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  • Free Writing for Fun and Prophet

    Free Writing for Fun and Prophet

    I haven’t been writing about magick as much lately.  There are a lot of other voices our there and working on the next book series had me questioning the point of adding my voice to the din.  The mostly completed next book is “natural magick” and has explanations and exercises on using stones, herbs and basic rituals to do magick.  This is planned to be one of 4 primers of a new magickal tradition I am building, but for the last few months I got hung up on the fact that those “basic magicks” could meet 95% of issues that people might think to solve, and people are generally uninterested in the other 5% because they think nothing can solve those issues.

    There is a wealth of options beyond those though… Part of the path of a mage/witch/shaman is an expansion of consciousness which opens up desires and possibilities which one could not see before.   Before today I would have called that the “priest path” because I saw mages as people who expressed their will on the world and priests of channeled the will of spirits into the world.

    In a free writing session today, I had a new idea offered.   I was being guided to a re-implement regular practices I had been lax on lately:

    Answer: “(doing this), you will get closer (to spiritual wisdom, guidance and power) and the process of getting closer needs to be disciplined into you.  You expressed a curiosity and yes. You have been guided.  Paths jump according to desire and will.  You have many choices.  Daily prayer is one tool for getting closer.   (cleaning/purifying), exercise, diet/fast, silence… (Most importantly,) get away from distractions.  Not always, but often.  You have been choosing distractions and your life has shrunk to them.  Choose listening and possibilities, and your life will expand where you will.   Listening opens possibilities which you can choose.  Seeing no possibilities means you aren’t listening.

    Question: Not seeing the point of listening lately. {Personal issue that might become future articles}

    Answer: Because you aren’t listening.  We rarely explain in the moment because you aren’t the shape of the understanding yet.  After you listen and you are the shape we guide, you will understand.  You need to remember that your limited self only expresses the will of the higher self.  Inaction prevents that expression, but higher action is fundamental.”

    Question: That would argue that bad choices are planned

    Answer: Inaction at the wrong time can be destructive.

    Question: Right place, Right time, Wrong choice?

    Answer: Exactly.  You already have thoughts of choices which could easily have large consequences through inaction /*{pun on not acting at all, as well as, missing details which have large consequences}*/

    Inspiration and Free-Writing
    Inspiration can arise in many ways.  Being intentionally open to inspiration helps a LOT, but generally inspiration requires a context to form.  If you are working on a project, inspiration can arise around that project and related topics.  If you are reading a book, inspiration can arise around the content of the book.   If you are having a conversation, inspiration can arise around the content of the conversation… and so on.  Free writing is an interesting technique where one can actively court inspiration.   For me it’s incredibly simple.

    How to Free-Write:
    Step 1) Imagine you are interviewing a spirit/god/entity.

    Step 2) Ask it a question

    Step 3) Imagine its answer and write it down.

    The Feeling of Successful Free-Writing
    Writing about magick/spirit often sounds infantile because our language and context tends to minimize the potency of spirit in words.  It requires florid terms and description to try to express the depth of feeling and intensity of a spiritual experience and even then it will tend to fail.

    When I free-write I tend to feel my questions in my head, but the answers tend to either pour down from above or bubble up from my base through my stomach and heart until I can translate them into words.   There is a distinct feeling of answers coming from somewhere other than my own head.  The voice that is me hears the voice that is other and I write down what I hear.

    Some people make free-writing sound like you are supposed to detach from your arm and use pencil/paper to allow your arm to move without your control (the free part of free writing).  I have done that, but the feeling of answers coming from elsewhere and allowing one’s arm to simply be a channel for the information is nearly identical to me to typing answers as if I am writing down one’s response in an interview.

    Warnings and how to use Channeled Information
    Remember, ALL information filters through the consciousness of the medium.  That means that we will often “limit the expression” and do so in a way which can GREATLY effect the final result.  Use discernment to determine which parts of channeled information add to the world and which parts are likely your assumptions/illusions blocking divine guidance.   A good clue is that divine guidance TENDS to express empowerment.  Aka: You, your family, your community and your world becoming more potent/powerful.   If your channeled information argues for disempowering/destroying, it is usually from ego/lower-vibration and not from the divine. 

    There is a “holy” death dynamic which I’ve experienced in a healthy alignment of the cycles of life/death.  SOMETIMES guidance for destruction can access guidance on applying death/destruction in ways which align with higher blessings, but this is a very complex issue which is hard to understand in our society.  Thus… be VERY careful with any channeled information regarding harming.   I would argue that if you encounter a situation where harming is the initial answer you receive, it would be wise to ask questions about how to accomplish the goal without harming.  Most of the time you will be guided toward other paths for success which do not require the risk of harming others.

    What’s happening
    Listening as a concept is pretty simple.  Basically when you stop projecting thoughts you start receiving them.  This is why “mind silence” is a goal for mediation.   By learning to stop thinking we can learn to listen to others.   Some people are habituated into the noise and thoughts much that they are uncomfortable with silence and what you hear in it.  And yes… a LOT can be heard in silence.   Everything around us physical and not has thoughts.  Some thoughts are noisy and complex filled with memories are dreams. Others are simple… experiences of the now.

    We can learn to listen for specific things.  The thoughts and emotions of a specific plant, animal, region and more. Alternately we can simply choose to call out to the universe looking for certain information and receive it directly.  Both are channeling.   Free writing gives us a context to use this in.  We can connect with in idea or a spirit or our sub-conscious or our higher self or a god or, or, or...

    Once we’ve connected we simply allow ourselves to “transcribe” what we hear from the one we’ve connected to.  If we admit our connection is imperfect it can be helpful and we can get insights up to the limit of our skills to understand.   I detailed this more in “Modern Prophets.”

    Good Spelling,
    Awo Scott

  • How to Experience Big, Powerful & Epic Magick

    Water drop causing a ripple

    American's don't like to believe it, but great magick isn't simply about what you know and what you do, but it is also about where you are and when.

    Most of this website focuses on the parts of magick we humans can directly control. There is a lot of psychic study and understanding the “rules of magick.” However, up until now I haven't taught how to do the really awesome stuff. I've alluded to the fact that awesome magick tends to happen when our lives are in danger.

    The reason I haven't taught this yet is that I was resisting the obvious truth in my own life. Because of this resistance, the awesome magicks mostly happened in my life by accident. Sure I would talk about embracing the opportunities (Mostly Weather Magick Stories, and some stories of Spirit Work), but realistically I wanted to believe that I could have Awesome Magick Whenever and Wherever I wanted it. Lesson after Lesson tried to teach me about the where and when aspects.

    • Traditional Annual Magicks are always done at the same time and same place…

    • Story after Story of deep magick involving heeding a call to be at the right place at the right time…

    • An Old Mexican Witch Spirit Mocking me about being too white-stupid to Grow My Garden, Claim my Land, Study and Nurture the Magick of my Land, Plant in the right places, Harvest at the right times, prepare in the best places at the right times and cast in the best places at the right times.

    Nature Magick and Weather Magick has been one of the deeper confusions for me. When I've done most of the magicks that leave me awestruck it's almost always near effortless. I don't have to call awesome energies forth. I don't have to design a 42 step ritual with 15 tools and 40+ ingredients.

    The most awesome magicks are almost always this: Be at the right place, at the right time and do the right thing.

    I've had times when the right thing was simply to open an astral door which was closed, release an Energy which was bound or even simply to talk to a spirit of the land. Other times the right thing was to talk to a person, be present and chase off a thief, or go on a walk (which had incredible experiences as a result).

    The results in those cases were ALWAYS greater than my effort (sometimes terrifyingly so). I've likened this in the past to throwing a pebble to start an avalanche. Each time I spoke of this, I focused on my old belief that Magick wasn't usually about that. I believed that we needed to build power using spirit work, modern ritual and training to have magick be solid, reliable and available at our beck and call.

    Modern Ritual, Magickal Tools and (power building) Spirit Work are attempts to amplify our efforts. Semi-disciplined ritual work I've experienced can have effects 100 to 1,000 times as powerful as what we do in the moment. However I've had Natural Magicks many Million of times more powerful.

    After a particularly successful rain ritual (30 minutes of ritual resulted in 2 weeks of highly-intense and abnormal daily rain) I mentioned to a fellow mage that I was confused as to whether we had called the rain or if we were simply acting on a precognitive expectation of weather to come. His response was to list some of the cultures whose shamans recognized their tie to the natural world. They believed that they were an important part of the rains efforts to come. They believed that they couldn't make the rain on their own, but that they needed to help as sometimes the rain would only come if they called. This is the essence of co-creation.

    We Mages like to think we are capable of shaping the world to our vision. We spend a lot of time trying to do so. On the other hand Priests tend to try to shape themselves to our world. However what if what the world needs is a Mage willing to be part of something greater. We can know what we want AND be willing to listen to what the world wants too. If we have discernment then when both of those align, we get to be there to “push the button” if you will. Every part of the whole is important. Some things will not happen without a mage, just as other things won't happen without a builder or a financier and so on.

    My point is this. Choose to be the “Mage on Duty” and listen to the call of Destiny (To be in the right place at the Right time) and you will experience more regular, incredible and powerful magick.

    I'll leave the Cause and Effect debates to you.


    P.S. - If you are wondering HOW to be on duty I recommend:

    1. Find a vision of what you desire and work for it.  (This shapes you into a tool with important talents and knowledge.  The world rarely had special need for a blob without a purpose, talents or knowledge... there are lots of those out there.)
    2. Have a disciplined practice of personal meditation and/or daily divination (Teaches you to recognize imagination vs spirit talking to you)
    3. talk to spirits on a regular basis to form healthy relationships (shocker... learning how to listen to spirits helps you listen to Spirit.)
    4. SCHEDULE times when you aren't distracted by life.  Time spent with a quiet mind.  Watching a fire, weaving a basket, painting, gardening, walking through nature.  In short... be a little bored.  (It will give you time to hear potentials which distractions block.)
  • Pathwork to Mastery: Mastery's place in Western Magick & Spirituality Part 4

    person studying

    Generally how far you get will be determined by how hard you focus/study during a period of time.

    • Interest: Reading, Study, Little to no Action
    • Hobby: Aimless Study & Action when you feel like it (.5-1 hr/wk)
    • Amateur: Purposeful study/action without commitment to schedule (1-4hr/wk)
    • Professional: Regularly Planned Study/Action fulfilling a schedule. (5-16 hr/wk)
    • Career: Primary Focus of your life. (Avg 17-48hr/wk)

    Additionally, it is important to recognize that while you are practicing something there is a difference between passive practice and active learning. If I go to work and do the minimum required to do my job that would be a maintenance level of effort and does not count toward actively attempting to learn and grow as I do my work.

    Generally to obtain a level of mastery requires a certain period of active learning:


    • Obtain Apprenticeship: 6 mo Hobby, 3 mo Amateur, 1 mo professional/Career
    • Obtain Journeyman: 2 yr Amateur, 1 Year Professional, 6 mo Career
    • Obtain Mastery: 3-5 years professional, 2-3 years Career
    • Obtain Grand Mastery: 10+ years professional, 5+ years Career
    • Obtain Adept: 20+ years Career


    Notice how I said “Obtain Apprenticeship”? There is a point of study where one has formed a solid enough understanding that people with experience realize you are doing more than mere dabbling. That your interest is sincere and solid... even if limited. That point is when people usually recognize you as an apprentice.

    Generally to maintain a level of Mastery requires:

    • Maintain Apprentice: Interest
    • Maintain Journeyman: Hobby
    • Maintain Master: Amateur
    • Maintain Grand Master: Professional
    • Maintain Adept: Career

    You only have so many hours in a week. People who sleep normal hours can schedule about 80 of them for work. For a period of about 7 years in my life I did so on and off. It is amazing what you can accomplish in 80 hours of scheduled work.

    Before I started Polyphasic Sleep I scheduled about 80 hours of ACTIVITY a week as well as 1 day of fuckoff time and one day of “do the work I feel like” time. However, this doesn't mean I have 80 hours a week of work time. Realistically it looks like

    activity - hour cost - remaining hours

    Total hours = 80

    Meditation/Reading/Spirit Talking Time (-5) = 75
    Ifa Training/Divination Practice (-5) = 70
    Gym Time/Prep 4 Day (-10) = 60
    Meal Time (-10) = 50
    Chores (-5) = 45
    Pre-Scheduled Events (-15) = 30
    Family time (-10) = 20
    Time available for projects (If not claimed by store customers or priest duties) = 20 hours!


    Unfortunately 20 hours a week to reach toward my dreams and/or build a business doesn't cut it. Thus it is common for me to use my days off to add another 10-20 hours of project work and steal 10-20 hours of project work from other things like family time, gym time, chore time or meditation time. This schedule is a schedule that affords me balance when I follow it. I have a very full life and feel grateful at all of the time and opportunities I have. However... how much time of this is available for maintenance or improvement toward masteries?

    1. 5 hours/wk of Ifa/Divination

    2. 11 hours/wk of General Magick Scheduled Study/Practice

    3. (unscheduled) 5-10 hours/wk of Ifa/Divination Practice/Study for clients

    4. (semi-scheduled) 5-20 hours/wk of Website Design & Business Management Practice/Study

    5. (unscheduled) 5-20 hours/wk of Store Owner Practice/Study

    In NONE of these am I spending the time/effort necessary for grand mastery. In few of these am I spending enough time for even mastery. In the name of life balance I am continuing my decision to be a Jack of Trades and master of few.

    A young man who is also studying Ifa recently came down for work. He is an excellent young man who is well studied in Ifa. I am his senior in age and time in faith and he treats me as such, but he is FAR more educated in the concepts, history and techniques of Ifa. We are both studying with Awo Falokun and this young man has a talent and love for Ifa that I can simply marvel at from a distance. The questions he brought forward to Falokun not only taught me what Falokun's response to the question was, but the very question taught me details of the practice I was unaware of. I'm sitting here plodding along toward eventual mastery and he is running full tilt toward it. I am helping Awo Falokun republish his books and I can barely squeeze 1-2 hours/wk in to read them while this young man has clearly consumed not only Falokun's books, but also other Authors. It is inspiring and humbling at the same time.

    However... I have made my decision. I am committed to only a specific level of focus and sacrifice, and I have to accept the consequences of that decision. I am on a very slow path toward mastery of Ifa (if I ever reach it).

    This article and being mindful of what level of commitment you are willing to express you can set realistic objectives for yourself. If you are a big talker (like I tend to be) these realistic expectations will help you learn to trust yourself about a project... and as a nice side effect people won't roll their eyes when you tell them your new goal.

    Coming Soon: Pathwork to Mastery: Mastery's place in Western Magick & Spirituality pt 5

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder: Hard Work Isn't Enough, Learn a Key to Wealth...

    Work Smarter, Not Harder: Hard work isn't enough, learn a key to wealth.

    We all know working 80 hours a week will not get you rich. So why is that common advice successful people give? Because it is an important component if you are doing everything else.

    Wealth comes from making good investments which end up paying out. We have 3 common resources. Our money, our ideas and our time. We can invest any of these to build any of these.

    Example. I can spend time learning. By doing so my ideas CAN become worth more. Alternately I can invest money into time (spending money to have more time). The question of investment is whether your investments are paying out more that you are putting in. Especially in the realm of ideas that can be hard to identify. Does your learning help you either learn more, have more time or earn more money? If so, then it was a good investment.

    As you make more and more good investments of time, ideas and money you get to where (if you are smart) you create free time, money or intellectual space to make new investments. In 1998 I set a goal for myself to have at least 1/2 of my time and monthly budget free to invest to either increase my wealth or to change the world in the ways I desire to.

    I made it easier to do this by keeping my overhead low. My family can survive comfortably on less than 2k/mo, but we can earn a lot more than that. Everything between what we need and what we earn is freedom to invest or live the life we want. Additionally I only need to work about 15 hours a week to earn my money which means I can (and do) spend over 90 hours a week investing or living the life I want. (16 awake hours a day *7 days a week =112 available hours per week.)

    The key here is the constant need to invest. If I sat back for longer than a couple months and didn't reinvest money and time I would backslide. My earnings per hour would decrease, and I would have to spend more time to earn less money.

    I'm constantly exploring how to expand my businesses, start new businesses, invest in other businesses, learn new skills and automate aspects of my life to free up time. Many of these investments are a waste of my time, but it only takes a couple minor successes or one big one to cause your free time and/or money to leap forward. My big win was my online continuing education business. I've had smaller wins with my computer repair and website businesses which helped me do the continuing education project. I leveraged the freedom of time and money from the first wins to work for other ones.

    What you don't usually see is the list of failures. I've had 2 computer businesses fail, five marketing companies fail, three computer game, software or app projects and six intellectual projects I spent hundreds of hours working on fail. I've lost tens of thousands of dollars to the wrong people and tools. I've failed to finish at least a dozen books and I've disappointed easily a few dozen people with failing to be able to do what I intended and started to do. That's not counting easily 3 explored ideas and opportunities a month which take at least 4 hours each to vet before I decide not to do them.

    I'm not asking for sympathy. All those failures and the future ones to come are the risk I chose to attempt another big win. My next big win could be tomorrow or it could be in years. I don't know.

    So is hard work and sacrifice the path to wealth? Depends on if you are making good investments which either increase your time, ideas or money. If not, no amount of work will make a difference.