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  • “The Secret” didn’t work for you because you didn’t have the mojo… yet

    The Secret Manifestation Magick

    Of course, that’s a massive oversimplification, but it’s likely one of the major factors.

    “The Secret” or the idea of manifesting your goals by focusing on them and doing basic spells like reciting affirmations, vision boards and more is based in something I like we call “Authority Magick” in Dragon Tradition.  Authority Magick is the ability to impress our will upon people, plants, animals or reality itself.

    One of the biggest factors for building authority magick is having understanding and relationships. The more one understands and has a relationship with reality, themselves, different parts of the world around them, history, stories, and current events the more likely they will have the ability to use all of that personal authority to influence the paths of things. 

    There are two ways of doing magick. There is even debate as to whether there is only one way and the other is telling a good enough story to make it looks like the other happened.

    The one CONFIDENT way we can manifest: We can draw ourselves into a reality where we get what we want.  In this theory we don’t really change reality as much as we change our definition of self to where we shift into the reality we choose.

    The other way that may just be a really good story hiding the first: Is that we influence what happens by our will and actions so that the result is we end up with the reality we choose.

    Either way, the ability to influence the reality we experience requires that we either live a narrative where the natural consequence obviously result in the life we choose OR we have to push for the reality we want and let the story of “how” write itself.

    This second thing is what people call Magick or “Intentional Manifestation.”

    Authority Magick is the hardest nuance of magick to understand, sense and utilize for most people.    Most people can accidentally use it in times of passion or desperation.  Every once in a while a gifted person can intentionally use their Authority without training.

    I usually recommend people start training magick through “Natural Magick.”  Even if someone already has trained psychic abilities, works with spirits, or can intentionally manifest, Natural magick involves exploring the interactions between the psychical world, natural law, psychic abilities and spirits all at the same time.   It creates incredible opportunities to learn each aspect of magick and manifestation and in the doing so builds personal authority to get to where you can do the things that “The Secret” promises and more.


  • 20 Minutes to Telepathy: A series of How to Videos I posted on TikTok.

    20 Minutes to Telepathy: A How to Class

    The picture above this text?  Yeah... it's only a picture... It's not the video and if you keep clicking on it eventually you'll feel really stupid and go click on the videos below.  :-P


    Part 1


    The radio circuit model for telepathy/empathy and 3 primary selves ##telepathy ##empathy ##psychic ##witch ##magic

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    Part 2


    Emotion, context, environment, senses & knowing ##telepathy ##magic ##witch ##psychic ##empathy

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    Part 3


    the many many different consciousnesses around us. ##empathy ##psychic ##witch ##magic ##telepathy

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    Part 4


    know yourself first to know others. ##telepathy ##magic ##witch ##psychic ##empathy

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    Part 5


    sometimes, guessing is close enough... ##empathy ##psychic ##witch ##magic ##telepathy

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    Interlude and how to practice for now


    Focus on comparing your emotion and context versus others ##telepathy ##magic ##witch ##psychic ##empathy

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  • Astral vs Chi October 2021 Update

    Astral Dancing

    My first teacher introduced me to Astral Magick and did a great job supporting me understanding the practical uses of it. The ability to effect people, animals and spirits without most people noticing is really neat. Exploring the limits and boundaries of doing so is also neat. There is a epic story-ness of Astral Magick that allows you to experience incredible adventure and have verification in your life of so much of your story.

    That is of course also it's biggest problem. Astral Magick allows you to experience truthful story/experiences which are disconnected from consentual reality. It is possible to participate in a series of stories which have Astral truth, but very little connection with reality as most other people experience it. To make this even harder Astral Magick allows for group stories so that people in the group can confirm and verify to the point of having incredible experiences, miracles and more, but some of the more incredible experiences interact with consentual reality mostly through the shared myth...

    Introducing unwilling outsiders into the Astral Story can result in the myth being challenged and the truth of the magick and story can be negated/ignored by losing the mythic story.

    At a minimum this shows the Astral Story's inability to effect reality around people who actively refuse it. In the worst case the myth failing can cause some or all participants in the story to not only disconnect the Astral story from currently experienced consentual reality, but they may even re-contextualize their past experiences and utterly deny the legit magicks they encountered

    As a curious mage I decided I wanted to explore chi work. Over the years I've done training to build chi and unlike astral once it gets to a certain point it's almost impossible to deny something cool is happening. I have a video I like to show people related to what chi can do. Magick so potent it can be recorded (Astral Magick cannot be).

    I have had some cool results with it. I'll save the stories for another time, but one side effect I've encountered consistently is that I started being disconnected from my Astral Magick when I would do chi work.

    Chi work requires a lot of maintenance (daily/weekly); much more than Astral Magick which you can ignore for weeks or months at a time. Chi has a feeling of solidity and weight that Astral Magick doesn't.

    When I am not doing chi work I can tell by feel whether I'm doing effective astral magick, but chi's sense of weight is so strong in comparison that Astral Magick becomes hard to compare against imagining when I do chi work. The irony is that the Astral Magick has that mythic awe that makes magick fun and Chi is generally satisfying yet boring. At a basic level chi can be added to astral work to make it more solid/stable, but so far in my experiences advanced chi work is to astral work what driving a backhoe is to riding a bike.

    Additionally if you screw up chi work you can have actual health problems much faster than if you screw up astral magick (Not universally, but a solid truism). I can tie some lower back problems directly into a way that I screwed up my chi-work in the past.

    All of this together has resulted in about 18 years of Yo-Yo-ing in my practices between Astral Magick, Chi Magick, Psychic Magick, and Spirit Magick as well as shifting from basically not practicing to spurts of high activity.

    A float in a sensory deprivation recently coupled with 3rd Circle+ Men's Group stuff (lots of new stuff to explain) retriggered me accessing my chi in ways I've ignored for many months. A few days later I was doing my regular astral blessing/shielding maintenance spells when I noticed something. I can actually tell imagining vs astral magick by watching how chi responds to it. This is VERY exciting for me. Coupled with learning how to change the way I was hurting my back with Chi Work, this means that hopefully I will be able to maintain a relationship with the mythic wonder of Astral Magick AND the solid potency of Chi at the same time.

    More to come hopefully.   Gods... I literally have years of stuff to try to catch ya'll up on.  This is gonna be a crazy few months of writing/recording.

  • Leverage Point Spellwork: Gentle Success after an Evolution from Ignorance and Pain

    Open Source Leverage Point Spellwork Reading

    using divination to find opportunities for greatest results from minimal effort. ##witchcraft ##tarot ##spellwork

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    I have yearned for powerful magick for decades.  You can read in many of my older articles how frustrated I was that miraculous magick seemed confined to moments of Desperation or Inspiration that we had very little control over.   Even as I learned about different Orisa/Lwa group spirit work there was a part of me that railed against a perception that the miracles experienced weren’t magick, but rather another version of going begging to sky-daddy/earth-mommy for presents.

    Now a smart person would wisely worry less about how one gets what they want as long as they get what they want, but PBW is learning magick the dangerous way because I’m often unsatisfied with the safe way.  I want to stretch the boundaries of what is expected and understood.

    I want MAGICK that can regularly product miracles.   Does spirit work count?  Yes…ish…

    In writing my nearly finished pending book “Natural Magick – Magick you can touch” I spent a couple years focused on magick and spellwork using what one friend calls Materia magick.  In Dragon Tradition I split magick into 4 realms.   Natural Magick (playing with loopholes and rules of reality and manifestation), Psychic Magick (psychic abilities, chi and astral magick), Spirit Magick (working with beings on the other side), and Authority Magick (ability to impress your will onto reality empowered by your past experiences and relationships).

    Spirit Magick alone can be incredibly effective, but we are inherently limited by the willingness/interest of the spirits we are working with.   If all I have is a hammer the world looks like it needs to be nailed.  One form of creativity is to use minimal resources in creative and timely ways to achieve goals.  This one can be a lot of fun.

    However, I personally want a little more involvement.  While I FINALLY have accepted the power and opportunity of welcoming spirits to participate in manifesting the life I desire, I ALSO want to do cool things with my will and volition.

    Over the years I learned multiple versions of how to do effective spellwork.

    1. See What Sticks – Try lots of basic spells and see what brings results.  Very very hit and miss with sporadic results.  Effort/Result ratio can be questionable, but it can be a TON of good experience and you can learn a lot.   I actually recommended new practitioners to do this for a long time (and still do in the Natural Magick Book)
    2. POWER OVERWHELMING – Design rituals with so much juju that the goal will manifest because reality itself will bend.  The challenge is that this process struggles to overcome both internal and external resistance.   Magick has effects outside time and this way of “forcing things” can be very uncomfortable. Fear and discomfort often begins before the spell happens, and this kind of magick quite often has side effects from mild-horrifying as well.
    3. Trust your Gut – After doing enough magick you start to get a sense of whether a spell will be effective by tasting/feeling/seeing/hearing realities response to the idea of the spell.  The Resonance in Reality can guide something important will happen.  Then its simply a case of feeling out whether you WANT the consequences.  Experience often offers visions, a sense of spell consequences and more.

    I’ve spoken for years about inflection points where small efforts can produce huge results.  I liken it to starting an avalanche by throwing a snowball.  Trust your gut type magick often presented opportunities where you the things you are contemplating would have results and all it took was contemplating your known challenges life-situations and thinking about doing magick for them.   You can intuitively follow the resonance to a place for spellwork.   I’ve tended to do between 4 major workings and a few dozen minor workings a year using this process. 

    I’ve personally found that the minor workings are far easier emotionally.  The greater the working the more likely I’m trying to “force” the issue and thus will experience greater resistance and unwanted side effects.

    I’ve known about divination guided offerings/spellwork for years because of my initiation and study into Ifa, but it was only a couple months ago that I truly got a sense of how you can mix regular divination with spellwork for constant gentle improvements.

    My thinking had gotten stuck into the place where the pain of great works was evidence to me that the magick was real and effective.  When I first started doing Dafa and Ebo with Nigerians their work acted like rain on parched soil for me.  Opportunities opened up, inspiration descended and new relationships presented themselves.

    My lineage in Ifa firmly believes in the ability to raise consciousness and empower enlightenment through Ifa.   However, my elder firmly opposes both magickal thinking (as a fallacy), and practicing magick (as it can detour away from a goal of improved character).  He correctly argues that people can use magick and other forms of power to avoid change.  

    Because of this I’ve spent the previous 7 years struggling with my relationship with Magick as a tool for anything beyond connecting with spirit and receiving enlightenment.  Most everything we have done magickally during this time focused on internal change and seeking enlightenment.   I had a few times when I found myself jealous of others who were experiencing external expressions of divine blessings, but I was forcing myself into a mental framework to align with my Ifa elder’s “I focus on good character brings highest blessings.”

    Late last year I started a new program of seeking out “Spirit Contractors” where I’d use divination to create a marketplace for 3 requests a month from spirits in trade for offerings given (divination led of course).  I did experience some good results.   This has slowly led to a personal renaissance of my magickal practice for effect change in my life.   Little by little I’ve shifted my focus away from constant exploration of consciousness and self and into manifesting changes in life as well.

    Personally I’ve done so much inner-work in the last 7 years that current inner-work often feels like drilling through bedrock.   This brought me back into contemplating whether there was a way that was less struggle and trying to force things.

    Thus, using the DIPPLIPHACCIERN process which I’ve been working on for the last couple years (a POWER OVERWHELMING style ritual planning tool) I started designing rituals where we were mixing doing work with divine guidance.  They mixed Devotionals where everything is about expressing/honoring a God/Goddess and Spellwork where everything is trying to accomplish a goal.  In this mixed process we use divination to craft spellwork and ritual where gods/spirits to guide our work and goal into manifestation.

    Instead of trying to create fixed results, the goal was often general results that would allow spirit freedom to manifest what we were ready to receive with far less struggle.   Those of us less ready to receive got what we could with relative ease, and those of us more ready to receive saw incredible results.

    What rarely happened were un-necessary life explosions.  Even periods of existential struggle often included an understanding that they were supported.

    It’s hard to express how big of a difference this was from past Spellwork.  We often spent a TON of time warning people about the “shit storm” where magic with us will stir up stuff in their life and things that aren’t serving them will often get violently torn out of their lives.

    At the time we saw the chaos/pain as proof that they’d had a powerful transformative experience, but I’m starting to see it as evidence that we were throwing too much power and too little finesse at a problem.

    This new process replaces power with nuance.  By asking spirit’s guidance we can target the spellwork very carefully and reduce wasteful effort and power.

    At this point doing this work for the last few weeks has brought spells and results for: general feelings of wellness, multiple projects advance in obvious blessings/miracle, new paying clients manifesting, a new service and classes droping into place, a literal national platform to teach/share dropped on my lap in an incredible miraculous unlikelihood(more later), and over $90,000 put into my bank account that I had hoped I might get, but had given up on a while back.

    The blessings are fast and furious and I’m going to ride this wave and see where it goes.   For so long I wanted magick that had good purpose.  Learning to open myself up to new blessings with easy work/high result dynamics is very inspiring and makes me far more willing to do the harder work/slower result efforts.  😊