Privacy: A Mage’s Perspective

privacy cant erase your lifeI was raised Christian. One of the tenants they teach is that God is always watching both your actions and your thoughts. There have been a few times in my life this really freaked me out. Generally those moments were when I was doing stuff I didn’t want to be accountable for: watching porn, self pleasuring, some of my thoughts and fantasies, times when I chose to be cruel and destructive.


I meditated on this and came to a personal conclusion. I was going to choose to act in such a way that I was willing to stand up to anyone and say: “Yup. I did that.”


With that decision some things changed. I chose to stop being cruel. I even chose to control my thoughts. When I am thinking what I consider to be unhealthy thoughts, I transform them to be healthier. Anyone who says they’ve NEVER contemplated something is either mentally deficient or a liar. I’ve contemplated things which horrify me.


Dynamics like the viewing porn and self pleasuring myself were confusing for a while. I don’t consider either essentially unhealthy or bad behavior in moderation, but I wouldn’t want to have someone walk in on me doing so. Eventually it got put into the same mental category as self-care, pooping, being sick and all the other “icky” facts of life we choose to gloss over in our society.


This concept evolved as I went through initiations, my model of reality shifted and my mage sight improved. You see, at every moment a witch/mage can look and see spirits present. There are spirits present in everyday objects, plants and animals. There are ancestors/ghosts. There are other spirits with and without specific names in our society in layers of reality detached enough that they barely interact, but they can usually see/feel us.


In truth, our concentual reality is a stage of sorts. Every single living being has a “fan base” of spirits who follow and support them. Our actions affect and inspire many others, and there is no such thing as privacy from the spirit world for actions and behaviors done here. Zero. None. Even in your most lonely moment you are surrounded by countless spirits who can see what you are doing.


For a long time I did the normal response people have to evidence of a lack of privacy. We ignore it and act like the invasive situation isn’t there. Unfortunately, there come times when you just can’t. You’re in the middle of pooping and suddenly you see a recently departed spirit totally focused on getting your attention because its the first time you’ve quieted your mind enough to listen in almost 10 hours.


The most peace I found was the moment when I decided to stop caring about my privacy with the non-living. I decided that if something was present as I did something they could either enjoy the show or choose to look away. Fortunately, this only works for behaviors which you are actually ok admitting you do.


I say fortunately because I have come to value the habitual “check yourself” nature of this awareness in the day of cellphones, webcams, concealed recording devices and more. I am a technologist. I am aware of what we CAN do with technology. It is absolute fact that there are persons and groups with the ability to hack your technology to listen in and observe your life. For most of us that doesn’t matter because we aren’t actually doing anything which makes it worthwhile to listen or observe us.


However, what happens when we DO decide to do something important. What happens when we decide we want to protest injustice, run for office, stand up or even lead a powerful organization? Here is where good habits become important. In that case all of your technology suddenly becomes a potential tool to gather leverage. Your “private” behaviors become something you could be blackmailed by or even used by political opponents to bring your downfall through the law.


Say you never decide that though. Say you stay someone unimportant to people and groups who could hack like this. There is STILL value in this awareness and mindset. We tend to have an internal disconnect between being “on the clock” and in our private lives. If you come to find peace with the idea that every single moment is “on the clock” you change your behaviors. You become fully conscious in every moment of your thoughts and actions.

I keep saying thoughts. Surely controlling your thoughts shouldn’t be a problem right?


Well, speaking as moderately trained telepath: Yeah. They matter.


Most every single person is telepathically sensitive. In our culture we tend to deny/ignore it and its effects, but it has strong effects. Example? Spend time thinking hot fantasies about a girl/guy and see how their behavior of you changes. Heck… go for gold and spend time thinking fantasies of doing horrible things to them and measure the change.


It frankly doesn’t matter whether or not I’m telling the truth about telepathy. Your thoughts change your sub-conscious behaviors. From the magickal to the literal: your body posture, your choice of terminology and more; your thoughts are the foundation for your relationship with the entire world and everyone within it.


Thoughts are also by far the thing you have the most control over. It takes a surprisingly small amount of practice to control your thinking in basic ways. Once you learn to redirect obvious things like fantasies, what power over yourself will you find by choosing to redirect obsessive patterns, replace thoughts concerning habits or addictions. How powerful would it be to DECIDE to change your emotions in a moment?


Now what if I’m telling the truth about telepathy and empathy? How powerful could it be to have discipline of your thoughts and projected emotions, and the skill and awareness to be able to implant them in others?

This weekend I trained someone new on how to telepathically enhance their driving. Driving is a time when most people are VERY unconscious. People get downright entranced and become very open to telepathy and empathy. If you form a telepathic connection with them you can do stuff like implant thoughts to speed up, slow down, change lanes and more.


As your skill advances it starts looking like bringing most of the drivers nearest you into a group mind as they enter/exit the bubble around you. All drivers within the bubble suddenly start unconscious acting on the desires/expectations of each other. They open up space to allow other drivers through even before the driver who wants to move begins changing speed or using blinkers. They will collectively re-arrange their configuration to force dangerous drivers to have to move around.


Its only a couple steps further before you unconsciously know what the road ahead of the drivers ahead of you looks like. You start braking for a slow truck or a curve most won’t see for another couple seconds, even before the cars ahead of you hit their brakes. You shift lanes because you know that there is a cop a half mile ahead and traffic will slow in the lane you are in.


This is a specific example of a specific application. How useful/dangerous could this level of discipline and skill be as a salesperson? A lawyer? A Politician? A child-care provider? A Teacher?


How did an article on “privacy” become an article about the dangers and opportunities of telepathy/empathy? Because at its core both are the same issue. There is NO such thing as privacy.


I have a group of people I am working with who are practicing measurable and useful astral projection to obtain real world information (think remote viewing without all the stupid rules). I’ve had moments of leaving my body to see things in the future/past. I’ve described scenes from people’s thoughts/memories with such accuracy they asked if I was there.


When you encounter this enough, you lose the ability to delude yourself into believing that any moment of your life is safe from the review of someone. Most moments won’t be seen, but there isn’t a single moment that CAN’T be seen. Thus, if I live 99% of my life admirably and yet 1% is spent doing things that society or my loved ones would find detestable, there is a strong likelihood that the 1% will affect my life either directly by getting outed, or indirectly by affecting my thoughts and actions with others.


There are two common solutions I’ve seen people take various degrees of. First, I could choose to become a hardcore privacy advocate. I could work very hard to make sure that there isn’t a person or technology capable of recording my experiences. It IS possible to telepathically jam (think of it like projecting a lot of confused white noise). It IS possible to use magick, astral tricks and shielding to make it hard to astral project to specific time/places. Like any privacy trick it’s important to do this when you don’t need privacy or else the effort to be private is like a beacon screaming “This time and place! This is where the secrets are!”


The second solution is what I chose. I chose to accept accountability for my life. Sure I have times I fuck up, and I do have a low level metaphysical noise I put into my life through shielding and other stuff to make it harder to pinpoint different moments in my life, but in the end my biggest defense is living a life in which I can say, at worst: “I’m not proud of that moment, but yeah. I did that.”


When the faith of my childhood told me that I was going to have to stand in front of my creator and review my entire life, they were speaking an actual dynamic which does exist. Life review is a thing which is common in many cultures. Seeing and working with spirits as much as I do has made it clear to me that every moment of my life is watched and viewed by someone/something.


I am accountable to myself and a lot of other spirits that this morning I chose to delay my gym time to finish writing this article. That understanding is simple, and yet very powerful. Because while I still need to go to the gym, this choice is yet one more that I can say: “Yup. I did that.”


Are you living a life where you are ok with spirits/gods and more watching? Can you say without shame, “yup. I did that.” in every moment of your life?


Every single moment of your life is an opportunity to like yourself or dislike yourself. While the illusion of privacy is nice to support intimate moments with ourselves, loved ones and/or spirit, the expectation of privacy is a dangerous misconception which allows us to think that there are moments are are NOT accountable to ourselves and others around us.


I challenge you to update your perspective of privacy, and accept complete accountability for your entire life moving forward. If you try it for a few months and don’t like it, you can return to other behaviors, but I’d be willing to be that you’ll like how much it simplifies decisions.

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