Divination using Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing is a system of divining answers based on the idea that we subconsciously know truth even if we personally don’t. Supposedly our strength massively decreases with negative or untruthful thoughts and this can be used to divine truth. Multiple Books have different versions of these techniques. We have, in using this technique, shown that it doesn’t have the ability to tell the future, however we’ve had good results regarding History and Current Events. Like all forms of divination Verify, Verify and Verify…

Technique utilizing two persons: Have one person stand in front of the other with their back to them. Have the front person raise their arm sideways and hold it parallel to the ground. Have the other person put one hand on their shoulder and their other hand on top of the front person’s hand. The front person should declare a truthful sentence (My name is “”) and work hard to hold their arm up against the person pushing down. Have the rear person Gauge how hard it was to push the arm down. Next have the front person speak an obvious untruth. Have the rear person gauge how hard it was to push it down this time. It should have been MUCH easier. Now Speak the test phrase. The phrase you are testing. It should regard current or historical FACT. Not opinion and not future. From the strength of the response you can determine the amount of truth involved. For a much more detailed and powerful use of this technique pickup a copy of Power vs Force and read it. VERY good book.


Technique Utilizing one person: With one hand touch your finger to your thumb (Like you’re making an OK sign) hook a finger from your other hand through the “ring” you’ve made and use how hard it is to break the ring as your truth gauge.


I commonly use the “okay” muscle test to help me choose things that I don’t have the time to review in depth. For example I have a website I use for Art and Templates for clients. There are a LOT of details that are not obvious. A perfect LOOKING template might be a bad choice. Other templates might look bad, but be perfect for the project. For my Card Game Magewars (Magewarscardgame.com) I was looking for a template and I saw a few I liked, but all were testing weak. Finally I saw a template I didn’t really like, but I decided to test it anyway. It tested amazingly strong. I downloaded it and installed the template to find that there was a built in flash image changer and the things I didn’t like about the template could be easily changed. Additionally as I’ve used this template I’ve found that it has a LOT more built in CSS styles and options than the vast majority of templates available. Whoever designed this did an awesome job, however from just looking at it I wouldn’t have known this. The muscle test helped me to find a template that I wouldn’t have given a 2nd look that turned out to be wonderful.

I tend to use muscle testing to confirm information. I have a 3 confirmations rule. If I divine something I want 2 additional confirmations from different sources that would have no way of giving this to me. Often I get one of the confirmations from day to day life.t;/span> The right song comes on the radio, I read a billboard and it says just the right thing, I go to one of my websites and the information is covered on the website. The muscle test is a good fallback with solid reliability and short term verifiability.

Power Before Wisdom


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