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  • I'm back Bitches!

    Scott Visiting Kilauea (Major Magickal Goal)

    I wrote most of my articles on Power Before Wisdom before opening a metaphysical store.   I was at a stage of personal magickal development where I was doing a ton of experimenting and I wanted to share my explorations.

    PBW has never been a huge money maker for me.  I wanted it to be though, and I got angry that I wasn't in a place to profit from it.

    In the end I had this chaotic mix of trying to be too many things.

    I eventually took the site down because of a mix of:

    1. I didn't want to maintain it.  At one point I burned myself out 3 times in a row with 40-80 hours of redesign/editing work before taking a few months off and doing the same thing again.
    2. I wanted to take the content and sell it.  Having someone review my book to say that there was no point to it because everyone could just get everything free here was a kick in the balls.
    3. I was embarassed at the youth and ignorance in much of my old posting.  I wrote much of this when I was far more ignorant than I am now.

    Thankfully, at this point I'm in yet another life stage.

    In this stage I'm seeing that I made many good things in the past that I never published, presented or sold because they weren't perfect... completely ignoring that they were good and helpful.

    Also... I'm totally going to own that PBW has about 1000 people who've registered and participated over the years and while I sucked at connecting with them in the past, I think I'm finally ready.

    How will this time be different?  I'm going to challenge myself to spend at least 50% of my time writing and sharing new things.  While I'll go back and edit, update and re-organize old content, I have a LOT of classes and articles that I wrote or recorded but never published.  I also LOVE writing and recording.   So I'll likely link my Tik-Tok, Youtube, Personal Page, Store, Temple and more to PBW and I'd enjoy watching it come back to life.   I think I'll start a discord server for people to chat, discuss content and more as well.   I do have another long term project called "Dragon Tradition" where I've gone back to the drawing board to build a training program with the goal of taking complete newbies to magickal powerhouses.  It's a long journey though.

    Dragon Tradition will probably become the structured goal oriented group working together to cast complex magicks, while Power Before Wisdom will likely stay the whimsical free-wheeling group of chaotic experimenters.

    I will probably mix adding a ton of free content with adding some new paid classes and services.

    So yeah... I'll probably turn this post into an actual "vision document" in the future, but in true PBW fashion I'm starting by just writing what I think and releasing it into the wild to come back and haunt me later.   I think I'll honor that dynamic by immediately posting a recent breakthrough I had about Astral and Etheric Magick.   Google take a while to crawl websites and I probably lost a f-ton of link juice by taking the site down for months, so by the time you're reading this you'll also likely be reading many many new articles I post.   Cross our fingers for this to be true.  ;-)

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  • Starting and Running a Business: Why you need to Make Peace with Failure.

    Starting and Running a Business: Why you need to Make Peace with Failure.

    Your business is going to fail, fail again, fail again and fail again. This will continue over and over and over until suddenly, one day, you won't fail. If you're smart, you will figure out what you did that didn't fail. Then you will try to do that over and over in new and creative ways until you learn lots of different ways you can succeed.

    When talking about starting a business most people start with the last part about finding success. I chose to start with the first part because this is where most people quit.

    In business this process is repeated again and again. Every time you want to offer a different service, reach a different audience, use a different marketing campaign or any other expansion or growth you will be following this fail, fail, fail, succeed process.

    The biggest difference between an experienced entrepreneur and a novice is that we have learned how to study other people who are being similarly successful to how we want to be successful to help us figure out how to try. Our experience helps us go from failing dozens or hundreds of times to only a few or even a couple. Then once we find success we are better at guessing and testing the boundaries of that success. The problem with this experience is that we will sometimes write off a valuable opportunity because past evidence indicates it won't work. However circumstances change. Trying something which seems dumb sometimes yields incredible results. Here is where the painful frustration of being a beginner can bear the best fruit. Trying what nobody else will try will eventually make your name!

    Each new business will always feel like the hardest yet. You will almost assuredly spend months working absurd hours for far less than minimum wage. If you are smart you will surround yourself with other entrepreneurs who help you know when to hold, when to fold and when to bet everything.

    Your first income will be like a few drops of rain in a desert, but little by little you will find ways to earn more and more efficiently. Your hourly pay will start climbing and eventually you will be earning enough to hire someone else.

    Here is where you will have a huge decision to make: Do I keep this income source for myself? Do I hire help and expand? Do I sell to someone else who wants to hire?

    I have normally chosen to seek to automate more and more to minimize how much I need to hire help. I disliked training and felt frustrated at the pace most employees learn and work. However, I'm shifting that little by little. Over the last few years I've hired contractors for larger repetitive projects, and little by little I’m training consistent part-timers to help with the absurd number of tasks and projects on my plate. I will eventually be teaching them to be a “mini-me.”

    Your early successes will be strongly tied to you. YOUR customers. YOUR vendors. YOUR network. The reason I mentioned this question is that it will take time for you to learn how to adjust your business to not rely on YOU, but instead rely on your team and your business processes.

    I lost 50% or more of my customers nearly a half a dozen times trying to make this transition in my computer and website businesses. This is where people start seeing you as being a “sell out” or becoming a “soulless corporation.” Your new business will attract a different kind of customer. Sometimes its a good choice… sometimes not. There are a lot of people willing to trade “good enough” service/quality for the personal touch. If you remove some of the personal touch they value, your necessary quality and service will need to improve a LOT. Sometimes no matter what you do it won’t be enough. For some customers personal relationships are mandatory, and if you stop being as available as part of your growth, the customers will find the next new person who’s willing to be available.


    Back to failure. This is why you have to be willing to fail. You think I was warning you to be willing to fail at the beginning? The biggest warning is to be willing to fail AFTER you succeeded. Nothing forms a jail cell like success. When you find something that works for you its tempting to just keep doing it. Heck if you’re happy doing so then go for it!

    But then there are serial entrepreneurs like myself and others. We crave change, growth and adventure. After years of exhaustive struggle, success seems peaceful. We finally have what we were struggling for this entire time. We settle in for a while and bask in our rewards, but then the bug hits us. We see new opportunities. We feel the need to work for something new.

    If we are wise we will make plans and strike off, but this is where the fear of failure hits hardest. We know the hardships we are signing up for! We have success. Its peaceful waters allure us, offering simplicity and comfort.

    If you are hearing the call though don’t allow yourself to be distracted. What seems like a simple choice is anything but. Once we hear the call to growth and change our comfortable little world is already doomed. The more we avoid the call the more our lives will fall apart. What once seemed impressive and wonderful starts to feel small and confining. Money isn’t enough, prestige isn’t enough. When the development toward the next stage is the primary calling nothing other than heeding the call and moving forward will suffice.


    Make your peace with failure. Strike off and work for the change and growth with a passion. Accept that you may lose much or everything of what you’ve already found, but that along the way you have transformed. You have become someone who knows yet another way to succeed. If you fail mightily you will be able to use your old skills, knowledge and relationships to pick yourself up before you try again.

    By accepting failure we become someone dynamic. We allow new opportunities and lessons into our lives and understand our personal power in greater depth than most will ever understand. This advice is true for all of life. The most powerful person isn’t the one who found success and held onto it. It is a person who learns the lessons both failure and success offer and keeps moving forward.


    Be Powerful,

    Awo Fa’gbemiro

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  • Work Smarter, Not Harder: Hard Work Isn't Enough, Learn a Key to Wealth...

    Work Smarter, Not Harder: Hard work isn't enough, learn a key to wealth.

    We all know working 80 hours a week will not get you rich. So why is that common advice successful people give? Because it is an important component if you are doing everything else.

    Wealth comes from making good investments which end up paying out. We have 3 common resources. Our money, our ideas and our time. We can invest any of these to build any of these.

    Example. I can spend time learning. By doing so my ideas CAN become worth more. Alternately I can invest money into time (spending money to have more time). The question of investment is whether your investments are paying out more that you are putting in. Especially in the realm of ideas that can be hard to identify. Does your learning help you either learn more, have more time or earn more money? If so, then it was a good investment.

    As you make more and more good investments of time, ideas and money you get to where (if you are smart) you create free time, money or intellectual space to make new investments. In 1998 I set a goal for myself to have at least 1/2 of my time and monthly budget free to invest to either increase my wealth or to change the world in the ways I desire to.

    I made it easier to do this by keeping my overhead low. My family can survive comfortably on less than 2k/mo, but we can earn a lot more than that. Everything between what we need and what we earn is freedom to invest or live the life we want. Additionally I only need to work about 15 hours a week to earn my money which means I can (and do) spend over 90 hours a week investing or living the life I want. (16 awake hours a day *7 days a week =112 available hours per week.)

    The key here is the constant need to invest. If I sat back for longer than a couple months and didn't reinvest money and time I would backslide. My earnings per hour would decrease, and I would have to spend more time to earn less money.

    I'm constantly exploring how to expand my businesses, start new businesses, invest in other businesses, learn new skills and automate aspects of my life to free up time. Many of these investments are a waste of my time, but it only takes a couple minor successes or one big one to cause your free time and/or money to leap forward. My big win was my online continuing education business. I've had smaller wins with my computer repair and website businesses which helped me do the continuing education project. I leveraged the freedom of time and money from the first wins to work for other ones.

    What you don't usually see is the list of failures. I've had 2 computer businesses fail, five marketing companies fail, three computer game, software or app projects and six intellectual projects I spent hundreds of hours working on fail. I've lost tens of thousands of dollars to the wrong people and tools. I've failed to finish at least a dozen books and I've disappointed easily a few dozen people with failing to be able to do what I intended and started to do. That's not counting easily 3 explored ideas and opportunities a month which take at least 4 hours each to vet before I decide not to do them.

    I'm not asking for sympathy. All those failures and the future ones to come are the risk I chose to attempt another big win. My next big win could be tomorrow or it could be in years. I don't know.

    So is hard work and sacrifice the path to wealth? Depends on if you are making good investments which either increase your time, ideas or money. If not, no amount of work will make a difference.