Four Elements of Ceremonial Magick for More Effective Spells

Four Elements of Ceremonial Magick for More Effective Spells

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Ceremonial Magick is the most common "Technology of Magick."  The idea is to create a series of thoughts and actions to enhance the chances of successful Magick.

I've noticed that Ceremonial Magick commonly includes the following four elements:

Conceptual Momentum
Conceptual Momentum is the idea that belief shapes the world.   Aligning your magicks with strongly held beliefs empowers them.  For example, many people belief that the new moon is the best time for divination.  Thus doing a divination ritual at the new moon imparts some of the power of that belief.

Some spells, like "I hate Rabbits," work through their conceptual momentum alone.  Next time you are at a campfire and the smoke is blowing into your eyes, emphatically declare "I HATE RABBITS" to the fire.  Most of the time the draft will suddenly shift and you'll be able to breathe for a bit.

This is kind of magick that you always read about.  All you have to do is follow the rules and the magick works better.

Ceremonial Focused Work
Ceremonial Work gets (and keeps) you in the right mind frame for your magick.  
I mentioned in the introduction that different people have different results with the same effort?  This is because there are a LOT of variables in magick.  Ceremonial Work helps ensure that some of the variables are a certain way.

  1. Ceremonial Cleansing: Calms and focuses your thoughts.  Also cleans your energy bodies of things which can interfere with the spell.
  2. Creating Sacred Space: Define boundaries, keeps out unwanted influences and keeps IN energies you call forth.
  3. Ceremonial “Quarter Calling”: Brings in multiple power sources and spirits who like to help.  After calling 4 Guardians, a couple ally spirits, a God and a Goddess, you are doing Magick with 8+ entities focused on your purpose!
  4. Ceremonial Garb and Items: A great way to make sure that you spend HOURS preparing yourself to accept magick happening when you wear these clothes.
  5. Ceremonial Items: You spend hours focusing that the item you’re enchanting will have it's purpose.

Most ceremonial spells are 90% finished by the time the ritual starts... Clearly, this is where taking the lazy path has consequences!

Magickal Theater
Rituals often use elements of theater to align participants toward a spell's purpose. Even if you are casting a spell alone, these elements of theater help focus your thoughts, energy and will.  When casting a circle, it’s much easier to focus if you walk the circle cutting it with your Athame.

While you can do personal magick without it, Group Magick REQUIRES theater. It gives everyone in the circle something to focus on.  Without good theater you don't have group magick, you have a group of people standing around watching someone cast a spell!

Most people’s normal mind state is a noisy garbled affair where their trains of thought are derailed in landslides of to-do lists, physical needs, and general wandering thoughts.  Trance is a place where the mind is quieted.  This quiet allows trains of thought to reach their destination more often.

It takes YEARS of discipline to TRULY believe in magick.  Even still, each new effect and spell requires training yourself to believe in.  While frustrating, this is a good thing; a careful hold on reality prevents you from throwing everything away to go serve “Mahjong” the Taipei God in his temple underneath Mount Imamoron somewhere to the South.

If I told you I believed in Dragons you would likely disbelieve their existence.  However, if I ask you to be open to proof, you might be doubtful that my proof is going to be solid, but you’re not going to actively focus on disbelieving the dragons nearly as much.

Before doing magick decide to be open to the possibility of a spell proving itself.  This sates your very sane need to hold onto a provable reality.  Then enter trance and do your spell.  It's easier to believe in things while you are in trance.  After ritual, just keep open to your spell proving itself. Trust and confident belief will come over time as some spells succeed and others fail.


Give it a shot.  Try including these elements into your magick, and you will find that your spells are successful FAR more often!

Good Spelling,
Power Before Wisdom


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