Summoning Spirits Using True Names

a summoned sprit with a sword

Fundamentally, summoning spirits is really simple. In PRACTICE however....

To Summon: While focusing on their “True-Name,” will them to join you.

Notice I didn’t say “Call their name?”  That’s because Word-Names are only a reference to something. Mages will often Magickally take a name (which has all kinds of benefits), but even still a WORD-NAME is only a reference.

True-Names are Understandings / Grokings. The more completely we understand our target the more clear their True-Name is to us.  The more thorough our understandings of everything that they are, the more clearly we can Invoke, Evoke and even, Yes… Effect Them.

Meditating on everything you know about your target will help you have a clear enough True-Name.   A ritual summoning will often have you reference:

  • Word-Names, Nick Names, Titles
  • Descriptions
  • Emotions
  • Spirit-Names
  • Memories or Stories of Them

The idea of all this is to help you clearly focus on your target, to help make sure the understanding (true-name) of your target is clear enough for your purpose. 

The Niceties
At this point you know your target clearly and you are willing them to join you.  There are three common flavors at this point: Demand, Invite and Request.

  1. Demand: Use your understanding of their True-Name to just pull them to you.  Literally feel their essence drawing nearer and nearer as if something was drawing them closer. 
    • BEWARE: This can work in reverse if they “hold on.”  You can be drawn closer and closer to them instead. Rather a shocking event when you are calling something that’s somewhere you don’t want to go…
  2. Invite: Once you connect with them, you literally “Invite them.”  With a recognition of their freewill you offer the opportunity to join with the option for them to turn it down. THIS IS A GOOD IDEA FOR GODS, GUARDIANS AND ALLIES!
  3.  Request: Kind of like invite except there’s more of a “please do me the favor” or I’ll pay for the favor” mentality. I've seen some pretty pathetic begging in people's requests...

Keep in mind through all this that your targets probably aren’t hearing words, they’re receiving your thoughts & will. So reading a summon off a piece of paper is beyond pathetic.  Put your will into it and speak from your whole self.

Why Use a Summoning Circle?
Ok, so if this is all, why use a circle or a ritual?  Mostly for Security, Control and Empowerment.  In Cutting and Using a Circle I covered the reasons to use circles for security and control.  The Empowerment in ritual is the area that I didn’t cover in depth.

Assuming you didn’t summon an embodied entity (who will likely take time to manifest the summon), your target probably arrived as a spirit.  Often times summoned entities like gifts (but not required usually).  If you give it Energy (Chi, Astral, Ether, whatever) the spirit will be more empowered to manifest in this reality and DO THINGS for you. When you create a circle and empower it, the spirits can often use just the power in the circle for their needs.

That appreciation for sacrifices (Food, Drink, Money, Life) is a mixture of wanting the energy of it, wanting to use the sacrifice as a temporary body and liking the power trip of having the sacrifice given.

Why is blood so commonly used as a sacrifice? Blood is a pretty awesome sacrifice in that it:

  • Holds atral/chi/ether VERY well (and comes out yummy charged)
  • Has an ability to process ambient energy
  • Makes a great physical-body
  • Gives the spirit using it access to the donor's energy
  • Gives the donor power over the spirit

  1. BEWARE: This is a two way street.  While you have more leverage, blood potentially gives the spirit power over you too!


I’m not saying you have to sacrifice blood as a sacrifice during a Summon.  I’m explaining why it’s used.

So now you’ve summoned and empowered a spirit…  As for the rest?   I’d look in Summoning, Blooding and Binding Spirits.

Good Spelling,
Power Before Wisdom

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