Fundamentals of Magick

The organization of this website forms the Power Before Wisdom Training Series.  Each Article will build on previously taught material to support deeper understandings and ability to practice the concepts shared.    The exercises cover ways to learn, experience and regularly practice the concepts in the articles to improve your day to day life.  The first book 

The first book The Power Before Wisdom Primer (from Amazon) includes updated versions of all of the materials from What to Expect from Real Magick (Fundamentals of Magick) to Receiving Initiation (Basic Magick) in a clear step by step guide!

What to Expect from Real Magick
Exercise: What do you Want? (Subscription Only)
Getting what you want while Honoring the Process
Exercise: Your Mastery Goals (Subscription Only)
Exercise:How Do You Want to Learn Magick? (Subscription Only)
How to Stay Sane while Believing in Magick
Exercise: Setting a Baseline (Subscription Only)
Practicing Magick & Building Faith
Exercise: Identifying your Talents (Subscription Only)
Exercise: Setting Faith Goals (Subscription Only)
Exercise: Power vs Wisdom(Subscription Only)
Will vs Physics NEW!

Exercise: Bending the Rules (Subscription Only)
The Law of Silence
Exercise: Design the Story (Subscription Only)

Conceptual Momentum 
(Subscription Only)
Exercise: Correspondences (Subscription Only)

Ritual and Ceremony

Exercise: Design a Ritual(Subscription Only)
Muscle Testing

Exercise: Learn Some History (SubscriptionOnly)
Magick, Manifestation and your Core Issues
(Subscription Only)
Exercise: What would Perfect Be to Me (Subscription Only)
Exercise: Survey for Self Improvement (Subscription Only)
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Exercise: Update your Script (Subscription Only)
Exercise: Craft an Affirmation (Subscription Only)
Meditation / Visualization NEW!

Exercise: Scene Visualization (Part of the Article)
Exercise: Focused Meditation (Part of the Article)
Exercise: Relaxed Meditation (Part of the Article!)
Diving into Emotion
(Subscription Only)
Exercise: Feeling your Emotions (Subscription Only)


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