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  • “The Secret” didn’t work for you because you didn’t have the mojo… yet

    The Secret Manifestation Magick

    Of course, that’s a massive oversimplification, but it’s likely one of the major factors.

    “The Secret” or the idea of manifesting your goals by focusing on them and doing basic spells like reciting affirmations, vision boards and more is based in something I like we call “Authority Magick” in Dragon Tradition.  Authority Magick is the ability to impress our will upon people, plants, animals or reality itself.

    One of the biggest factors for building authority magick is having understanding and relationships. The more one understands and has a relationship with reality, themselves, different parts of the world around them, history, stories, and current events the more likely they will have the ability to use all of that personal authority to influence the paths of things. 

    There are two ways of doing magick. There is even debate as to whether there is only one way and the other is telling a good enough story to make it looks like the other happened.

    The one CONFIDENT way we can manifest: We can draw ourselves into a reality where we get what we want.  In this theory we don’t really change reality as much as we change our definition of self to where we shift into the reality we choose.

    The other way that may just be a really good story hiding the first: Is that we influence what happens by our will and actions so that the result is we end up with the reality we choose.

    Either way, the ability to influence the reality we experience requires that we either live a narrative where the natural consequence obviously result in the life we choose OR we have to push for the reality we want and let the story of “how” write itself.

    This second thing is what people call Magick or “Intentional Manifestation.”

    Authority Magick is the hardest nuance of magick to understand, sense and utilize for most people.    Most people can accidentally use it in times of passion or desperation.  Every once in a while a gifted person can intentionally use their Authority without training.

    I usually recommend people start training magick through “Natural Magick.”  Even if someone already has trained psychic abilities, works with spirits, or can intentionally manifest, Natural magick involves exploring the interactions between the psychical world, natural law, psychic abilities and spirits all at the same time.   It creates incredible opportunities to learn each aspect of magick and manifestation and in the doing so builds personal authority to get to where you can do the things that “The Secret” promises and more.


  • 11-6-21 Relationship Reset Group Spellwork

    Relationship Reset Group Spellwork

    “My relationship with them is reset.  Old Mistreatments, Exploitation, and Unfair Expectations have ended.  Moving forward this relationship will be healthy, or it will be ended…”

    This week’s group spellwork update continues the growing trend of incredible results for tiny efforts. We did the ritual, and members can access the power with only 30 seconds of effort to reset relationships and free themselves from old commitments/patterns which were leaving them stuck.

    Lessons from this week’s work

    There is a common belief in America that magick requires energy which can be used up.  This results in people doing stuff like “adding charge” to their spells.   Even I’m guilty of this in my thinking and old magick, but we seem to be connecting with an older concept in recent spellwork.  Instead of spending some sort of energetic currency to influence change, this style of magick seems to simply connect with truths, stories or fundamental powers of reality.   In this concept, doing a spell isn’t about building charge or currency as much as doing what’s needed to connect with the spell.

    There seems to be truth in both.   I’m noticing that there is something that can be spent and used which doesn’t HAVE to be spent or used.  The group ritual performed in this case was a ritual of transformation.   If the transformation required a currency or charge to power the spell it started with a small charge.   We are watching that after the ritual and sacrifice which created and designed the ability to initiate relationship changes, each activation and use seems to give back to the spell as much or more than it takes out of it.

    This is an important thing to remember in our spellwork.   Pushing against reality is hard and a lot of work.  Nudging reality into places it would rather be is much, much easier and brings very satisfying results.

    In the last few weeks we’ve seen blessings of money, opportunities, conflict resolution, inspiration and more from the Leverage Point Spellwork that have been performed.  Our Video Class teaching people to do this themselves is available online @

    You can join the group spells or order personal spellwork @
    (New Members who join by Saturday 11/13 will be taught the activation for the Relationship Reset Group Spell.)