The Power of Consent

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The Magickal and Pagan communities are roiling in the same challenges the rest of our society is concerning sexual harrassment and abuse, however we are in a very different stage.  There are different understandings and expectations.   While we have a challenge guiding new people into the shared consent culture, another important challenge we have is that the Magickal and Pagan consent culture is often operating on some ideals and concepts which are simply not effective because they don't take into account all of the variables.

Gwendolyn over at Occult Librarian has written an excellent post concerning the dynamics which our current models for behavior are not recognizing and dealing with.  It's worth taking some time to head over there and reading it.   Often simply recognizing the problem more deeply can help us identify personal and communal behavior which would be more effective.


P.S.  Yes men.  This does mean we have to re-learn how to express and listen concerning the topic of amorous interest, however before you get all whiney, recognize that for many women the old behaviors feel like an attack...   Do you want to continue choosing to "attack" women when you are faced with awareness of the situation, or do you choose to explore new options?   We may not know how to do better yet, but if you choose to try we will learn.

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