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I'm back Bitches!

I wrote most of my articles on Power Before Wisdom before opening a metaphysical store.   I was at a stage of personal magickal development where I was doing a ton of experimenting and I wanted to share my explorations.

PBW has never been a huge money maker for me.  I wanted it to be though, and I got angry that I wasn't in a place to profit from it.

In the end I had this chaotic mix of trying to be too many things.

I eventually took the site down because of a mix of:

  1. I didn't want to maintain it.  At one point I burned myself out 3 times in a row with 40-80 hours of redesign/editing work before taking a few months off and doing the same thing again.
  2. I wanted to take the content and sell it.  Having someone review my book to say that there was no point to it because everyone could just get everything free here was a kick in the balls.
  3. I was embarassed at the youth and ignorance in much of my old posting.  I wrote much of this when I was far more ignorant than I am now.

Thankfully, at this point I'm in yet another life stage.

In this stage I'm seeing that I made many good things in the past that I never published, presented or sold because they weren't perfect... completely ignoring that they were good and helpful.

Also... I'm totally going to own that PBW has about 1000 people who've registered and participated over the years and while I sucked at connecting with them in the past, I think I'm finally ready.

How will this time be different?  I'm going to challenge myself to spend at least 50% of my time writing and sharing new things.  While I'll go back and edit, update and re-organize old content, I have a LOT of classes and articles that I wrote or recorded but never published.  I also LOVE writing and recording.   So I'll likely link my Tik-Tok, Youtube, Personal Page, Store, Temple and more to PBW and I'd enjoy watching it come back to life.   I think I'll start a discord server for people to chat, discuss content and more as well.   I do have another long term project called "Dragon Tradition" where I've gone back to the drawing board to build a training program with the goal of taking complete newbies to magickal powerhouses.  It's a long journey though.

Dragon Tradition will probably become the structured goal oriented group working together to cast complex magicks, while Power Before Wisdom will likely stay the whimsical free-wheeling group of chaotic experimenters.

I will probably mix adding a ton of free content with adding some new paid classes and services.

So yeah... I'll probably turn this post into an actual "vision document" in the future, but in true PBW fashion I'm starting by just writing what I think and releasing it into the wild to come back and haunt me later.   I think I'll honor that dynamic by immediately posting a recent breakthrough I had about Astral and Etheric Magick.   Google take a while to crawl websites and I probably lost a f-ton of link juice by taking the site down for months, so by the time you're reading this you'll also likely be reading many many new articles I post.   Cross our fingers for this to be true.  ;-)

Site Changeover Plan

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Hello all.   Someone asked me what the heck is going on.   Figured I'd get an update out to explain.   PBW is going to get a WHOLE LOT Bigger.

All of the new information



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So you like my writing enough to re-use it?  Awesome!

The following is a contract:





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