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  • 10-23-2021 Group Spell: Talismanic Manifestation Spell using Ley Line

    Leverage Point Spellwork Group Spell: Talismanic Manifestation Spell using Ley Line

    I have recently started offering a service to my community and clients where we do "Leverage Point Divination"

    The idea is that there are certain Leverage Points where small amounts of work can have impressive results.  So far I've had miracle level results! 

    I'll be posting an indepth article about this soon, but to summarize:

    1. Using a Trade Secret Process (I'll be teaching an open source version here soon), we ask the question: "Define a Topic and Spellwork where we can see the most impressive magick and blessings with less than $50 and 30 minutes of effort."
      • In this case the topic ended up being: "Doing useful things with our ideas"
      • and the defined spellwork was: Craft a Talisman to a place of power
      • additionally I crafted am activation phrase into the spellwork so that only people who are told how to connect can use the magick.
    2. In this case after additional divinitory guidance, I chose to do written Talisman Making.   So I wrote the spell purpose and the trigger onto a piece of paper along with some other mojo and then folded the paper repeatedly and wrapped the paper in twine until it looked like the picture above.   After that I went to the place of power divination selected and buried the talisman there



    Talisman crafting is always interesting.   One of my favorite things about magick is how you can have results from a spell before you cast it.  I like to test my spells by when in time they start taking effect By using spells you intend to cast in the future you can get a sense of how powerful the spell will be. 

    This one was shocking to me. I did a test spell with activation phrase while driving and almost lost control of my vehicle!  

    I've been working to greater and greater magick for years now, but this has been a satisfying step.

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  • 10-30-21 Emotional Strengths Group Spellwork

    Emotional Strengths Group Spellwork

    This week’s Emotional Strengths Group Spellwork really points out common beliefs that block accepting magick in our lives.

    Leverage Point Spellwork theory is straightforward: Do divination to ask spirit how we can achieve goals with magick.

    In regular practices we take it one step further and ask spirit to guide the goal as well. To get the greatest results for the smallest effort, usually the most powerful opportunities will be for things we wouldn’t think to ask about.

    So far the process has been wonderful for both personal AND Group Spellwork. The first spell involved linking a talisman to a place of power so that when an activation is performed, a spoken manifestation goal is empowered. Of the 4 people who’ve used the activation so far, ALL of them experienced a sense of epic potence in the moment and have already experienced obvious results. Our effort is SOOO much smaller than the results. Goal Achieved!

    The second spell defined Saturday took the topic into a new direction. Each participant identifies their greatest emotional strength, offers their understanding/relationship with that skill into the group spell and accepts blessings of the strengths that others presented into the spell.

    What’s funny is that we are encountering that it’s just too easy for people to believe in. The idea that we can have magick in our life by simply speaking a sentence, and there will be useful results with nobody having to do hard work is just… too magickal.

    This week’s spell currently supports participants with: Resilience to face struggle or change, Strength to hold vision and passion to follow through, Strength and perseverance to provide and care for those you love, Persistence and tenacity, and hopefully by the time you’re reading this much more.

    Every person who joins adds to what is offered. (The current list is pinned under #magick in our Discord Channel). Receiving the support is effortless and has no cost. We find ourselves just automatically acting with these strengths as if they were our own the whole time!

    This kind of spellwork is a new style for me. The Emotional Strengths Group Spellwork seems to act as a very specific type of applied egregore. The understandings and skills are present in the collective intent which has existence defined through the activation phrase rather than a sense of self or name, and anyone who performs the activation connects with the egregore to benefit without any need for conscious effort. The depths of where this could go are frankly shocking to me and will likely result in a large series of new experiments of psychic abilities in the future.

    Either way the emotional effects are already present. I’m noticing a shift in my thinking and motivation which is making my life easier.

    As always, Leverage Point Spellwork sessions can be purchased @ https://bit.ly/2YbjQ3B , and anyone who signs up for a Membership by Saturday the 6th will be taught the activation for this week’s Group Spellwork too.

    Good Spelling!

  • Leverage Point Spellwork: Gentle Success after an Evolution from Ignorance and Pain

    Open Source Leverage Point Spellwork Reading

    using divination to find opportunities for greatest results from minimal effort. ##witchcraft ##tarot ##spellwork

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    I have yearned for powerful magick for decades.  You can read in many of my older articles how frustrated I was that miraculous magick seemed confined to moments of Desperation or Inspiration that we had very little control over.   Even as I learned about different Orisa/Lwa group spirit work there was a part of me that railed against a perception that the miracles experienced weren’t magick, but rather another version of going begging to sky-daddy/earth-mommy for presents.

    Now a smart person would wisely worry less about how one gets what they want as long as they get what they want, but PBW is learning magick the dangerous way because I’m often unsatisfied with the safe way.  I want to stretch the boundaries of what is expected and understood.

    I want MAGICK that can regularly product miracles.   Does spirit work count?  Yes…ish…

    In writing my nearly finished pending book “Natural Magick – Magick you can touch” I spent a couple years focused on magick and spellwork using what one friend calls Materia magick.  In Dragon Tradition I split magick into 4 realms.   Natural Magick (playing with loopholes and rules of reality and manifestation), Psychic Magick (psychic abilities, chi and astral magick), Spirit Magick (working with beings on the other side), and Authority Magick (ability to impress your will onto reality empowered by your past experiences and relationships).

    Spirit Magick alone can be incredibly effective, but we are inherently limited by the willingness/interest of the spirits we are working with.   If all I have is a hammer the world looks like it needs to be nailed.  One form of creativity is to use minimal resources in creative and timely ways to achieve goals.  This one can be a lot of fun.

    However, I personally want a little more involvement.  While I FINALLY have accepted the power and opportunity of welcoming spirits to participate in manifesting the life I desire, I ALSO want to do cool things with my will and volition.

    Over the years I learned multiple versions of how to do effective spellwork.

    1. See What Sticks – Try lots of basic spells and see what brings results.  Very very hit and miss with sporadic results.  Effort/Result ratio can be questionable, but it can be a TON of good experience and you can learn a lot.   I actually recommended new practitioners to do this for a long time (and still do in the Natural Magick Book)
    2. POWER OVERWHELMING – Design rituals with so much juju that the goal will manifest because reality itself will bend.  The challenge is that this process struggles to overcome both internal and external resistance.   Magick has effects outside time and this way of “forcing things” can be very uncomfortable. Fear and discomfort often begins before the spell happens, and this kind of magick quite often has side effects from mild-horrifying as well.
    3. Trust your Gut – After doing enough magick you start to get a sense of whether a spell will be effective by tasting/feeling/seeing/hearing realities response to the idea of the spell.  The Resonance in Reality can guide something important will happen.  Then its simply a case of feeling out whether you WANT the consequences.  Experience often offers visions, a sense of spell consequences and more.

    I’ve spoken for years about inflection points where small efforts can produce huge results.  I liken it to starting an avalanche by throwing a snowball.  Trust your gut type magick often presented opportunities where you the things you are contemplating would have results and all it took was contemplating your known challenges life-situations and thinking about doing magick for them.   You can intuitively follow the resonance to a place for spellwork.   I’ve tended to do between 4 major workings and a few dozen minor workings a year using this process. 

    I’ve personally found that the minor workings are far easier emotionally.  The greater the working the more likely I’m trying to “force” the issue and thus will experience greater resistance and unwanted side effects.

    I’ve known about divination guided offerings/spellwork for years because of my initiation and study into Ifa, but it was only a couple months ago that I truly got a sense of how you can mix regular divination with spellwork for constant gentle improvements.

    My thinking had gotten stuck into the place where the pain of great works was evidence to me that the magick was real and effective.  When I first started doing Dafa and Ebo with Nigerians their work acted like rain on parched soil for me.  Opportunities opened up, inspiration descended and new relationships presented themselves.

    My lineage in Ifa firmly believes in the ability to raise consciousness and empower enlightenment through Ifa.   However, my elder firmly opposes both magickal thinking (as a fallacy), and practicing magick (as it can detour away from a goal of improved character).  He correctly argues that people can use magick and other forms of power to avoid change.  

    Because of this I’ve spent the previous 7 years struggling with my relationship with Magick as a tool for anything beyond connecting with spirit and receiving enlightenment.  Most everything we have done magickally during this time focused on internal change and seeking enlightenment.   I had a few times when I found myself jealous of others who were experiencing external expressions of divine blessings, but I was forcing myself into a mental framework to align with my Ifa elder’s “I focus on good character brings highest blessings.”

    Late last year I started a new program of seeking out “Spirit Contractors” where I’d use divination to create a marketplace for 3 requests a month from spirits in trade for offerings given (divination led of course).  I did experience some good results.   This has slowly led to a personal renaissance of my magickal practice for effect change in my life.   Little by little I’ve shifted my focus away from constant exploration of consciousness and self and into manifesting changes in life as well.

    Personally I’ve done so much inner-work in the last 7 years that current inner-work often feels like drilling through bedrock.   This brought me back into contemplating whether there was a way that was less struggle and trying to force things.

    Thus, using the DIPPLIPHACCIERN process which I’ve been working on for the last couple years (a POWER OVERWHELMING style ritual planning tool) I started designing rituals where we were mixing doing work with divine guidance.  They mixed Devotionals where everything is about expressing/honoring a God/Goddess and Spellwork where everything is trying to accomplish a goal.  In this mixed process we use divination to craft spellwork and ritual where gods/spirits to guide our work and goal into manifestation.

    Instead of trying to create fixed results, the goal was often general results that would allow spirit freedom to manifest what we were ready to receive with far less struggle.   Those of us less ready to receive got what we could with relative ease, and those of us more ready to receive saw incredible results.

    What rarely happened were un-necessary life explosions.  Even periods of existential struggle often included an understanding that they were supported.

    It’s hard to express how big of a difference this was from past Spellwork.  We often spent a TON of time warning people about the “shit storm” where magic with us will stir up stuff in their life and things that aren’t serving them will often get violently torn out of their lives.

    At the time we saw the chaos/pain as proof that they’d had a powerful transformative experience, but I’m starting to see it as evidence that we were throwing too much power and too little finesse at a problem.

    This new process replaces power with nuance.  By asking spirit’s guidance we can target the spellwork very carefully and reduce wasteful effort and power.

    At this point doing this work for the last few weeks has brought spells and results for: general feelings of wellness, multiple projects advance in obvious blessings/miracle, new paying clients manifesting, a new service and classes droping into place, a literal national platform to teach/share dropped on my lap in an incredible miraculous unlikelihood(more later), and over $90,000 put into my bank account that I had hoped I might get, but had given up on a while back.

    The blessings are fast and furious and I’m going to ride this wave and see where it goes.   For so long I wanted magick that had good purpose.  Learning to open myself up to new blessings with easy work/high result dynamics is very inspiring and makes me far more willing to do the harder work/slower result efforts.  😊

  • True Power, True Wisdom and True Magick

    Mountain path

    I think it's time for me to stop living in separate worlds.

    I desire Power and I desire Wisdom. In many of their wonderful flavors I desire to understand and experience them.

    I created a blog a long time back called “Power before Wisdom.” My first efforts to consciously seek power in my life was in metaphysics. I studied magick, and I experimented to see what worked and what didn't.

    I kind of painted myself into a corner though. I only wrote about and formed the whole brand around magick and spirituality. I love reading and writing about those topics, but I also love reading and writing about politics, money, environmentalism, technology, self-growth, history and all the other examples of Power. Up until now I kept a separation though. I didn't bring much of the other stuff to PBW.

    True magick is about affecting your life, your community and your world. It isn't about just playing in the sandbox of theory. It's about calling blessings to yourself. If you are doing good magick you will end up with the exact amount of good things that you are willing to live with. Health, Joy, Money, Love, Family, Friends, Opportunities, Home, Jobs/Businesses, Land/Wealth.

    You will quickly find that your great magickal works will fade into the past because you now get to live with the consequences of obtaining the blessings you desired. Every once in a while something will happen or you'll change your mind and a new working will adjust your course, but generally your need for powerful magicks fade. The only way you will continue regularly is if you either are a priest to living and noisy gods or if you practice magick for magick's sake... and I do both.

    I fully believe in the power of my Gods and my Magick. I also believe in the power of technology, politics, money, environmentalism, history and non-spiritual self-growth. Steve Pavlina is one of my favorite examples. Mike Hrostoski is another. I feel that I have something to add to the conversation of all of these topics with my faith and metaphysical perspectives.

    I think it's time for me to slowly adjust the Power Before Wisdom Brand into expressing ALL of the Power and Wisdom I'm interested in, rather than just Magick. Hopefully that will breath fresh air into this Blog. I've been rather trepidatious about the reception this will receive from old readers and new ones, but the more I think about it the more everything I write will start to make sense when I include the whole perspective.

    How many people will believe in magick more if they watch how my early posts evolved from a concern that I wouldn't be a recognizable authority because I couldn't show success, and now see posts of the evident success as well as my stories of how they manifested, and the lessons I've learned from them.

    My life is full. My blessings: plentiful. My magick: strong and effective. My Gods: faithful and noisy. My ancestors: powerful and wise. And my interests: varied and interconnected.

    Good Spelling,

  • You WILL forget your Magick: How to Compensate

    Manifesting Ideas Ring

    It is very very rare that we actually remember Magick.

    Instead, we usually remember a story we about when something felt magickal.    Now our actual memory can be tied to that story, but if you take a moment and review your memory you’ll notice that you often don’t actually remember the moment of magick. 

    To make things more confusing when you finally get to the memory you’ll notice that it doesn’t usually feel magickal. Now this doesn’t mean there was no magick, instead it simply points out what actually happens in powerful magick.  

    In powerful magick we and/or our world change.

    The thing we recognize as magick is the boundary between the experience that was, to the experience that is.   However, we are now in this new perspective.  This is our new normal.  As sane entities do, unless we anchor the specific perspective/circumstance shift, we let go of the old perspective to be fully present with our current one.

    Magick is the change.  Most of the time it is the aha moment, the crazy coincidence, the impulse to do something unusual which creates amazing results. Sometimes it’s the weird visions or talking to non-physical entities. You’d think it is easy to remember the impossible moments, but now that we’ve experienced them, those aren’t impossible to us. 

    We were one person experiencing one world one moment, and in the next moment we and/or our world changed. If we do not make sure to anchor the moment of this change in our memory then our old perspective of ourselves or our world will fade and with it any recognition comparing the two. 

    Even IF we anchor the moment of the change and tell our story of magick, the memory is useless unless we chronicle who we were before the change.

    - - Example 1: Magickless story - -

    I made a magick ring and because of that this week I decided to restart PBW.

    There is no magick in that story because we don’t know what the ring did, if anything.

     - - Example 2: Magick filled story - -

    3 weeks ago I was feeling lost in my life projects.  I felt that my store was in danger. I felt that studyifa.com was going to be a waste of my time/money because I was questioning whether everything I’m paying to add content to the site may be fake.  This coincided with me encountering a powerful tradition of regular spellwork/offerings that had the mojo, but I felt taken advantage of rather than served. I felt that my wood burn business was fucked because I wasn’t sure if I’d ever turn a decent profit at it.   I felt that I’d started so many things and they were all a waste of my time.  

    2 weeks ago I decided that I valued the concept of the regular spellwork led by divination.  I realized that by the time I recognize I need to do a spell it is often LONG past due.  I also realized that the consciousness that might be getting in the way of me asking for what I need is probably the easiest thing to change using magick as long as I let something else I trust guide the spellwork.

    Thus, I designed a special tarot reading that had my favorite qualities from the traditional Dafa and Ebo process.  It created space to ask trusted spirits for guidance on the easiest spellwork we can do to improve our lives.

    I was excited that I feel I created something nifty and I tested it on myself.

    My very first reading I asked for spellwork to bring success increasing income streams. At the time I honestly felt helpless to do so despite my past successes.  Unfortunately, humans aren’t logical.

    My Reading
    Spells: Speak or write intent to take and use ideas.  Create amulet to hold my feet to the fire and make sure things get manifest.  Take a cleansing shower to remove old relationships with ideas.

    I immediately did the spellwork recommended.  I ended up merging the spoken intent in the form of enchanting a random ring I had to be the “amulet” to hold my feet to the fire.

    It was barely a few hours later than I noticed my thoughts which so often wander seemed to be driving back toward a goal they had wandered from.   I experienced 3 days of the most intense productivity I’ve experienced in years.   More importantly since then I’ve been regularly driven back to the tasks which will make my ideas bear fruit.   Old projects are being brought back up to get finished.  Finished, but never released projects are being connected to new social and sales channels.   I’m constantly experiencing inspiration of things I need to do to follow up with my ideas and bring them to manifestation.

    Because of this I restarted PBW because I see a vision of how to create a living community of Magick, Faith and Spellwork alongside ways to create opportunity and value.

    This story has magick. 
    There is a before/after contrast and the leverage points of the spellwork and ring make sense.

    Recommended Lesson:

    Don’t just try to remember the magick.  You need to document and recognize the “before person.”   If you experienced magick you are already the “after person.”

    As long as you create anchors to see who was and notice the leverage points you’ll be able to recognize that the moment you felt was magick was definitely a moment of great change. 

    And if you’re lucky you’ll be able to remember the magick to...