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  • 10-30-21 Emotional Strengths Group Spellwork

    Emotional Strengths Group Spellwork

    This week’s Emotional Strengths Group Spellwork really points out common beliefs that block accepting magick in our lives.

    Leverage Point Spellwork theory is straightforward: Do divination to ask spirit how we can achieve goals with magick.

    In regular practices we take it one step further and ask spirit to guide the goal as well. To get the greatest results for the smallest effort, usually the most powerful opportunities will be for things we wouldn’t think to ask about.

    So far the process has been wonderful for both personal AND Group Spellwork. The first spell involved linking a talisman to a place of power so that when an activation is performed, a spoken manifestation goal is empowered. Of the 4 people who’ve used the activation so far, ALL of them experienced a sense of epic potence in the moment and have already experienced obvious results. Our effort is SOOO much smaller than the results. Goal Achieved!

    The second spell defined Saturday took the topic into a new direction. Each participant identifies their greatest emotional strength, offers their understanding/relationship with that skill into the group spell and accepts blessings of the strengths that others presented into the spell.

    What’s funny is that we are encountering that it’s just too easy for people to believe in. The idea that we can have magick in our life by simply speaking a sentence, and there will be useful results with nobody having to do hard work is just… too magickal.

    This week’s spell currently supports participants with: Resilience to face struggle or change, Strength to hold vision and passion to follow through, Strength and perseverance to provide and care for those you love, Persistence and tenacity, and hopefully by the time you’re reading this much more.

    Every person who joins adds to what is offered. (The current list is pinned under #magick in our Discord Channel). Receiving the support is effortless and has no cost. We find ourselves just automatically acting with these strengths as if they were our own the whole time!

    This kind of spellwork is a new style for me. The Emotional Strengths Group Spellwork seems to act as a very specific type of applied egregore. The understandings and skills are present in the collective intent which has existence defined through the activation phrase rather than a sense of self or name, and anyone who performs the activation connects with the egregore to benefit without any need for conscious effort. The depths of where this could go are frankly shocking to me and will likely result in a large series of new experiments of psychic abilities in the future.

    Either way the emotional effects are already present. I’m noticing a shift in my thinking and motivation which is making my life easier.

    As always, Leverage Point Spellwork sessions can be purchased @ , and anyone who signs up for a Membership by Saturday the 6th will be taught the activation for this week’s Group Spellwork too.

    Good Spelling!

  • 11-6-21 Relationship Reset Group Spellwork

    Relationship Reset Group Spellwork

    “My relationship with them is reset.  Old Mistreatments, Exploitation, and Unfair Expectations have ended.  Moving forward this relationship will be healthy, or it will be ended…”

    This week’s group spellwork update continues the growing trend of incredible results for tiny efforts. We did the ritual, and members can access the power with only 30 seconds of effort to reset relationships and free themselves from old commitments/patterns which were leaving them stuck.

    Lessons from this week’s work

    There is a common belief in America that magick requires energy which can be used up.  This results in people doing stuff like “adding charge” to their spells.   Even I’m guilty of this in my thinking and old magick, but we seem to be connecting with an older concept in recent spellwork.  Instead of spending some sort of energetic currency to influence change, this style of magick seems to simply connect with truths, stories or fundamental powers of reality.   In this concept, doing a spell isn’t about building charge or currency as much as doing what’s needed to connect with the spell.

    There seems to be truth in both.   I’m noticing that there is something that can be spent and used which doesn’t HAVE to be spent or used.  The group ritual performed in this case was a ritual of transformation.   If the transformation required a currency or charge to power the spell it started with a small charge.   We are watching that after the ritual and sacrifice which created and designed the ability to initiate relationship changes, each activation and use seems to give back to the spell as much or more than it takes out of it.

    This is an important thing to remember in our spellwork.   Pushing against reality is hard and a lot of work.  Nudging reality into places it would rather be is much, much easier and brings very satisfying results.

    In the last few weeks we’ve seen blessings of money, opportunities, conflict resolution, inspiration and more from the Leverage Point Spellwork that have been performed.  Our Video Class teaching people to do this themselves is available online @

    You can join the group spells or order personal spellwork @
    (New Members who join by Saturday 11/13 will be taught the activation for the Relationship Reset Group Spell.)

  • Spellwork can support inner-work with less struggle/processing, an example

    Trust: Sea Lions have many stories of trying to help people despite being powerful predators


    A month ago, I created a spell where I can speak a manifestation goal, perform a very simple activation ritual, and have the spirits of a place of power help it manifest.

    Every time I activate it, I feel the power and potency of doing so. The last couple times were pleasant and joyful like getting on a train through a beautiful country. Today however I feel something I haven’t felt in a while: Extreme pre-ritual blahs… downright fear and panic.

    I’m no stranger to pre-ritual blahs. They range from minor discomfort to intense self-destructive behavior to create circumstances to avoid doing a spell. Pre-ritual blahs tend to express from a fundamental fear of change that we are resisting. This could be due to the primary goal of a spell, or it could be from side-effects, but either way pre-ritual blahs tend to relate to a spell influencing change for something we don’t want to release.

    I’ve had multiple warnings that this time period is facing a Tower (loss of something considered fundamental to self-identity). Usually, Tower has good long-term results, but the sense of fear/panic from losing this thing we want to hold tightly to is very real. When Tower arises, our growth will needfully involve letting go of who we were in a way that shakes our sense of self and the world.

    I’ve ended up being guided to do more than one working to open the path for this change: Softening my resistance, building my confidence, changing my thinking and more.

    That what I perceived as a simple manifestation ask is triggering such a fear response change shocks me. My ask was simple:

    “I manifest 10 group spellwork customers in the next 30 days.”

    …and suddenly, as I write this, the fear makes sense.

    I trusted the greater law of silence for a long time. “Consciousness effects reality outside time.” I used this rule to explain the rarity of videos with proof of magick: if a majority of viewers of a magick will disbelieve and oppose a working more than they believe and support it, then a spell will fail.

    I know how much I struggled with faith. I am surprisingly skeptical for a self-proclaimed mage. I want evidence, facts and logic. For a long time, this manifested as not simply skepticism of magicks I distrusted, but rather full-on disbelief (which opposes the manifestation of those magicks.), and if I was personally this level of douchebag fucking up other people’s magick, how could I expect differently from others?

    For this reason, I tended to avoid giving details of what and how I’m casting. I even took it so far as to conceal most of my mundane projects until they have manifested into reality.

    The heart of this thinking was paranoia and distrust of other’s goodwill though. Believing that the majority of people around me wanted me to fail was an important symptom of who I saw myself as and how I saw the world. I’ve chosen to stop being a judgmental douche blocking other’s blessings even if only in my thoughts and beliefs. I’ve changed to wanting to see success. I’ve changed from disbelief and opposition to skepticism where I reserve judgement until I see the results clearly.

    Perhaps its time for me to stop projecting my old mindset onto people around me. Perhaps its time for me to stop fearing that people want me to fail. Perhaps it is time to start sharing the efforts and projects I’m working on with people who might support them rather than hiding them from people who may oppose them.

    Hell… that sentence alone…

    I’m a bloody mage. I have spells to support my manifestational goals, ally spirits and enchantments backing me up. I have all kinds of things to distract, confuse and generally fuck up people trying to screw me over. What kind of cowardice is choosing to stay small to always avoid opposition? How is that going to entice allies to my side? How will that result in me building strength, understanding and confidence?

    If I find myself facing opposition then I need to stand up and be willing to face it.

    How could I have understood this truth on so many other levels, but not on this one?

    So here we go. In the past I was only willing to share places where I was willing to fail. I hid things I cared about until I had nurtured them into where I felt they couldn’t be destroyed by ill-will.

    Moving forward I choose a different path. Any time I default to caution/avoidance I will review the situation and my consciousness. I will determine whether I am ready to face potential opposition and if the value of the allies and lessons involved in openness may exceed the value in quietly progressing with the help of trusted allies.

    Additionally, I’m going to expand my circle of allies. For decades I’ve kept my inner circle small with people I deeply understood and believed I could plan/prepare for possible betrayals from. (even those words display my lack of trust no?)

    I choose now to build an outer circle of less vetted allies. People who I am willing to befriend and work with on things we declare shared passions for. I choose to trust that the value and benefit of having new friends and allies will exceed the risk and cost of misunderstandings, disagreements and betrayals in the long term.  I choose to nurture the opportunities and interests we share rather than my paranoid concerns.

    Just as I balanced choosing not to harm my finances through overspending on prepping, I now choose stop harming/blocking relationships by focusing on avoiding being hurt/harmed from them.

    So yeah… An hour ago I did a spell, experienced great fear, processing that fear through writing and now find myself with a new commitment to change and experience things that are scary for me, but in the hopeful fear way. I do love how magick can work…

    I am posting this as an expression of that. This very document is public evidence of a transformation of consciousness that I feel was strongly inspired by magick. No change can happen where it has no possibility, but inspiration, spirit and magick can catalyze those changes in interesting ways. Why would a manifestation for customers turn into an evolution away from personal paranoia and into inter-personal trust in a very short period of time? Because that was the part of the shortest path for the magick to succeed.