IVHAThI Spirit of Curses Redirected


Meet IVHAThI.  Or, more accurately, his Bindrune.

As I posted in Summoning, Blooding and Binding Spirits, I recently ended a relationship with a Mage friend (and a couple wannabe's).  A few days afterwards I opened my third eye and noticed that my Aura and everything I own and claim was covered in Black Sludge.  

I've played "Curse Wars" before (How, Why and When to Curse People) and at the moment I'm not looking to take part in something like that.  However I wasn't just going to sit back and let Mr Unappreciative screw with my life.  So I decided to give the task away.   I detailed a bit of my learning experience in Binding IVHAThI in Summoning, Blooding and Binding Spirits.

I chose to form the body on paper with a Bindrune (This would allow me to use other instances of the Bindrune as a focus as well).   As a good little ritual mage, I cut my circle, cleared the space, summoned my guardians and then started choosing the Runes which would make the most sense for my purpose.   I ended up with:

Isa - Isa: Ice, Structure, Binding, Limitation (and a lot more)

Wunjo - Wunjo (Pronounced Vunyo): Joy, Success, Prosperity


 - Hagolaz (Old Form): Hail, Storm, Chaos


 - Ansuz: Communication, Thought, Expression

Thurisaz - Thurisaz: Destructive Force, Literally means Frost Giant

Perthro - Perthro: Secrets, Luck, The Dice Cup.  

Perthro is the only Rune that I use in the Bindrune, but I don't use in the name.  This is because I wanted IVHAThI to work in a subtle manner, yet I didn't want to have nobody remember him at all.  This way it's easy for forget that he's a subtle worker which makes it easier for him to do his job.  I used Isa twice in the Bindrune because you are supposed to make all Runic Spells from an odd number of runes.

Then I turned the Runes into a Bindrune.  I sketched a couple of designs.  The idea is to layout the runes as a spell... If you're listening to intuition, you'll know when you get it.  If you know your runes, you will know that I ended up with a Berkana in there as well, due to the layout I used. It still seems to work though.  

After choosing a bindrune, I drew it into my Book of Shadows which is a book where magic practitioners keep notes and spells.  While it is less powerful to use a Bindrune on a Piece of Paper to form a spirit's body, it gets frustrating having 15 different Stones, Statues or other "Physical Bodies."  Additionally, it's a lot harder to maintain connection between the Physical Body and the Contract if they are separate.  After 3 years and who knows how many hands around your stuff, it's amazing how many bodies will just "walk away."

Next I wrote his name and the contract onto the lower half of the sheet of paper.  The contract ended up:

  • "IVHATHI, spirit of curses redirected: Absorb those energies sent to harm or hinder me and use them to redirect those other than myself (as defined by me), who choose through will and action to set their energies against me, my purposes and mine.  Do so effectively and without malice.  Maintain your purpose and your allegiance and be empowered to change and grow for your purpose."

I then painted over the Bindrune with a Universal Fluid Condenser (An Alchemic Mixture which is pretty awesome for empowering spells).  

Finally I bled into a cup of wine and, after stirring it, painted the Name, Contract and Bindrune with the blooded wine.  I did it this way for multiple reasons.  First, I wanted to Empower and add Spirit to my spell.  Blood does this nicely. Next, I wanted to bind the Bindrune and the contract together.  Additionally, I wanted to bind everything to me.  

By using the wine I created enough of a bond to hold everything together; however, the bond is weak enough that unkind persons out there would have a hard time using IHVAThI or his Bindrune to perform Law of Similarity based spells against me.  If I made the bond too strong, someone out there could use IHVAThI's Bindrune in the same way Voodoo Practicioners can use Hair, Fingernails or Bodily Fluid.

IVAThI has yet to show any sort of personality.  So far he seems focused on his mission.  Who knows.  He's young yet.  We'll see what develops as time goes by.

Feel free to ask for his help.  Just calling him by IVHAThI will work for immediate one time help, but you'll enjoy the results better by printing out and retracing his bindrune (to put some of your energy into it).  You could also just redraw it entirely; it's not difficult.  

Because of how he is bound, if someone is cursing or expending energy to harm you, he will absorb it and use it to redirect the attacker.  Your using him will not weaken him, in fact it will help him learn and grow stronger more quickly.

Good Manifesting,

Power Before Wisdom

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