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  • About Awo Fa'gbemiro aka Scott Reimers (2016 update)

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    I became a professional Web Developer, Computer and Network Technician in 1999.   By 2006 I had decided I wanted to start moving into a new field.  I started this website in the hopes of eventually making a living teaching magic. Most importantly I thought I'd be able to start gaining “deeper understandings”; because above all else, I had a desire to experience obvious and clear magic on a regular basis.

    I spent about 4 years writing whatever I felt like sharing as I learned and experimented. I was the arrogant fool, sharing experiences and jumping into stupid new ones (Making a Djinn ring being one of my dumber moments...) Little by little the posts started becoming more humble and more respectful as I started recognizing the mistakes of my impetuousness.

    There came a point in 2010 when it became obvious that I needed to either start monitizing this website or do something else. Long story short I tried a lot of things, but in the end, I decided that I had to move on. Some of the posts of that time period had a frustrated and annoyed tone. I mostly disappeared for a while as I shifted my focus.

    My main life goal at that time shifted from “experience cool magic” to “build wealth.”

    Well... good news: Magic works.

    My life changed incredibly. By 2012 I owned a semi-automated web business which paid my bills and allowed my wife to quit working. I started getting back into writing a bit, but I kept my focus on "building wealth." In 2013, my Wife, Covenmates and Roomate wanted to start a Magick Shop and Open a Pagan Temple, so I used my business experience to make that happen.  While doing that I explored some new magicks and alchemy which I will start detailing here.

    As of 2016 I own 3 online businesses.  I also run the Magick Store "Reno Magick" and the "Temple of Growth Advancement" with my Partner and another Priest in Reno NV.  Additionally I'm living many of my life goals.  I regularly experience awesome magic, support multiple local faith and magickal groups out of the temple, and have Magickal Students all over the world, not to mention an International Ifa Extended Family through my Ifa Parents.

    Ifa Parents?  On top of my business successes, I also initated into Ifa in 2012 through the lineages of Awo Falokun Fatunmbi and Yeye Omiadeofun Fa'kayode Oyeotunde and spent a couple years living with my Elder and studying with him.   I have received My Ifa Elders' blessing to perform Ifa Divination and Initiations.  

    It has been an awesome journey, and while it sometimes didn't seem that fun along the way, I'm really appreciative and joyful as to where it has gone.

    While I'll sometimes let this site sit for weeks or months, it is still near and dear to my heart. I want to teach because I love it. I like writing an article or recording a class and having lots and lots of people benefit from it.  I recently had a breakthrough and hope to release a new book every 3 months in 2017. They are going to be a series which teaches magick from the very basics up.

    At this point I have semi-retired at 35 years old, and I am looking to travel the world experiencing and teaching magick.  Every other week I am "free" to either travel or work on long term projects.  If you want training and/or Initiation and don't want to have to go somewhere else for it, this period of my life will be great for you.  If you work with my Schedule and cover my travel expenses (will be deducted from fees) I will discount the costs as long as either you have 3 or more people who need training OR at least 3 days are available for me to explore and do personal work in the region you live.

    Awo Fa'gbemiro Falokun (Scott Reimers)

  • Divine Openings: Things are going great in my Absence - Update 4

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    I've been posting less often lately.  It has been more and more apparent to me that this is due to continued consequences of the Divine Openings.   I'm still taking my time finishing the book.   Yes... I've had it for almost 6 months and I still haven't finished it.  I read a little at a time. My wife has not only finished the book multiple times, but she's started doing online follow-up courses that Lola Jones offers.  

    Ironically, the problem with my posting is that things are going well.  My birthday was mid-April and I have a yearly tradition of looking at my life and asking myself if I'm happy with its direction or if I need a course correction.  I can happily say that I'm happier with my life this year than I was last and the one before that and so on...   I have been aligning with my higher goals more clearly each time.   Financially the last two years were negative seeming as my income dropped a LOT, but my expenditures dropped even more.   I've been net positive going from a rat race leading deeper into debt where I was harming relationships, toward a healthier financial existence.   However, from the outside I still look broke.

    While I'm happier with myself and my life than I have been, I ended up asking myself if I'm someone people would want to come to for advice.  I weigh 300lbs, don't make much money and lack obvious successes that people can look at to say... "I want to do what this guy does, I want to be like him."  Additionally I started asking myself what my purposes for this blog are.   I was originally intending to follow in the footsteps of a blogger "Steve Pavlina" who turned his blog into a 6 digit a month income source.  I still would like to turn this blog into an income source, but I started realizing that the biggest value to me at the moment is a pressure to accountability.   I feel that writing this blog holds me accountable to become someone that people want to emulate.   It presses me to make losing weight a priority. It pressures me to ensure I'm fiscally powerful in the ways I claim to want to be.  Finally, it drives me to study and practice magic the way I practice technology.  I enjoy theoretical science, but I LOVE applied science and technology.  I have spent a lot of time with magick theory, but this blog presses me to turn my theory into obvious power.   Calling the blog "Power before Wisdom" denotes that I am teaching people how to use magick to empower their lives.  I kinda need to be able to show that I'm verifiably powerful in order to be an information source someone can trust.

    This recognition had me asking myself a lot about how I do things.  A lot of April and May were spent choosing where to focus my current metaphysical studies in order to show apparent magickal power that can improve ones day to day power.  Binding spirits doesn't do a hell of a lot of good if you only use the bound spirits to engage in some drama-fest with other mages.  Casting Spells with the results being your car only breaking down once a year instead of once a month doesn't do a hell of a lot of good if you still don't have the money to fix it that one time it does.

    My emotional state fluxuated a lot through this process... looking back it was like I was going through my emotional house and deep cleaning a couple areas to make space for a new work area.   Suddenly in late May something snapped and a couple simple choices and mindsets just dropped into place.   I just suddenly accepted it was time to open a new business focused on webdesign.  After my business failed 2 years ago I told myself I was only doing computer work and webdesign as a job until I could "make it" in a new industry.   My "new industry" varied between "sustainability" and metaphysics.   This blog was one of the attempts to step into the industry of Metaphysics.   

    In late May I made the commitment to do Webdesign full time with a focus on doing it fully committed.   In the past I had a difficult time getting myself on task and accomplishing work.  It was like I was always needing to beat myself with the "or else" stick.  "I gotta finish the site today or else I won't get paid."   "I gotta make this change in the next 2 hours or else I'll lose this customer."  The biggest change in late May was that my emotional baseline shifted from boredom up to acceptance.   I suddenly didn't need to beat myself with the "or else" stick.  I just do what needs doing.   I'm confident that the universe would have made this happen somehow eventually, but for me I strongly feel that the Divine Openings is how it happened here.   I didn't do a ton of work to make this happen.   I didn't take classes, build hardcore new habits or go on hardcore initiatory experiences.   I just opened up, recognized what I wanted, and felt my way through everything as is explained in the book.

    Two weeks after "the decision" I've picked up 4 new clients, completed 3 websites and have 3 pending clients.  One of the happy clients is waiting for me to put together a "how to successfully leverage a website for your business" class for business owners to teach alongside a course they do every couple months.  There is a very good likelihood that this will result in many new clients.  Additionally, my other projects have bounded forward.  

    • I have a better vision of how I'm going to move forward with this site
    • I have a part time project building sustainability related products that are too big to ship for local sales
    • My card game is moving forward in a way it hasn't since I realized how fundamentally flawed my original vision for it was.   My card game has been a multi-thousand hour project which could potentially be worth millions if it completes and gets to market, but I had an unrealistic vision for it before.  When I realized the flaws in the vision I stopped working on it, but part of this "end of May" transition was finding a new vision and restarting work to complete it and bring it to market.
    • I've been exercising at least 45 minutes almost daily, my diet has been improving and I'm losing weight.

    In magick we tend to look for the impressive shows of power, but sometimes the most powerful magick are the "small" changes with long term effects.  The most powerful change that I can report now is a confidence that my commitments mean something.  That I'll be able to come back in 2 months and say... these changes stuck and here is how my life is better.  This change was away from something that had me stuck in a grey area for a couple years now.  Thank you Universe.  Thank you Lola. Thank you Higher Self.

  • Site Changeover Plan


    Hello all.   Someone asked me what the heck is going on.   Figured I'd get an update out to explain.   PBW is going to get a WHOLE LOT Bigger.

    All of the new information I'm posting now is a copy of the first of 4 books which I'll be releasing soon. Most of the stuff that says subscription only is still being added from the book. In the next 2 weeks I'm going to organize and update the Table of Contents for the "Basic Magick", "Personal magick", "Internal Magick" and the "Group magick" areas just like I did for "Fundamentals".

    Soon afterwards I will be designing a "release schedule."  Piece by piece, I will be releasing exercises and articles for free. My end goal is to offer all of the stuff you NEED to know for free and have a whole lot of "niceties" as something that you can either get from buying the books or getting a subscription. I'd also like to see the community build a free Wiki of Correspondences as well.

    Another thing I will be posting in the next few days are the details on the "subscription" which will include a process of training and a path of initiation into a tradition I'm forming.

    Unfortunately, there is always a question as to how to balance the needs of honoring the information that was giving to the community through spirit and compensating the persons for their sacrifice in organizing and presenting the information. I decided to use the "early adopters pay" model where there is a delay for information to become free while first adopters pay so that the persons who do the work to write, build the website and maintain the exercises are taken care of as they work on other "new" stuff. :-)

    Thank You for Reading.

    Be Well,

  • Things are Going Great in my Absence update 2


    Yesterday I had a lot of work to accomplish and I decided to focus on it.  Webdesign work went smoothly, as did setting up the referral program for Things are Going Great in my Absence.  I had a simple joy as I was working on the web work.  I ended up having to learn a whole lot more about Joomla and start playing with PHP code to deal with one of the issues.  Rather than frustrating me it was fun.

    About 3pm I decided to go ahead and do picture two.  Even though she warns it's better to wait a week between images, I felt like I could handle it due to the amount of magic and trance possession work we've done.  Stupid reasons aside, I felt like I should.    So I took a look at the image, this one of a Buddah and opened myself up to groking it like the first one (I'd already read the chapter the day prior).  I remember going to lie down and thinking, "it should be interesting, how this could top the last one."

    Again I don't really remember a ton of the thoughts of the time, however I do remember that this experience started out with special effects (in my mind).  The first one I experienced an explosion of light, so I was sitting there waiting for thoughts or another explosion of light when instead it was like the sky opened up and poured black powder all over me.  Not explosive black powder mind you, I just remember perceiving it as solidifying, comforting, stabilizing.  The place I had chosen to lie down was right underneath this giant Ganesha Mask that we had made (and used) for a ritual with Ganesh as the Center of Attention (I was wearing the mask). I remember that a lot of my time (yesterday, not at the ritual) was a conversation about me (Everyone's favorite topic!).  Thinking back, I remember clearly that if I want something, it's OK to want it, but I need to let go of what was.   I need to let go of the not having it.  A large amount of the time (30 minutes this time) was spent letting go.  I remember at one point it felt as if the black powder had bonded to darknesses of my "soul" and was doing a storm in me, stripping it clean.  It actually kinda hurt, but in that showing with really good soap and a bristle brush kinda way.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    I had set an alarm to get up because I needed to go to a customer for an "emergency call."  Most of my experience occurred in a point between wakefulness and dreaming.  Call it lucid dreaming if you will, but the depth varied.  I felt overloaded spiritually and mentally, not in a bad way, more like I wished for $1,000,000 and a genie delivered it into my house in $1 bills.  I had what I wanted, but I was trying to make space and deal with it and suddenly my neighbor rang the doorbell and asked whether I wanted to come to our weekly poker game.  At this point I remember thinking, "I don't want to get up."

    Spirit Replied, "Then don't." 

    I said, "I gave my word."

    Spirit Replied, "So?  What do you want to do?" (there were concepts there of "Who do you want to be" and open paths in front of me to choose)

    I said, "I want to keep my word.  I can do other things later."

    Spirit Replied, "As you wish." and I woke up and my mind began "clearing."  (More like someone dug a path to my front door through the money)

    I got up and got ready to head out the door, but I do remember exclaiming in excitement to Misty as I woke her up to watch Ari... "I can't believe I let someone who couldn't prove positive Manifestaion in the least teach me manifestation."  

    I'd always manifested by focusing on what I wanted intensely and accepting it.  This "teacher" didn't have much of anything in life and is quite unhappy, however he's confident that he knows Magic and Spirituality inside and out.  For a while I had started accepting his idea that you need to envision what you want clearly and in your control and then let it go completely.  Recently he started adding in "Wrap it in Pink Light before you let it go."

    I wasn't having luck with his way and never had and yet when I thought about Manifestation instead of just doing it I ended up failing at his way instead of succeeding at mine.

    I was walking out the door when my daughter called out "Daddy you forgot your laptop."   I had just thought a few minutes before that I should take it, but I reasoned that I wouldn't need it for the appointment.  For a moment, I debated telling her I had done so on purpose, but then I realized how odd it was that she said that.  She doesn't usually care if I take my laptop with me when I go.  I decided to thank her and take it with me.

    I am glad Lola warned about was the emotional rollercoaster and how to just go with it.  I was driving down the road and I heard something on the radio.  I don't even remember what, but I suddenly burst out crying.  I was driving down the road sobbing hysterically, wiping snot off my face, tears streaming down my face and Screaming out in Tearful Joy "I DON'T HATE MYSELF ANYMORE!"

    I hadn't thought I hated myself, but there was definitely release.  I do feel good and happy and worthy, and I'm not sure if I did before.  Everyone has moments of happiness, but I was looking to experience them outside myself.   I knew how to do things to make me happy and how to choose to feel happy, but I'm not sure that I'd just been happy for a while.  There's a difference.  It really feels like the biggest part is that I used to fill lack with tricks I'd learned, but I don't believe in the lack right now.

    When I got to the area of town with the customer I realized that I hadn't made a map and didn't know where they were.  I went to call them and found that the number they had given me was their work number.   After an hour drive I had no way to find the customer...

    oh wait.  LAPTOP.  I opened it up, used it to research the customers location.  I showed up at their large Mansion, after 5 minutes had their issue resolved and a promise of a check waiting at their law office the next day.

    As of this sentence we've covered almost 3 hours after looking at picture two...  It was a LONG night.  I'll cover more in the next update, but I have other things I need to do now.

    Power Before Wisdom