Everyday Magick - Summoning Love (or at least lust)

Classic lore is that love spells are stupid.

Guess what…  I agree.

Using magick to Screw with someone else’s natural state to induce the addiction we call “love” pretty universally has bad consequences as far as I’ve seen.  However, there ARE things we can do which don’t tend to have the same negative consequences.  I'll teach you the details and at the bottom give you a spell that should be pretty safe.

Trick 1: Don’t make someone love you…  Make yourself more Attractive.

Because this is what people do anyway there doesn’t seem to be the same level of consequence to this.  Additionally we understand the consequences better.   Everyone knows the rules even if they don’t want to admit it.

Men need to be (or seem)

  1. Wealthy
  2. Powerful
  3. Potential (Capable of becoming #1 or #2)
  4. A Challenge (Secretive, Unavailable, “ready to change”)
  5. Handsome (not really for love, but for lust this is definitely helpful!)

Women need to be (or seem)

  1. Pretty (Men are simple creatures)
  2. Attractive (Kindness, Supportive, Helpful)
  3. Available (If men feel they have no chance they won’t try)

We all know this stuff deep down.  This is why women have lots of clothes and makeup.  This is why men want nice cars and take women out to nice restaurants.    I’m going to ignore the non-magickal ways of accomplishing all this because you SHOULD know them.  If you don’t you should stop reading right now because this article probably won’t help you nearly as much as learning basic dating advice.

We can accentuate what we have with Glamours.   The basic concept behind a Glamour is not that you are trying to BECOME something, but your are trying to make it so that people FEEL you are something.   Fundamentally it is the same as adding a “flavor” to an energy ball, except here you are adding a flavor to your aura, or your eyes, or your hair, or your car… and so on.

Glamour Friend – A Story
I had a friend who loved glamours.  He was a young gay man who was very focused on looks.  He would only date attractive men, only wanted to be around pretty people and things.   One thing he mastered was Glamours.  When you looked at him you felt that he was supernaturally beautiful.   You felt that he was supernaturally knowledgeable with Magick.   All well and good, except he is where I learned that glamours can affect other things.  I FELT that he was my friend.   I FELT that he would defend me.  I FELT that he cared…   and naturally because I felt these things I reciprocated.   He didn’t make me feel anything for him.  He just effected how I perceived him and I naturally responded.

It seems small, but it is a big difference.   Make someone love you and you get in trouble.  Make them feel that you love THEM… and they’ll probably reciprocate automatically.  Magickal consequences of Glamour = VERY few.  Obviously, there CAN be natural consequences.  If you glamour everyone into thinking you are a friend and then act as an enemy they will feel betrayed.  Trust me… a friend betrayed is MUCH more vengeful then someone who realizes they have an enemy.

Glamour someone into feeling that you love them and they will probably love you back. Betray that at your own risk…

Trick 2: Summon someone into your life who will want you as you are.

One size does NOT fit all.  While the stuff above is a truism there are people out there who will want you for who you are no matter what.   For example: I met a disgusting, mean, ugly and fat woman who never showered, but had many bed partners because of a community of men who consider that a kink *shudders*.

Summoning spells come in two flavors:

-          Co-incidence creators

-          Compulsions.

Co-incidence Creators
This form of summoning basically declares to the universe what you want and through myriad minor effects creates co-incidences which lead to your desired outcome.   Minor effects include weird animal behavior, accidents, odd urges and so on.

More directed and thus much easier to block magickally, compulsions work best for people who are open to them (which is pretty much everyone who hasn’t shielded against them).  For example, summoning someone usually induces a compulsion for them to call you or show up.  We had one friend who liked being able to be summoned.   In fact, he intentionally doesn’t have a phone and tells people to summon him.   The whole local pagan community gets a kick out of how they won’t see him for weeks and then within minutes or hours of them summoning him, he’ll call or show up.

Kiss The Ring – A Story
Fundamentally, compulsions are any time you push someone to be a certain way.  Love me, Buy this, Believe that, Trust me…

The other day I was hanging with a friend.  The conversation had shifted to joking about cult leaders. For the fun of it, I held my Djinn Ring up as if I were the pope and put a quick (very gentle) compulsion out that he should “kiss the ring.”   He immediately tensed up and stared at it for a rather uncomfortable moment.

Uncomfortable how effective that had been, I lowered the ring and he looked up at me and literally shook it off.   “Nice.” He said.  “I had a huge urge to kiss that ring.  It was like that was just what I had to do.”

Now I hadn’t told him to do anything.  In fact, I hadn’t even told him I was trying to act like the pope.  I just straightened up, put out the hand with the ring and dropped the light compulsion.  Everything else came from there.

Love Compulsions vs. Loving Compulsions
Yes… you can give a compulsion for someone to love you, but as I warned this is a bad idea.   However, smaller compulsions are less likely to have bad consequences.  “Say yes” (at the right time) is probably the easiest and least harmful compulsion.  Invite the person out and put a compulsion “say yes.”   They might wonder why they said yes, but if the date goes horribly they’ll laugh at themselves and explain it away.  If it goes wonderfully and you two get along (naturally) then they will be glad that “for some reason they said yes.”

Obviously, “say yes” to getting into bed with you is the kind of compulsion which will likely have unpleasant consequences.

Safer Compulsions
Pretty much the rule for safer compulsions is to keep them small and in alignment with who the person is.  A compulsion for a small action that a person considers inconsequential (I should leave) will have far less consequences than “Never do Drugs Again.”

I’ve actually seen the “never do drugs again.”   The person actually honored the compulsion, but they hated the person who laid it and didn’t know why.  The caster’s relationship ended and her ex-boyfriend who could “never do drugs again” was miserable for months afterwards.   A major part of how he defined himself was at war with a compulsion that he didn’t want, but couldn’t bring himself to cast off.

A Summon Love/Lust Ritual

Ok… I’m actually going to do it.   I am going to post a detailed ritual that you can perform to summon love (or at least lust) in a way that should be low consequence (love never is low consequence, but the spell itself shouldn’t have unexpected negative consequences)

Step 1: Decide what you want and put small tokens of these details into a small sachet (bag). 
Avoid worrying about the big stuff because you likely have sub-conscious issues which will disagree with what you think you want.  However, be clear with little stuff.   If you want the man to be a fan of Frank Sinatra then add a piece of paper with the title of a couple of Frank’s songs on it.  If you want a woman who can cook add a picture of a couple of your favorite dishes.  Use your imagination.  “Proper magick” will commonly recommend herbs, stones and oils for certain things and I do admit to liking using them.  Somehow I like using some Chamomile to represent a calm and pleasant person or Citrine to represent someone with a zest for life.  I think it also helps that one herb or stone can be used for sooo many different spells.

Step 2: Create a 2-4 line rhyme about your intent
You will be repeating this rhyme again and again throughout the ritual.  You are using it to focus your desire as you do something which it can be hard to focus through.  You should actually make this rhyme emotionally intense so that your subconscious comes into play.  If it’s something you would tell most of your friends it might not be intense or personal enough for this purpose.

(an amusing example for lust)
Carnal need gives my thighs a sheen
I summon a man whose eyes are green
His muscles’re to mine eyes a sight
He’ll be able to keep it up all night

Step 3: Cast your circle, call your elements, if you feel like there are related Gods that would be good to involve invite them.

Step 4: Put the sachet in front of you and begin your chant.  Meditate on your purpose here.  Know that you are declaring your intent and then empowering it.

Step 5: While continuing the rhyme, masturbate to orgasm. 
Keep the rhyme going through your orgasm(s), whenever possible bring your thoughts back to what you are trying to summon.  Make sure KEEP this as a concept, if you put your thoughts onto a certain person you will be risking a compulsion you want to avoid.

Step 6: Put your Sexual Fluids into the sachet.
If you can’t figure out ways to do this, you should just leave… now

Step 7: Thank and release your Gods and elements. Close your circle.

Step 8: Put the Sachet into your bed where the person will sleep once they arrive.
For all intents and purposes this sachet IS the person you are summoning.

Step 9: Once they arrive in your life and actually sleep where the sachet is, release the spell.
I recommend burning the sachet ritually. Intent means a lot, carelessly tossing the sachet into the fire would be tantamount to carelessly buring the person.  Burying the Sachet might “bury the person” or it might “Bury your need.”   Be VERY intention filled at the point.  You might even want to design another rhyme thanking the sachet for its purpose and releasing it.


Have fun!
Power Before Wisdom