in the United States is a direct example of the plenty we have manifested ourselves into.  

I'm DEFINITELY against the absolutely horrible conditions we submit the vast majority of our chicken and pigs to as well as certain specific examples of some people's cruelty in the name of profit for other animals, however I do not have any fundamental issue with the idea of respectfully raising, killing and eating meat.

That said, I have noticed the closer I get to a Vegan/Raw Diet, the more clear I get spiritually.  Mind seems clearer, spirit speaks more clearly and my life takes on a more Etheric quality where everything happens in flow.   When I'm eating meat I find that everything seems more solid; more real.  I'm still undetermined as to which side has more power.  When eating meat I seem to have a lot more "Fire/Earth" type energy.  But when Vegetarian I seem to have more "Spirit, Water, Air" type energy.   When doing a major "Let's change our world" spell, Meat = Good.  When doing a "Align myself to Spirit" Spell Fasting/Vegetarian is good.  

Meat seems to be very much about Grounding into this reality.  When you're eating meat, it seems that you are empowering yourself to be solidly in this reality (and effecting it), whereas when you're fasting and eating "lighter" you release a lot of your hold on this reality and can connect with Spirit and your Guides.   In fact, one of our major "cheats" in magic is to Start a ritual, build a ton of power, Cast it toward our purpose, end our ritual and then, after everything is done, eat to ground.  Usually Meat is a major component of the eating.  After some hardcore spell-work Vegetables and even Carbs just don't seem to have the "weight" to bring us back down.  

Just writing this is making me realize how we might be missing out on some good learning opportunities.   Once you're really high on energy(we're talking pot-heads-on-acid high), grounding with willpower rather than tools would be good practice.   Oddly, most of the vegetarian times of my life I didn't have a powerful ritual group and most of my spell work and magic was consistent effort lower power stuff.   A battery vs a forest fire.  I'm not sure yet if that was coincidental or a fundamental of what I was manifesting toward.

Recently my earning power has increased drastically.   Before, I couldn't afford to be picky about my food.  As my income increases I am becoming more picky about the sources of my food.   I intend to only eat meat that I am confident was given a good life.  After a few months of that, I will return to this article to review and see how much of a difference loved animals make toward meat.  I doubt I will be making any sort of long term vegetarian stint in the near future, but I could see it being fun for Pantheacon or some spirit work.   Perhaps I'll do some intentionally spiritual fasting and do a blog set regarding it.   Usually, when I fast, I treat it as a spiritual colon cleanse.  I have a history of focusing on the destination rather than the journey.  It might be interesting to focus on the Journey next time.

Power Before Wisdom

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