Power Before Wisdom Site Updates 9-10-14

Website update

Believe it or not I haven't totally disappeared.  There are a couple nearly complete articles in the queue, but I have been mostly writing on my Ifa tradition as well as topics I don't feel fit PBW.  Most of my time has been spent with my other projects Online Accounting CPE, Engineering Continuing Education PDH, SEO Webdesign Reno and Witchcraft Spells and Supplies.

Power Before Wisdom got some updates today:

  • Removed FB Connect Plugin: I removed an old plugin for facebook connect which I noticed was rather irritating.
  • Added Share Buttons: That nifty side bar :-)
  • Added Flattr: Flattr is a VERY cool donation system.   Basically you budget a certain amount per month that you'll give out in donations (min $3).  Whever you find a site you like you click their flattr button to give them a share of that.   At the end of the month the money is split among all of the share holders.  So... if you join and click my flattr button it would be a cool little donation.  It would be even cooler if you clicked it again to "subscribe" ;-)      I've already found 3 sites I regularly read that I've flattr'd today.
  • Added Syndicoin: Syndicoin is another donation system.  It is a little odd.  Basically a site operator asks for a certain amount per page.  Whenever you feel like it you go to the syndicoin page, delete the charges you disagree with and then pay the rest.   I've asked for your $.02 with each page.  If you ever go to syndicoin you can see how many pages you viewed and how much it would be worth at $.02 per page ;-)
  • Added SEO Plugin: This one was a challenge, but PBW lost about 60% of its monthly readers when I updated the website to the new software and didn't re-install the updated plugin.   Hopefully this will lead to some more activity in the forums.  ;-)

That's it for now.   I'm going to see about quickly posting one of the "mostly finished" articles in the next few days.  :-)

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