Everyday Magic: Spells to bind... THE DOG?!

Most Pagans, Mages and Witches tend to want to do magic for the big things in our lives: Love, Wealth, Huge Change.   We tend to forget that, even in magic, lots of little efforts add up to big change.  Whereas most of this site is devoted to the "big concepts" this area will be for the myriad little spells that we use in our day to day lives.


My dog is a very stubborn, very smart bitch.  For a long time we (the dog and I) agreed that it was best for me to open the door, let her go wander the neighborhood and do her business there.  She avoided Dog Catchers and hasn't gotten hit by a car... yet.   This started becoming a problem when I started hearing stories of her joining another troublemaker dog in knocking over Trash Cans.  We dealt with this soundly one time as she watched me chase the other dog from our trashcan.   Did you know that a Human is capable of simultaneously chasing down a terrified dog while barking from their throat and growling through their mouth and nose separately (thus making three separate terrifying tones)?  I didn't until then.  For some reason all of the neighborhood trashcans have been left alone since then...  ;-)    By the way, this wasn't all that wierd; to study the Throat Singing I did, go HERE.

However, my dog has still been facing down cars on the street and getting into fights with the neighbor dog.   For the sake of avoiding lawsuits and potential vet bills, I decided to start keeping her home.  She dislikes this.  It took 6 tries to set the chain and collar so she doesn't remove either.  Even still she would Mind Control Passerby's into letting her off.   I can't tell you how many times I've had people (usually kids) knock on my door to say:  "I'm sorry sir.   I just let your dog off the chain.. it was an accident."

In the end the chain stays on now because I put a forget spell on it.  The dog (or the person she's "guided") goes to remove it and forgets what they are doing.   Even I have a hard time removing it cause the moment I touch the dang thing there are so many interesting distractions and "what was I looking for?"  (The trick to overcoming a forget spell by the way is to focus on the step AFTER your current action. This constantly reminds you what and why you're doing, that thing you just forgot about.)

While infuriating, I am proud as hell of her magickal nature.  Thus, I want better for her than sitting on a chain.  So we manifested 95% of a new fence (neighbor's landlord rebuilt it), fronted some money for a new gate and tried it out.  

Literally 10 minutes after putting it out there she was gone.  --> She found a way to use our shed to make two 4ft jumps hopping the fence.    

I removed this option.  1 hour later she was gone.  --> She had torn apart the bottom of an older board of the fence.

I put her back in the backyard, was standing there as she used this hole to exit and scared the "escape-that-way" out of her before blockading the hole with a pile of large stones.

Things were good for 2 days.   I'd put her outside for an hour or two and she'd be there when I called her.  Then I left for 6 hours and the family ignored her.   I returned home to an empty back yard.   In searching the fence line I found how.   In a hard to see part of the yard, she had spent HOURS carefully worrying older nailed boards out of the fence.

So while I was thinking the next step was one of those invisible shock fences inside the outer one so she couldn't focus enough to dig or break a hole out, my wife reminded me...  Magick.  

So I'm currently reviewing my magical options:

  1. Gaes the Dog: Mentally bind her to want to stay in the backyard. Pros: Easy, Powerful.  Cons: Lessens her Free Spiritedness which I love.  Weird Mental Disorders as Similar Situations invoke the Gaes.
  2. Forget Spell the Fence: Enchant the fence so that anybody messing with it... "Squirrel!"  Pros: Clean. Amusing & Harmless Side Effects.  Cons: Easy to overcome with proper mindset.  The fence WILL end up neglected.
  3. Spirit Allies: Empower an intelligent spirit to screw with her if she tries to get out.  Pros: Carefully targeted.   Cons: Hard to give them enough power w/o larger consequences.

Interestingly, I notice that a lot of the negatives can be mitigated in the Forget spell and in the Gaes by being careful about targeting.  If I laid a Passive Forget Spell and then empowered a Spirit ally to activate it and provide distractions TO THE DOG ONLY it might work...

Contact me if you have other options I haven't thought of here.  I'm going to be careful about this one...

Power Before Wisdom


-1 #1 wallum 2014-09-19 02:02
How about you have a 'chat' with your dog, let her have some time to roam the neighborhood, but with restrictions. The restrictions being that she stays away from the road, and out of fights. And that when she's in the yard, she stays there. How you implement those restrictions is up to you. Binding her away from the road? I tend to use manifesting rather than magic, so don't have too many suggestions.

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