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  • “The Secret” didn’t work for you because you didn’t have the mojo… yet

    The Secret Manifestation Magick

    Of course, that’s a massive oversimplification, but it’s likely one of the major factors.

    “The Secret” or the idea of manifesting your goals by focusing on them and doing basic spells like reciting affirmations, vision boards and more is based in something I like we call “Authority Magick” in Dragon Tradition.  Authority Magick is the ability to impress our will upon people, plants, animals or reality itself.

    One of the biggest factors for building authority magick is having understanding and relationships. The more one understands and has a relationship with reality, themselves, different parts of the world around them, history, stories, and current events the more likely they will have the ability to use all of that personal authority to influence the paths of things. 

    There are two ways of doing magick. There is even debate as to whether there is only one way and the other is telling a good enough story to make it looks like the other happened.

    The one CONFIDENT way we can manifest: We can draw ourselves into a reality where we get what we want.  In this theory we don’t really change reality as much as we change our definition of self to where we shift into the reality we choose.

    The other way that may just be a really good story hiding the first: Is that we influence what happens by our will and actions so that the result is we end up with the reality we choose.

    Either way, the ability to influence the reality we experience requires that we either live a narrative where the natural consequence obviously result in the life we choose OR we have to push for the reality we want and let the story of “how” write itself.

    This second thing is what people call Magick or “Intentional Manifestation.”

    Authority Magick is the hardest nuance of magick to understand, sense and utilize for most people.    Most people can accidentally use it in times of passion or desperation.  Every once in a while a gifted person can intentionally use their Authority without training.

    I usually recommend people start training magick through “Natural Magick.”  Even if someone already has trained psychic abilities, works with spirits, or can intentionally manifest, Natural magick involves exploring the interactions between the psychical world, natural law, psychic abilities and spirits all at the same time.   It creates incredible opportunities to learn each aspect of magick and manifestation and in the doing so builds personal authority to get to where you can do the things that “The Secret” promises and more.


  • Conceptual Momentum (Subscribers Only) (2)

    Swimmer pouring water on his face.. in a pool

    Imagine you are floating in a huge ocean current going 95 miles an hour. We'll call this current the conceptual momentum for Gravity. Now imagine that you decide to swim against the current. The fastest swimmer in the world is able to swim 5 miles per hour. Realistically (without tools) you will never be able to swim against the current. (sorry, while I have theories, I have never learned to fly although I've learned some interesting tricks about falling)

    However... Even if you can't swim against the current for now, you have other options. You can splash. With some practice you might be able to splash a couple cups of water by adjusting their momentum by 30 miles per hour. Sure, you might not be able to cancel gravity for those cups of water, but you can effect their momentum. I would liken this to my knife throwing practice. I practiced Telekinesis by throwing knives at a target and trying to “bend them” away from their original direction (usually toward the target goal).

    If you ask anyone who knows me, I can't throw a Kleenix into a trashcan 5 feet away until I start using telekinesis. However once I start using TK, people have watched cool things like an object without spin lean left around a pole, lean right back on track and then suddenly drop at the end as it would have missed otherwise.

    Now, even though I am claiming that there are reasonable limits, I have mistakenly tossed a pot across a room without touching it during a temper-tantrum. Also, in moments of desperation I have avoided falling in ways that I can't align with the laws of physics as well. I liken this to the stories of grandmothers moving cars off of kids during emergencies. Emotional charge and desperate need seem to make it easier and more effective to “break the rules;” however, it's hard enough to study magic in calm and controlled conditions... it's downright impossible to try to study it in uncontrolled conditions of desperate need.

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  • Pathwork to Mastery: Mastery's place in Western Magick & Spirituality Part 5

    Silhouette stargazing

    How to use these understandings to have an awesome life:


    I personally choose to have a 30 year dream, a 7 year vision, a 1 year plan, 3 month goals and a 1 month schedule. This article will be about the 30 year dream and the 7 year Vision.


    30 Year Dream:
    Why do I have a difference between dream and vision? Because you don't have to believe dreams can be real yet. They can be absurd and fantastic. One of my dreams is that in 30 years I will be standing on the early stages of a series of man-made floating islands ringed by floating storm walls and reefs in the middle of the Pacific Plastic Gyre. Around me Billions of Tons of Plastic Garbage floating in the water (lookup pacific garbage gyre) is quickly being collected and turned into Diesel, Gasoline, Natural Gas, Graphene and other exotic materials for construction.


    This DREAM is huge:

    • Giant Kites generating wind power

    • Huge Pumps pulling cold water and nutrients from the ocean floor to the surface for fresh water collection, power generation and eternal plankton blooms feeding a giant ecosystem of ocean fauna creating completely new fisheries which never existed before

    • A 22,000 mile long graphene ribbon lowered down from orbit and connected to an Island on the bottom with a space station on the other end. Machines regularly climbing this Space Elevator Cable making space affordable for humanity

    It is absolutely ludicrous... and yet it is mine. It wakes me up every morning and gives me a why. Some people are happy with dreams of a loving family and comfortable job. That's fine. The only thing that matters is this:


    Your Dream is your reason to keep living. If you lost your spouse(s), your parents, your kids, your job, your friends, your physical health and/or all of the above, your dream needs to be big enough in your heart to keep you going. It has to be so important to you that when your life it at its worst, you can look at that dream and decide that that it is still worth getting up and facing pain again and again to make it happen.


    Once you own your dream a funny thing happens. You start seeing the universe trying to make your insane dream become more and more possible. One example: I had a guy call me out of the blue for a certain reason, but somehow our conversation shifted and I found myself listening to exact technical knowledge I needed coming from his mouth. He spent 4 hours giving me advice on how to do stuff on this dream and where to find funding! This has become COMMONPLACE. I have had dozens of people say, “Dude... you should do this. I believe you can. I'd love to be part of that.”


    As crazy as this dream is I have held it for 3 years now and I'm starting to see a path toward success. I know where I can buy some of the ships it'll need. I have some business plans to make it viable economically. I know some of the ways to try to collect the plastic and convert it. I know how to convert some ships to having factories onboard. I know how to get countless tons of raw materials delivered to us. I know ways to get legal status as a completely new country... one after another this dream starts looking less and less impossible on its way toward insanely Epic.


    THAT is the power of a dream.


    Another purpose is that once you have your dreams (you will have more than one) you can measure your current life against them. If I received an opportunity to move to Kansas for a $60k/yr to sit on my ass and do nothing, I have a very easy way to choose. Which dreams does the job get me closer to and which dreams does it get me further from? Do I like those consequences?


    Not all of my dreams are so absurd. I have a dream of consistent support by trusted friends. I dream of loving relationships that I feel supported by in a lot of different areas. I dream of writing books, hosting events and performing. Realistic Dreams. Some of these dreams I already have. If I dream of having a Red Mustang and then buy it, the dream doesn't necessarily go away.


    7 Year Vision:
    In 7 years most of us change so totally that we become almost completely different people. While it is good to have a vision of your life, the fact is you'll change so much on your way to your 7 year plan that it will adjust mightily. After you make a 7 year plan, honor this change by reviewing and updating it once a year. Another great time is during a major transition (Relationship Change, Career Change, New Opportunity). Most of the time you will only need minor adjustments, but reviewing the Vision will be MORE effective as a rudder for your life than having a dream was. A Dream is so malleable it adjusts too quickly to change in your life. A Vision will adjust, but you'll maintain major portions of it through change. It can be the anchor you can emotionally hold onto in the heard times. Dreams may get you up, but visions will get you moving.


    In your Vision list your Milestones. Think of it like: By 2016 I want to be living in a 4 bedroom house I own. It is measurable, but you can't make a here to there plan. It is a destination you may not know how to achieve, but you probably have an idea of how to get a couple steps closer.


    One aspect I would recommend listing in your Vision is your Mastery Milestones. By declaring a desire to reach a certain point by a certain time it drives you to live in such a way as to make the day to day efforts with will make mastery possible in a few years rather than... well... never.


    It will take:

    • 1-3 years to reach journeyman

    • 5-14 years to reach mastery / grand mastery (Depending on focus)

    My 7 year Vision as of the original writing: (2018 updates)

    • 2015: Achieve Journeyman Ifa Priest (Success)
      2015: Achieve Journeyman Tai Chi (Success)
      2015: Buy a House (Fail)
      2015: Make over $10,000/mo (Success w/ Gross Income, but not net income)
      2015: Weigh under 260 pounds (Complete Fail)
      2016: Journeyman Mage in non-Western system (Kinda... less of a goal now though)
      2016: Weigh under 220 pounds (Fail)
      2016: Make over $30,000/mo (Succeed, but not as I intended)
      2017: Achieve Master Magick Store Owner (Success)
      2017: Be living on Covenstead (Lost interest in goal)
      2017: Achieve Master Author (Lost interest in goal)
      2017: Achieve Peak Physical Health (Fail)
      2017: Make over $100,000/mo (Fail)
      2018: Island Dream: Buy and begin overhauling the Pacific Gyre Fleet (Found someone else doing it)
      2019: Island Dream: Put the Fleet in the Water, Collect Plastic and start converting Plastic into Oil 
      2019: Multi-Millionaire with investments increasing in value by Millions of Dollars per year
      2020: Island Dream: Graphene Winders churning out Giant Sails which are sold/gifted to Ocean Ships to reduce Fuel Use and Costs. Graphene Winders also churning out Large air filled bottles which will interconnect to form the foundation of island, reefs and storm walls. Best practice recycling systems purchased and being installed.
      2021: Achieve Master Tai Chi
      2021: Island Dream: Large Enough to Begin Building in (initial structures built deeper and deeper below water line).
      2021: Island Dream: Start new industry to import garbage, compost the biomass, and use cheap energy to profitably recycle imported garbage into raw materials.

    Visions change over time.  13 months have passed since my original writing of this.  My 30 year dream above is still cool sounding, but someone has designed a very good looking solution to the gyre plastic problem and is DOING it.  Thus I'm shifting my 30 year dream to forming economically powerful and socially responsible intentionally communities.  This also changes my 7 year vision as of 5-8-2016: (This whole article needs updating...)

    • 2016: Make 3 of my inventions.  Get one of them turned into a business making money.
    • 2016: Weigh under 250lbs
    • 2016: Get my Businesses Earning NET $10,000/mo (Gross of $30,000/mo)
    • 2016: Get Reno Magick making net $2,000/mo after paying labor. (Master Magick Store Owner)
    • 2016: Publish at least one new book.
    • 2016: Become able to take 2 weeks off work by hiring and training.
    • 2016: Flesh out, explain and debate Thrivalist Intentional Community Idea
    • 2017: Have 2 or more apprentices and multiple students who share my goals.
    • 2017: Buy a house (moved to 2017 because I need to improve my credit and save a down payment)
    • 2017: Become able to take 1 month off by hiring and training.
    • 2017: Make another 2 inventions.  Turn another one into a business making money.
    • 2017: Make over $100,000/mo Gross
    • 2017: Explore and Start "Car Club" Company.  Begin Building App with Algorithms.
    • 2017: File, Buy Property and start Thrivalist Intentional Community.
    • 2017: Weigh under 225lbs
    • 2018: Invest in Environmental Best Practices Company/Non-Profit (Possible Pacific Gyre based probably not)
    • 2018: Check in with Team doing Pacific Gyre work and support the project.  Review dream island fleet idea.
    • 2018: Become able to take 3 months off (every 2 years) all of my projects by hiring and training the right people.  If my projects can survive 3 months without me they are going to survive if something happens and I'm no longer involved.
    • 2018: Publish 2 more Books.
    • 2018: File, Buy Property and start 2nd separate thrivalist community.
    • 2019: Multi-Millionaire with investments increasing in value by Millions of Dollars per year
    • 2019: Thrivalist Community Comprises 30+ people running 10+ businesses and owns assets worth $5+ million without counting my personal assets.
    • 2019: File, Buy Property and start 3rd separate thrivalist community (different region).   Document processes. Invite and support clones and competitive communities.
    • 2019: Build 2 more inventions and Publish at least 1 more Book
    • 2019: Purchase Automated Cars and expand "Car Club" Company with them.
    • 2020: Aid Plastic Gyre solutions to be operating on all Gyres.
    • 2020: Foundation to document Thrivalist Community processes and lessons.  Form "standards" documentation to try to empower inter-community cooperation without blocking evolutionary individuation.  Guide that "Thrivalist" communities should have someone document their variations from the standards so that Thrivalists from other communities can quickly understand what is different about a specific community they are visiting or working with.
    • 2020: Study Walton Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and others to learn what I desire to emulate and what I desire to transform.  Research partnership options.
    • 2021: Personally managed assets cross Billion Dollar Valuation
    • 2021: Form Foundation to leverage managed asset power for social, legal and environmental reform.
    • 2021: Expand "Car Club" to more markets
    • 2021: Personally aid 4 more Thrivalist Communities in different regions.  2 of those regions should be 2nd or 3rd world countries where the economic power could create major political, social and environmental change on a national level.
    • 2022: More than 3 Thrivalist Communities formed through splits and investments of prior communities.   Thrivalists communities leveraging $20 million plus in annual income to serve their communities, grow local economies, heal local environments and lobby for socially and environmentally beneficial law changes on local and state levels. (Not counting my personal assets)
    • 2023: More than 10 Thrivalist Communities formed through splits, social interest and investments of prior communities.
    • 2023: 10+ thrivalist communities operating in 2nd and 3rd world countries.



    Ok, if you read this list and you thought: BULLSHIT, I would recommend you go read a book called “The Miracle Morning.”

    Consistent and purposeful effort with a distinct vision in mind changes the definition of a realistic goal. When people dedicate to their goals with a drive and get a little bit closer each day, success is basic math. Bicycling 100,000 miles seems impossible. Say I bicycle 30 miles/day. In 1 Week I'll have gone only 210 miles. In one month I'll have gone only 840 miles. It would be tempting to see those numbers and just never try, but here is where committed and purposeful effort bears fruit.

    In only 9.13 years I will have bicycled 100,000 miles. The circumference of the earth is only 24,901 miles. That means that in 9.13 years of bicycling 30 miles a day I will have “gone around the world” 4 times.

    If someone told you that in next 10 years they were going to bicycle around the entire planet once you might consider it an incredible feat, but what if they did it 4 times?!? That seems downright impossible.

    Consistent and purposeful effort toward a distinct vision... Incredible success is simply basic math.

    Coming Soon: Pathwork to Mastery: Mastery's place in Western Magick & Spirituality pt 5 (1 Year Plan, 1 Month Schedule)

  • Spellwork can support inner-work with less struggle/processing, an example

    Trust: Sea Lions have many stories of trying to help people despite being powerful predators


    A month ago, I created a spell where I can speak a manifestation goal, perform a very simple activation ritual, and have the spirits of a place of power help it manifest.

    Every time I activate it, I feel the power and potency of doing so. The last couple times were pleasant and joyful like getting on a train through a beautiful country. Today however I feel something I haven’t felt in a while: Extreme pre-ritual blahs… downright fear and panic.

    I’m no stranger to pre-ritual blahs. They range from minor discomfort to intense self-destructive behavior to create circumstances to avoid doing a spell. Pre-ritual blahs tend to express from a fundamental fear of change that we are resisting. This could be due to the primary goal of a spell, or it could be from side-effects, but either way pre-ritual blahs tend to relate to a spell influencing change for something we don’t want to release.

    I’ve had multiple warnings that this time period is facing a Tower (loss of something considered fundamental to self-identity). Usually, Tower has good long-term results, but the sense of fear/panic from losing this thing we want to hold tightly to is very real. When Tower arises, our growth will needfully involve letting go of who we were in a way that shakes our sense of self and the world.

    I’ve ended up being guided to do more than one working to open the path for this change: Softening my resistance, building my confidence, changing my thinking and more.

    That what I perceived as a simple manifestation ask is triggering such a fear response change shocks me. My ask was simple:

    “I manifest 10 group spellwork customers in the next 30 days.”

    …and suddenly, as I write this, the fear makes sense.

    I trusted the greater law of silence for a long time. “Consciousness effects reality outside time.” I used this rule to explain the rarity of videos with proof of magick: if a majority of viewers of a magick will disbelieve and oppose a working more than they believe and support it, then a spell will fail.

    I know how much I struggled with faith. I am surprisingly skeptical for a self-proclaimed mage. I want evidence, facts and logic. For a long time, this manifested as not simply skepticism of magicks I distrusted, but rather full-on disbelief (which opposes the manifestation of those magicks.), and if I was personally this level of douchebag fucking up other people’s magick, how could I expect differently from others?

    For this reason, I tended to avoid giving details of what and how I’m casting. I even took it so far as to conceal most of my mundane projects until they have manifested into reality.

    The heart of this thinking was paranoia and distrust of other’s goodwill though. Believing that the majority of people around me wanted me to fail was an important symptom of who I saw myself as and how I saw the world. I’ve chosen to stop being a judgmental douche blocking other’s blessings even if only in my thoughts and beliefs. I’ve changed to wanting to see success. I’ve changed from disbelief and opposition to skepticism where I reserve judgement until I see the results clearly.

    Perhaps its time for me to stop projecting my old mindset onto people around me. Perhaps its time for me to stop fearing that people want me to fail. Perhaps it is time to start sharing the efforts and projects I’m working on with people who might support them rather than hiding them from people who may oppose them.

    Hell… that sentence alone…

    I’m a bloody mage. I have spells to support my manifestational goals, ally spirits and enchantments backing me up. I have all kinds of things to distract, confuse and generally fuck up people trying to screw me over. What kind of cowardice is choosing to stay small to always avoid opposition? How is that going to entice allies to my side? How will that result in me building strength, understanding and confidence?

    If I find myself facing opposition then I need to stand up and be willing to face it.

    How could I have understood this truth on so many other levels, but not on this one?

    So here we go. In the past I was only willing to share places where I was willing to fail. I hid things I cared about until I had nurtured them into where I felt they couldn’t be destroyed by ill-will.

    Moving forward I choose a different path. Any time I default to caution/avoidance I will review the situation and my consciousness. I will determine whether I am ready to face potential opposition and if the value of the allies and lessons involved in openness may exceed the value in quietly progressing with the help of trusted allies.

    Additionally, I’m going to expand my circle of allies. For decades I’ve kept my inner circle small with people I deeply understood and believed I could plan/prepare for possible betrayals from. (even those words display my lack of trust no?)

    I choose now to build an outer circle of less vetted allies. People who I am willing to befriend and work with on things we declare shared passions for. I choose to trust that the value and benefit of having new friends and allies will exceed the risk and cost of misunderstandings, disagreements and betrayals in the long term.  I choose to nurture the opportunities and interests we share rather than my paranoid concerns.

    Just as I balanced choosing not to harm my finances through overspending on prepping, I now choose stop harming/blocking relationships by focusing on avoiding being hurt/harmed from them.

    So yeah… An hour ago I did a spell, experienced great fear, processing that fear through writing and now find myself with a new commitment to change and experience things that are scary for me, but in the hopeful fear way. I do love how magick can work…

    I am posting this as an expression of that. This very document is public evidence of a transformation of consciousness that I feel was strongly inspired by magick. No change can happen where it has no possibility, but inspiration, spirit and magick can catalyze those changes in interesting ways. Why would a manifestation for customers turn into an evolution away from personal paranoia and into inter-personal trust in a very short period of time? Because that was the part of the shortest path for the magick to succeed.