Everyday Magick: Casting Ethical Compulsions

For this article: A compulsion is "making someone or something think or do something they might not have done without your influence."

I recently touched on the idea of compulsions and how risky putting a love compulsion on someone can be.  I'm still not sure I effectively explained WHY they are risky, and the answer to that is rather core to this article.  

I learned compulsions by being the target of unfriendly spirits.  The first compulsions I encountered were large and obvious.  "He's your friend. Let him in"  or "I'm tired, weak and unworthy of love."  While those compulsions were effective, they sometimes went against my grain. When that happened, I had a feeling of wrongness that had me second guessing everything.  If something compels me to believe it's a friend while it acts as a foe, my gut tells me there is a problem.  When I felt there was a problem I started questioning everything.  ESPECIALLY when my life was endangered.

Over time as I dealt with more "mature" spirits I was twisted into webs of more subtle compulsions.  "He just told the truth so he's trustworthy."  "He only wants help."  "She hurts you so you can't trust her."

The defining traits of these subtle compulsions were that they were minor pushes.  Instead of carrying me somewhere I wasn't anywhere close to, these compulsions would push me further and further along, and since each one was small I wouldn't notice the "wrongness" along the way.

A compulsion is safer the smaller and more aligned it is with the target's current nature
If people notice it happening (even subconsciously), most people will avoid and/or fight against something that takes them away from their personal "script."  Here is where ethical and positive compulsions can happen though.  Because we have an entourage of friendly spirits we are used to receiving input, If we receive GOOD input that aligns with our "script" we accept it and even learn to trust the source.

I regularly use a mixture of telepathic and magickal compulsions.  I was probably saved a lot of trouble because my ethics always argued to use them gently.  Examples include:

  • To a Waitress: "I need to refill that table's drinks."
  • Driver in Front of me: "I want to switch lanes."
  • Potential Client: "I can trust him to try to do right by me."

Notice that last one...  "I can trust him to try to do right by me."   The imperative part of this compulsion is that IT IS A TRUTH.  I try to do right by everyone I deal with, often to the point of sacrificing to do so.  Since I am actually this way, the only difference in my doing the compulsion is how quickly people figure it out.

In this way, I can use compulsions to get people to do things they might have done anyway more quickly.  In business, it helps me to establish relationships and gives me an edge over my competitors.  While they have to visit 12 times to sell the client on their product, I can establish trust and "preferred status" in one or two visits.  Who would you rather work with: The persistent salesman or the nice guy you trust who knows his stuff?

Take a look at your life and people around you.  Think of situations where a minor compulsions IN ALIGNMENT WITH THE TARGET might accelerate the good.  Once you have found those opportunities, use simple compulsions to do so.

To do a simple telepathic compulsion:

  • Decide on the compulsion:  Words, Pictures or Feelings work, depending on the content.
  • Connect to the target: anything from grounding into, looking at and/or just holding the target in mind.  (Holding the target in mind is less likely to make them defend or uncomfortable from your "getting to close.")
  • Project the compulsion as a self-command type thought with force: "I like pickles."  Use the same kind of mind voice you would use for that command if you were telling it to yourself.  The Waitress above gets a "Mental list rehersal" voice.  The Driver gets an "Oops, I forgot." Voice and the client get's a "quietly talking to myself voice."  Remember: Projecting is thinking confidently, loudly and clearly OUT-wards.

Give it a shot.  Even better, post examples of ethical compulsions in the comments below for us to learn from you!

Power Before Wisdom

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