Review - Incense Crafting and Use of Magickal Scents by Carl F. Neal


Carl's book is a quick pleasure to read. Making cones, joss sticks as well as other types and kinds of incense always seemed like a distant arcane art to me. The evidence of Carl's Mastery is how straight forward he makes Incense. This book is a easy to read 101 class on incense. I feel better informed about the whole industry and armed with a series of techniques to try. Even if you have no interest in making incense, if you ever use incense the first half of this book will quickly help you be informed about quality, properties and cultural histories of incense which will affect how you use it in great ways.

I did intend to learn to make incense and I had the honor of taking a couple of his advanced classes at Pantheacon. He is a straight forward presenter whose Mastery of the Basics takes complex challenges and easily identifies the failure point and how to overcome it. In short he makes it look easy and his book can help you on the road to doing so too.

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