Dealing with Motivation: What is Compensation's Place?


We’ve been talking about motivation for magic in the forums.  Currently, talk has shifted to one issue that mage-types either skirt around or have buried so deep that they don’t even think about anymore… Compensation.

Fact of the matter is that people only do things we feel are personally worth the effort. What matters to you may not matter a whole lot to me... unless you decide it's worth compensating me for my help. Suddenly I feel motivated and involved! ;-)


When I started this blog I had the intent to follow in the footsteps of Steve Pavlina who earns 6 digits per month with his blog on self-help. I felt motivated to learn, study and do a LOT of work to make this happen. I probably have spent about 1200+ hours studying, working on the content, building relationships and building this site.

In one year this blog went from nothing to thousands of visitors per month. Tracking showed that on average people were spending almost 2 hours reading 4-6 articles per visit and 40% of people come back after their first visit. It seems I'm providing value to others; however, my income from the site hasn't even been paying its hosting costs.

Now I LIKE running Power Before Wisdom. I like having a space where I can share with others. I really appreciate everyone who is here. Yet, I must admit, if the site was making a profit I would be MUCH more motivated to post regularly, to be faster responding to stuff here, to finish the books I keep promising and to spend time teaching persons personally.

If I need to commit to time and efforts that I don't see personally benefitting me, I usually want to be compensated. However, when it comes to doing things whenever I feel like it, I'm glad to do so for free. That's why sometimes there won't be a new post for weeks and then suddenly there will be 2-3.

By realizing this about myself I am committing to make some changes to this site and in my day to day life to align my efforts toward receiving compensation for living my values.

I recommend you ponder this as well.  How are you giving your time away and how can you change things so that you receive compensation for doing something you would LIKE to do, but just can’t quite justify doing yet?

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