Astral Story - Power Before Wisdom

  • Astral vs Chi October 2021 Update

    Astral Dancing

    My first teacher introduced me to Astral Magick and did a great job supporting me understanding the practical uses of it. The ability to effect people, animals and spirits without most people noticing is really neat. Exploring the limits and boundaries of doing so is also neat. There is a epic story-ness of Astral Magick that allows you to experience incredible adventure and have verification in your life of so much of your story.

    That is of course also it's biggest problem. Astral Magick allows you to experience truthful story/experiences which are disconnected from consentual reality. It is possible to participate in a series of stories which have Astral truth, but very little connection with reality as most other people experience it. To make this even harder Astral Magick allows for group stories so that people in the group can confirm and verify to the point of having incredible experiences, miracles and more, but some of the more incredible experiences interact with consentual reality mostly through the shared myth...

    Introducing unwilling outsiders into the Astral Story can result in the myth being challenged and the truth of the magick and story can be negated/ignored by losing the mythic story.

    At a minimum this shows the Astral Story's inability to effect reality around people who actively refuse it. In the worst case the myth failing can cause some or all participants in the story to not only disconnect the Astral story from currently experienced consentual reality, but they may even re-contextualize their past experiences and utterly deny the legit magicks they encountered

    As a curious mage I decided I wanted to explore chi work. Over the years I've done training to build chi and unlike astral once it gets to a certain point it's almost impossible to deny something cool is happening. I have a video I like to show people related to what chi can do. Magick so potent it can be recorded (Astral Magick cannot be).

    I have had some cool results with it. I'll save the stories for another time, but one side effect I've encountered consistently is that I started being disconnected from my Astral Magick when I would do chi work.

    Chi work requires a lot of maintenance (daily/weekly); much more than Astral Magick which you can ignore for weeks or months at a time. Chi has a feeling of solidity and weight that Astral Magick doesn't.

    When I am not doing chi work I can tell by feel whether I'm doing effective astral magick, but chi's sense of weight is so strong in comparison that Astral Magick becomes hard to compare against imagining when I do chi work. The irony is that the Astral Magick has that mythic awe that makes magick fun and Chi is generally satisfying yet boring. At a basic level chi can be added to astral work to make it more solid/stable, but so far in my experiences advanced chi work is to astral work what driving a backhoe is to riding a bike.

    Additionally if you screw up chi work you can have actual health problems much faster than if you screw up astral magick (Not universally, but a solid truism). I can tie some lower back problems directly into a way that I screwed up my chi-work in the past.

    All of this together has resulted in about 18 years of Yo-Yo-ing in my practices between Astral Magick, Chi Magick, Psychic Magick, and Spirit Magick as well as shifting from basically not practicing to spurts of high activity.

    A float in a sensory deprivation recently coupled with 3rd Circle+ Men's Group stuff (lots of new stuff to explain) retriggered me accessing my chi in ways I've ignored for many months. A few days later I was doing my regular astral blessing/shielding maintenance spells when I noticed something. I can actually tell imagining vs astral magick by watching how chi responds to it. This is VERY exciting for me. Coupled with learning how to change the way I was hurting my back with Chi Work, this means that hopefully I will be able to maintain a relationship with the mythic wonder of Astral Magick AND the solid potency of Chi at the same time.

    More to come hopefully.   Gods... I literally have years of stuff to try to catch ya'll up on.  This is gonna be a crazy few months of writing/recording.

  • Telepathy (Psychic Communication)

    man using telepathy

    Psychic Communication with telepathy isn't as hard as you'd think. Thoughts seem to happen at a vibration level higher than the astral. Let's call this level the “Aether.” As far as I can tell astral manifestations are basically the consequences of thought. However the astral seems to be able to effect thoughts as well.

    Astral Effecting Thoughts
    The other day I was trying to do ritual and there were a few spirits in the space that disagreed with my ritual. I wasn't scared of them, but while I was doing my work I was having a hard time accessing the thoughts I desired. It took work to get around the “block” they had put up for me to remember the chant I wanted in order to complete the ritual.

    My way of getting around the block was to manifest a different astral reality. They had manifested “Scott can't remember.” I chose to manifest: “This information is information I know and I am remembering it.” Because I have a physical body with a brain in charge of an awesome energy body (the human body) I won that manifestation debate. This kind of situation is a form of astral combat which you learn more later.... but on to the here and now of psychic communication using Telepathy.

    Why Telepathy Works
    Thoughts are NOT secret. They are they are very loudly broadcast across the Aether and anyone with a will can listen in. If that weren't enough, the vibrations of the Aether which are thoughts exist within the limitations of time... and thus can be accessed by anyone at anytime (before, during AND afterwards).

    However... the act of creating an astral body to hear those thoughts outside of the present in-time moment is a bit advanced right now. File that thought away for later.

    These vibrations of the Aether can be received by any astral structure intended to receive it.

    I believe the brain is partly an antenna which we shape throughout our life to send/receive the thoughts we specifically prefer. Here's the interesting part though. Our brain is both a specialized and a generalized tool. As we grow up we spend a lot of time learning to recognize and understand our own thoughts (specializing). We can also spend time learning to understand and identify thoughts that aren't ours (generalizing).

    The good news is that most of us already generalize.

    • If you've ever gone to a concert and lost yourself to the crowd and the music, you've experienced telepathy.

    • If you've ever ridden a horse or run with a dog and both of you zigged and zagged at just the right times in sync, you've experienced telepathy.

    • If you've just suddenly known how to do something, you've experienced telepathy.

    • And of course, if you've ever heard someone's thoughts... you've experienced telepathy.

    The process of telepathy is this:

    1. Accept that all thoughts are public domain. Sometimes they are so unusual or complex that we have to REALLY readjust to understand them, but they are there and accessible to us.

    2. Recognize that you CAN hear them.

    3. Use cues like the “taste” (affected by soul name), the emotional “shape”, the content of the thoughts and more to identify the specific thought stream.

    4. Let go of your personal perspective and allow yourself to accept the thought sources perspective in order to begin understanding their thoughts. This will include:

      1. Temporal Perspective: When is now? How are they perceiving time?

      2. Location: Where are they? How does everything look, sound and feel where they are?

      3. Knowledge: A person who is a master of Kendo will have thoughts which include incredible complexities of swordplay and rituals of study. These thoughts will not make sense to you unless you divine them.

      4. Divine what you don't understand: In truth divination is far more useful to you than telepathy. Divination tends to come in a way you are personally able to receive and doesn't tend to have large chunks of knowledge that you don't understand.

    Deep Telepathy is Obvious and Intrusive
    Direct Connection Telepathy is a form of resonance. To access thoughts you must vibrate them. Any semi-competent telepath will recognize the moment you connect with their thought-stream.  During your time listening you both effect and are effected by their thoughts.  
    Any thoughts you broadcast while connected seem like their thoughts and this empowers the abuse I mention in the next chapter.

    Surface Reading (Thought echos on the Astral)
    There is a way around this though. Rather than connecting deeply with their thought stream you can choose to rehear their thoughts in the astral. Unfortunately the difference is a difference in clarify. The astral just doesn't keep all of the nuances of a direct listening. I don't quite know how to explain it right now, but try both when you are ready and maybe you'll be able to find better words than I did.  The main difference will the that with a surface read you "remember" the thoughts from their aura and with a deep read you become attuned to them and a bond is formed.

    As always there is more, but this should cover the basics and get you started in practicing your telepathy.