Everyday Magick: Stop being inconvenienced by stoplights. *Snap*, they’re green.

This is probably the most common magick I’ve seen people do.  It’s so common I’ve seen non-mages do it.

I’ve seen a good number of models for increasing one’s chances of encountering green lights.  Let me point out something here…  Correlation isn’t Causation.    In other words, just because you notice that you tend to have a green light when you cast your spell to get your green light doesn’t mean that you caused the light.   I can count on one hand the number of times/month I get stuck at a red… however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that lights are always turning green at my beck and call.  Let me share a few models I use to explain.

A Blast of Power
The first model I use in changing lights was the Blast of Power model.  In this model, I hold my purpose strongly (a green light) and then project this purpose and power (sometimes a WHOLE LOT) toward the stoplight.  What tends to happen is that within a second of my doing so I have a green.  I’ve driven down a street and turned 8 stoplights in a row using this method on a good night.  This method is amazingly powerful when I am emotionally high, or extremely angry with absolutely amazing reliability.  We’re talking 100% for a 30 minute drive through downtown, unfortunately if I notice myself doing it more than my focus on my purpose, my reliability decreases.    In day to day use I’ve created a bit of a Mudra in the form of a snap.  I tend to visualize the light turning green and then snap to release the power and my spell.

Relating with the spirits of the light
If you’ve read a lot of my site you will notice I tend to see spirits in everything, a very shamanistic method of perceiving the world.  Obviously I perceive stop lights as having spirits.  If something has a spirit it means you can have a relationship with it.    Wait… What do I have to offer a stoplight?  Energy!

What gives a stoplight power?  Appreciating it, giving it energy, obeying it and recognizing it.  What removes its power?  Ignoring it, drawing energy from it and disregarding it.

Imagine the following situation.  A driver is in a hurry and gets stopped at a red light.   The driver FUMES thinking, “Damn this light, it’s always stopping me, I’m so angry, I wish the city would fix this light…” and so on for 3 minutes at the red light.   What did the light get out of it?  3 minutes of recognition and energy.  The person gave their energy to the light… what are the odds that the next time they come to the light they get a red?

Now imagine someone else.  This person comes to a red light and they zone out.  They are in no hurry,  when the light turns green they give a mild “thank you” with a small amount of energy for the green light.  When they are driving up and the light turns green before they arrive or even slow down, they project a large blast of appreciation with lots of yummy energy.   What are the odds they will tend to get a green as they are driving up?

I use this exact model and have noticed a few patterns.  Some high traffic lights just don’t care.  What’s your energy compared to the other 10,000 car’s worth they get every day?  This is when I will whip out the big guns.   If a light ignored the basic training I will start drawing energy from it each time I sit at a red.   So not only am I not giving it energy, but I’m taking it as quickly as I give it for the entire red.  Tasty, satisfying and vindictive at the same time… Yummy!  Usually after a couple time of this I have noticed that I tend to get a green as kind of a “damn… it’s him.  Let him through” to which I project appreciative energy of course.

Additional extreme training?  Run the red.  Stop, check for cops, make sure everyone around you will be safe because you risk endangering others by doing this, and then if the situation is clear, intentionally run the red projecting “You don’t care about me, than you have no purpose or power.”  I’ve had lights literally turn from red to green without cross traffic getting a yellow to avoid my doing this.  It’s a trip!

Lights do seem to have personalities.  Some of them are friendly and happy to please and others, well they like a good fight.   I have one near my house that will play games.  You can literally watch it sit green for 10 minutes for the main road and turn red as soon as a car comes along it (no other traffic involved).  I ended up doing the full training through and through and as a rule of thumb I will tend to get greens or short reds which rarely require that I stop.  Interestingly, it seems to have learned that I respect cops.   Any time a police officer is around I will find myself with a 5 minute red light.  Unfortunately, I’m not exactly helping the training as I’m laughing the whole time!  Cool

Hold the Door… er.. Yellow
I’ve spent some time learning to reach out to yellow lights and try to hold them.  This has been AWESOME training for knowing the feeling of successful magick.  When I reach out with my energy and try to hold the yellow I either get this feeling of trying to grab air or a solid grab.  The nice part is if you’ve chosen your yellow well you’ll be able to test it by whether it holds long enough or if you end up experiencing an “I shoulda stopped” moment.

It’s gotten to the point where I will end up reaching out and if I don’t get the “solid grab” feeling I will hit the brakes and notice that I chose correctly.   Here is when I start asking about causation/correlation?    Do I ever actually hold the light or am I just learning to tell when I will have the experience I am seeking or not.  Considering that I’ve held a yellow for almost 15 seconds one time I learn toward causation, but the question remains…

In the end my correlation/causation question ends up becoming a relatively moot point to me.   I’m not trying to prove that magick works, I’m proving that it works for ME.   I perceive that in this area my life is more positive because of my practices.  I rarely have problems with red lights and often get that gratifying moment as I snap my fingers, a light I am coming toward turns green and the people in the car with me cry out, “COOL!”

Good Spelling,
Power Before Wisdom

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