Imbuing your Magicks with Will

In Magick, Will is the “Breath of Life.”

Many, many teachers and authors confuse emotions with will. They tend to teach that feeling a lot of emotion is the way to empower your magicks. I think I may have even been guilty of this in the past.

This misconception is due to the incredible correlation between strong emotions and effective magics. However... your magick is not charged by strong emotions. You magick is charged with the singular purpose and will that these strong emotions tend to invoke within us.

This is going to be the hardest concept in magick to teach. Our culture doesn't have a direct way to express it. There isn't a word, or a measurable that I can consistently bring you to in order to explain it. You will have to learn to recognize the feeling and practice invoking it in yourself.

I'm going to explain the concept and then bring up times in your life when you may have experienced effective expression of will.

Imagine that your Spiritual Self, your Mind, your Subconscious mind, your Astral body, your Chi body and your Physical body all exist in a series of overlays on different layers of reality. Just as your physical body can affect the world around you, so too can your spiritual self, astral and chi bodies affect the layers of reality they exist in.

Will is the alignment all of these aspects of yourself acting together toward a purpose. When they do so they increase the effect of an action logarithmically.

These moments have a distinct feel that you can not only learn to recognize, but actually invoke intentionally. Here are a few examples of when you may have experienced imbuing will.

You call for someones attention multiple times and they don't hear you. Suddenly something snaps in you and without raising your voice you restate their name, but this time with power. The room quiets and people turn to listen to you.

You are playing a sport and you're doing ok, but all of a sudden something in you shifts and that jump, throw or hit is just “right.”

You are arguing with someone, suddenly something snaps in you and when you make your next argument or action it is like something changed. Suddenly the person you were arguing with is either afraid of you or taking you VERY seriously. They likely are listening to you quietly and/or doing exactly what you wanted.

You are working on something and something shifts. For a few blissful minutes or hours your thoughts are clear and its like your actions are guided by the Hand of God. You can't lose.

How to use will in magick
Magick is almost completely a waste of your time if it isn't imbued with will. You don't have to reach the deepest state of alignment for every action. Often, aligning your mind and astral body are enough for most mild workings. For moving palpable levels of energy you need to also align your energy body. If you want to manifest something or listen to spirits you need to align your spirit self. Each self brings something to the table and you don't really have to be aware of each one in order to imbue will into your actions. You just have to be aware of the concept that this feeling is based on you aligning internally in powerful and effective ways. Once you know the feeling you will be able to feel your magick take hold (or not).

One of my favorite ways to practice this is to try to hold yellow stoplights from turning red as I go through. I reach out with my will (likely with my astral and/or energy bodies) and I try to “grab it.” I can feel it when it worked. There is a solidity and confidence. I have also learned to recognize a feeling like water flowing through my fingers when I try and fail.

Your ways of recognizing the experiences may be different, but the only way to effectively learn to invoke will is a LOT of practice and a whole lot of error and success. You will learn as much or more from failure as from success. It is important knowing the feeling of when your magick didn't work.

Eventually you will get to the point where you will be able to align yourself sufficiently before any working you perform. Whenever you choose you will be able to invoke your “A” game and you will know the difference between when you are well aligned and not.

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