When Grounding Helps and How to Ground (Update 1)

woman grounding at the beach

(This article is an updated version THIS ONE created a few months ago.)

When to Ground:

  1. When we don't like our energy: Perhaps we've disconnected too much.  Perhaps we're extremely happy, extremely sad, extra high energy or extremely low energy. Either way, due to our personal state, we aren't interacting with the world around us as powerfully as we could if we became more like something else outside us.
  2. When we want to influence something: Being a two way street of give and take, advanced grounding also empowers us to control our surroundings.  
  3. For Shielding: It's kind of hard to blow something bolted to a firm foundation away.  Shock them and it's "grounded out."  Push them and they don't budge.  Get pushed by them and: O.M.G...  0_0


Whatever your reasons to ground are the idea is simple:

  • Reach out with your will and align with something.  

Yup.. That's it.   You can ground into anything.  If we choose to slow down by holding onto to something stable that is our choice; if we choose to get moving with an energy boost.. well that's our choice too.

Things I commonly Ground into (and different ways to do grounding at the same time!):

  1. Spirit: I tend to reach for spirit through the top of my head.  The top Chakra was designed to handle this purpose. Literally feel yourself reaching out through the top chakra and feel it/you enter the realm of spirit, then let go and relax into it.  Allow it to flow into you as you have flowed into it.  Feel yourself align with it, perceive the experiences that you can have in alignment.  Spirit is a talkative energy.  When grounded into it realizations, ideas and understanding just... arrive..
  2. Elemental Fire: Every once in a while you just need a bit of fire... Maybe to burn something, maybe to heat something... It's amazing how many ways you can use a single tool.  Sure, people scoff that when you have a hammer the whole world looks like a nail, but if you think about it, it's amazing how much you can accomplish by pounding on stuff.   I'm a Septuple (that's 7) fire sign in my BASIC zodiac.   I have a lot more fire in my Mercury-Twine-Mars Crap too.   I tend to be fiery.  

    That said for fire I tend to open my solar plexus Chakra like a gate and either pull out fire, or go swim in it.   I know someone who believes the solar plexus is actually the path to spirit walks... whether true or not it sure is easy for me forget that I'm actually out here and go swimming or flying in elemental fire.   Remember, when you're spirit walking, your form is as you choose it.  For some reason I like for swim-fly through the fire as a dragon...  hrm shocker eh?   Again, to ground yourself, relax into it.  Accept it.
  3. The Earth and Sky: For those of you Robert Jordan Fans I tend to treat Spirit as Saidar and Earth as Saidin.   This means that with spirit I tend to invite... Coax.  With Earth I tend to Grab hold and Wrench.  I think of it kind of like giving a bulky bodybuilder a decent handshake and massage.  Sure you can "relax" into it, but I find it a lot of fun to plow through it.   Reach out with my will and manhandle the earth energy into me.   As I fill with Earth energy I release other stuff back into it.  

    In fact, I tend to bastardize a lesson from a local metaphysist and grab earth energy yank it up through me and let it grow out the top of me like tree branches, or wires or stone towers, or, or, or...  and radiate this earth energy into the sky, and in doing so trade it for Air energy which I draw down me into the the Earth.  Wash-Rise-Repeat.  For me the difference is that Earth is Strong, Powerful and Slow Moving whereas Air is Fast, Energetic and can change for to fit need.   By grounding into both earth and air at the same time I reach toward an interesting balance between being Really Firm, Solid and Strong while being exited and energized to do work and make change.
  4. Elemental Earth:  Elemental Earth is another alignment.  I tend to reach down again, but instead of reaching into the earth I kind of "side step" and go into elemental earth.   I perceive it as a Plane of Solidity where there is no vacuum, there is only matter in its solid state.  You don't really swim through it as much as you vibrate through it.  It never changes... you just osmosis through it.  Once I reach it I align with it and feel myself taking on those properties, immobile, Silently Being, Intensely Manifest, Perfectly Connected to a Source of Stability so strong that nothing can damage me.
  5. Ley Lines: yes... they exist.  In many forms.  We visited Sedona, Arizona, at first I was disappointed as I didn't see any Leylines until I looked up and noticed that I hadn't seen them because they were so BIG and went from the ground up into the sky...  At that point I actually understood why some people consider those lines the lines of the planet... They did seem a lot like Meridians.  

    "Normal" (aka... small) Leylines tend to be where chi has begun flowing like a Creek, Stream, or River "downhill".   They don't always flow exactly where water does, but they do tend to.  Sometimes they will go across or even up a hill, but as a whole they tend to go down.  There are also sky and underground ones.  I'm not sure why some stay at the surface and others don't, but it seems to have to do with the kind of energy in the flow.  When I'm lower energy than I want to be (aka when I'm about to do some solid magic) I will usually ground into a Leyline as a Power Source.    There are a few local ones at the surface, two nice major ones in the sky, and a REALLY impressive one underground.  

    Doing magic like this is kind of like plugging into the Wall instead of running on Batteries.  You'll get tired still because of the effort of MOVING the energy, but afterwords you'll probably need to ground out the excess energy or be unable to sleep or concentrate.  Additionally energy can "stagnate" in you if you're holding too much.  You end up with muscle cramps, headaches and light sensitivity.  

    It's better to let it go.  To do so merely ground into the earth or if you're feeling mean ground it (gently) into someone you don't like.  They'll appreciate it... at first.   Additionally you can ground it back into the line if you're feeling careful.  Just reconnect and use your will to push the energy back into the line.  If it's a decent amount of energy, you'll physically feel it enter and leave.
  6. Persons: Grounding into other people has many interesting consequences.  First, if you ground into them, you tend to be able to understand each other better.  Additionally, you will begin to take on their traits, skills and thoughts.  What affects one of you will affect the other as well.  Thoughts will become "us" instead of "me."  

    You can use this to intentionally create the closeness that people experience in old and long term relationships...  In fact most times when I've seen those "amazing connections" (instant friendships, instant loves, amazing business connections) it is due to the two persons grounding into each other naturally.   Usually it's because their energy was so close already that it was a case of like attracting like...   

    I commonly use grounding into another person as a way to help them.   Once I've grounded into them I can control their energy as if it were my own.  Since I know how to manipulate my own energy, I will ground into them and "move our energy" in the desired way before I disconnect.   
  7. Your Environment: Grounding into the area around you is a lot like grounding into a person.   If it's a pleasant high energy place you get niceness; if not...

    If you ground into a space you start noticing all of these weird flows that you didn't notice before.  You notice how the energy of a room will shift with the people in it.  A disruption ripples through a room like waves in a pond.  You can literally feel emotional ripples.

    Of course, like before, this is a two way street.   You can consciously use this to effect the room.   I've combined grounding into an area with an energy raising ritual to turn a party from a boring somber affair into an exciting and powerful experience.  No magick on any single person, just raising the power for everyone to use to experience more.
  8. Gods: If you were to merge your thoughts, will and intent with an ant, which one will likely be in more control? You or the ant?  

    Be careful with this.  If you have a God/dess that you feel could help in a situation, grounding into them is a good way to bring those aspects in.  If you remember my analogy in Dealing with the Devil; what is a soul and why you can't sell it, possess it or own it, if we are a drop of water, the God might be a whole sea.  The drop can't really express the whole of the sea so you will merely have the opportunity to connect to certain ASPECTS of the God.

    If you are grounding into a War God who was also a lover and a builder, likely you will be able to bring forth a certain aspect... perhaps the builder.  This is helpful since many Gods have aspects we DON'T want... we can choose to ground into the aspects of the God we want while avoiding the others.

    Be warned, the trance possession I do is essentially:
     a. Go into a trance
     b. Ground into a God/Spirit
     c. Get out of the way 

    There are many safety tricks you can follow to enhance the likelihood of your enjoying the consequences of this action.  It's actually pretty uncommon for someone who is unwilling to be "grabbed" by a God; however, you can greatly increase your likelihood of retaining control by setting up some ground rules of what you are, what you believe in and what you will or won't do.


Proper grounding will ensure that you are in control when you want to be... I hope these ideas help you exert more control over yourself and your environment in healthy and powerful ways.  

Good Manifesting,
Power Before Wisdom


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