Banishing Demons: What to do if you Summon a Demon into your life

cloaked figure summoning a demon

First off…  Let’s get rid of the mystique.  Unlike common beliefs of demons , God didn’t banish Demons from heaven. They did it to themselves. God/Source (Big G) is ALWAYS loving. Demons just aren’t accepting the love.  Thus Demons have decided to live the “hellish” existence of the illusion of separation.

Most demons are basically spirits who have decided to try to act as if they don't need Source, or try to find a way to be without Source.  Demons often spend lifetimes working to find ways to be powerful without recognizing their connection to Source. Like people, some spend their time well and learn a lot… and others might as well have been watching “Married with Children” reruns for the whole time.

There are two kinds of demons:

Demon Type One: Don’t believe they are connected to Source
Many lifetimes ago, these Demons got stuck believing that they are separate from Source.   These Demons tend to be quite stuck.   They have a game or a few and stick with it.   Maybe they find a host and hang out “guiding” them (often in unpleasant ways). Maybe they push people and events to experience what they want to experience.  Maybe they just try to hurt anything that is different than them.

These Demons are often unsure that they are demons. They tend to be confused.   Don’t mistake confused to being impotent however.   They have lifetimes to learn and morals which allow them to hurt others; These Demons have often learned effective ways to hurt others to get what they want.

Demon Type Two: Aware of the connection… and discontent
Some Demons want to become their own Source. They often spend hundreds or thousands of lifetimes attempting to accomplish this.   They are well aware that they are connected to Source; They are aware that they are denying that loving connection and are living whatever existence they want.

Multiple Faiths believe the universe began when suddenly Source/God decided some form of “I Am.”  Most of these Demons are looking to find a way to perform their own “I Am” declaration and become their own source. This is where the belief that God cast them out for trying to “take over” came from.   Again God/Source didn’t cast them out.  They are basically trying to leave him/her/it!

The Connection
I mentioned earlier that Demons are living a “hellish” existence due to their illusion of separation.   In the Ladder of Emotions you can’t really get past pride without love. You can’t really get past True Confidence without recognizing and opening up to your connection to Source. That means that hardcore demons tend to be stuck in the lower emotions. These understandings open us up to being able to deal with Demon encounters in one primary way.

We are all connected to Source. Thus the most effective way I've found to be rid of a Demon is to lovingly feel your connection with Source.  I prefer to Sing Praise Songs.  One of two things happen:

  1. Many Demons just go "YUCK!" and go away.
  2. Some of them don't flee, but if you continue to feel the love you will eventually vibrate at a different level than them and they will be unable to interact with you.   Sure they can wait for you to “come back down,” but if you’re a smart person they don’t really have a reason to and will go find other play-toys.

I've met a couple Demons who continued to be able to interact after raising my energy, but those ones tended to be relatively positive.   Sure they still wanted to be separate from source, but they weren't in the process of destruction and harm, or they couldn’t be interacting with the loving self.

In fact, one of the Demons I know is in a person (co-dependent relationship to an extreme, the person wants him there) and is reviewing his perceptions of wanting disconnection.

Magick-ally Banishing Demons
The same rules apply for Demons as for other spirits.   Because you have a body, you have magickal leverage they don't.  Demons can usually be banished with will and basic magicks. However, keep in mind that that Demons tend to be rather competent due to lifetimes of experience trying to become their own source.

They will often know tricks such as:

  • Rolling your Mind
  • Telekinesis
  • Rolling other people to become your opponents.
  • Summoning others to screw with you
  • Lying to you VERY subtly to get what they want
  • Possessing you or others near you (Demonic Possession)
  • And so on…

Ironically the title to this section is a pun which reminds me of something I was potentially going to fail to mention.

You chose to wipe your memories, come here and experience this life.  Think of yourself as a Soldier on Vacation.  You left your Body Armor and Guns at home.  However, you ALWAYS have your radio.  If something is messing with you, you CAN call for help.

You may have forgotten their names and your relationship with them, but there are a lot of spirits and Gods who still remember you. If something really nasty is screwing with you, and you’re stuck in the illusion of separation (which is easy to do), get on the spirit horn and call for help (Prayer!). One of two things will happen.  Either someone/something will show up and take care of your problem for you, or you won’t receive help because you signed up for the experience and are ready to deal with it.

The second one there sounds bad until you think about it.   You are in the ring with a big bad seeming opponent and you cry out… “HELP ME.”   You have spirits and Gods outside of the ring supporting you, but if they aren’t getting into the Ring to help you out they are sending goodwill and advice your way.   Use the Left Hook!   Mind Shield… trick him out!

You aren’t being left along because nobody cares, but because they all care enough to let you learn and grow in the ways you asked to. If it ever gets to the point where you truly can’t handle it, they’ll be there for you. Just avoid the mistake of being tricked into not accepting the help. Remember, all you have to do is accept the help when you truly need it.

Demonic Existence
You may have noticed a correlation.  Many Demons are stuck in an illusion of separation.  Humans usually experience an Illusion of Separation.  Yes, the human experience can be very demonic. That’s part of why we interact so much.

For the sake of learning and growing we chose to forget with the expectation that when we die we will remember. This is a large part of why we die by the way.   We come here to experience and change before we return to our timeless being-ness.   Those words totally misrepresent the process, but it’s hard to conceptualize timeless being-ness.  Meditate on the concept for a while and the process will start to make sense.

To Summarize
Demons are just spirits who strongly hold the belief of disconnection with source and remembering your connection to source is the most powerful thing you can do… especially regarding Demons.

Good Spelling,
Power Before Wisdom

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