Tarot, Ifa Divination and Psychic Readings

Tarot, Ifa Divination and Psychic Readings

I offer divination and readings using Ifa, Tarot, Rune or General Psychic Skills.  An Ifa Divination I performed gave a mother a spell to save her dying daughter after the doctors had given up and were at "quality of life" stage.  My tarot readings shock people with the details, and I am even on video with The Guardian successfully divining the 2016 Election results despite how confident everyone was that the opposite would happen.  

Despite my successes with calling the future, I prefer to focus on the present.  My divinations are intended to solve problems and recognize patterns today so that we can make choices and changes to live the life we want.  I am strong guiding people concerning:

  • - Wealth/Money/Business
  • - Leadership/Personal Growth
  • - Health
  • - Magick
  • - Ending and Overcoming Abuse
  • - Relationships
  • - Life Purpose Alignment

I do not do readings for issues like: Past Lives, Hurting/Binding Ex-Lovers, General Cursing People (You probably can't pay me enough to take the Spiritual Consequences)

Despite my personal boundaries, I do not judge.  I've read for murderers and prostitutes with the same heart as I read for Priests and Children.  I schedule readings in 1 hour increments.  I charge $100 per hour (2 hours max per month).   If you need more than 2 hours per month the price doubles.  While I'm willing to guide you, I want you to solve your life problems yourself instead of relying on my advice and divination.


Please be warned: 

  1. I will share exactly what I get.  If I receive something hard or painful, I will tell you.  If I disagree with a decision you've made, I will tell you.  
  2. No matter where you are or were, I will help you see how you can be empowered in (and improve) your current situation.
  3. While I will guide you toward tools and resources for your path, YOU need to walk it.  Some things you just have to do for yourself.  If I give you recommendations and you come back to me with the same question having done nothing different for the issue, there will be a $100 wasting my time fee.  Walk your walk.   I'm even ok if you IGNORE my advice, as long as you do something new/different!


If these services would help you, contact me by phone or email to schedule an appointment for a phone reading.

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