10-23-2021 Group Spell: Talismanic Manifestation Spell using Ley Line

Leverage Point Spellwork Group Spell: Talismanic Manifestation Spell using Ley Line

I have recently started offering a service to my community and clients where we do "Leverage Point Divination"

The idea is that there are certain Leverage Points where small amounts of work can have impressive results.  So far I've had miracle level results! 

I'll be posting an indepth article about this soon, but to summarize:

  1. Using a Trade Secret Process (I'll be teaching an open source version here soon), we ask the question: "Define a Topic and Spellwork where we can see the most impressive magick and blessings with less than $50 and 30 minutes of effort."
    • In this case the topic ended up being: "Doing useful things with our ideas"
    • and the defined spellwork was: Craft a Talisman to a place of power
    • additionally I crafted am activation phrase into the spellwork so that only people who are told how to connect can use the magick.
  2. In this case after additional divinitory guidance, I chose to do written Talisman Making.   So I wrote the spell purpose and the trigger onto a piece of paper along with some other mojo and then folded the paper repeatedly and wrapped the paper in twine until it looked like the picture above.   After that I went to the place of power divination selected and buried the talisman there



Talisman crafting is always interesting.   One of my favorite things about magick is how you can have results from a spell before you cast it.  I like to test my spells by when in time they start taking effect By using spells you intend to cast in the future you can get a sense of how powerful the spell will be. 

This one was shocking to me. I did a test spell with activation phrase while driving and almost lost control of my vehicle!  

I've been working to greater and greater magick for years now, but this has been a satisfying step.

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