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Hello all.   Someone asked me what the heck is going on.   Figured I'd get an update out to explain.   PBW is going to get a WHOLE LOT Bigger.

All of the new information I'm posting now is a copy of the first of 4 books which I'll be releasing soon. Most of the stuff that says subscription only is still being added from the book. In the next 2 weeks I'm going to organize and update the Table of Contents for the "Basic Magick", "Personal magick", "Internal Magick" and the "Group magick" areas just like I did for "Fundamentals".

Soon afterwards I will be designing a "release schedule."  Piece by piece, I will be releasing exercises and articles for free. My end goal is to offer all of the stuff you NEED to know for free and have a whole lot of "niceties" as something that you can either get from buying the books or getting a subscription. I'd also like to see the community build a free Wiki of Correspondences as well.

Another thing I will be posting in the next few days are the details on the "subscription" which will include a process of training and a path of initiation into a tradition I'm forming.

Unfortunately, there is always a question as to how to balance the needs of honoring the information that was giving to the community through spirit and compensating the persons for their sacrifice in organizing and presenting the information. I decided to use the "early adopters pay" model where there is a delay for information to become free while first adopters pay so that the persons who do the work to write, build the website and maintain the exercises are taken care of as they work on other "new" stuff. :-)

Thank You for Reading.

Be Well,

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