Summoning, Blooding and Binding Spirits

a red spirit in front of a silhouette

Summoning, Blooding and Binding Spirits.  The idea brings up images of dark energies surrounding persons presenting blood sacrifices late at night, to beings in chalked circles ominously lit by black candles.  To be honest that aspect does exist; however, Binding Spirits is not all shadows and pain.   The spirit world operates on a different set of rules than we do here.

Living on earth is considered to be kinda a high point of existence.  Spirits tend to think of us as Billionaires going to college, networking and taking a cruise all at the same time.  In the spirit world a purpose to exist and an opportunity to grow are good gifts.  In fact, when a spirit says gratefully that they owe you one, it means that they owe you a learning experience.   The EXACT opposite of what you mean.  Most Mages want help with a learning experience whereas most spirits want challenges and enough power to tackle them.  Notice I said spirits... not ghosts.  While I usually speak of ghosts as just another form of spirit (non-corporial living entity), in this case due to their recent experience (life), ghosts may have a bit more power than your average spirit, but they also tend to share our less "appreciative" value system.

We all have spirits who stick around us and help us with our challenges.  They commonly go by the name of our "spiritual entourage" or "guardian spirits."  Think of them as loving Roadies to our life performance.  Sometimes we appreciatively (or not, unfortunately) let our roadies take care of a lot of stuff and sometimes we do most of it ourselves.  Just as performers will gain and lose fans over the course of their performance so to will our entourage change out to fit who we are now.  If we had an entourage who were fans of our doom-n-gloom life, but we've replaced our live with an appreciative and loving one,  a lot of our early entourage is going to drop off and be replaced with new ones.  There are infinite possibilities in this universe so don't worry about nobody liking your performance.  Everyone has a few "die hard fans."

This brings us to the most simple conscious binding I've ever seen.  "Please, help me."  We've ALL done this.  Usually we were looking to the heavens hoping that Big Daddy in the sky would make it all right.   What most of us don't know is that those words are the equivalent of holding up a no bid, no requirement, college scholarship to the first available taker.  Just like in the real world we tend to get what we're aligned with.  I'm a pretty decent person and I tend to interact with decent people, so when I no bid a job I tend to get someone nice.  This isn't always true of course.   Our entourage isn't limited by silly things like time so if we're ready to make a life choice sometimes our entourage will change shifts beforehand.  Kind of like if Metallica announced a new CD... of Gregorian Chants.   Many fans would jump ship right there, but there would be people who would be intrigued and would line up to buy it before it came out.  So if your life is in a dark place and you are truely ready to change don't be surprised if you suddenly find yourself with allies more like who you are trying to be rather than who you were.

If you're a legal minded person you've already seen why "Please, help me" can be a bad binding.  You left everything up to the spirit completely.  Maybe the spirit decides that the best way to help you is to get in your way to help make the lesson more effective.  Maybe the spirit decides that the best way to help you is to kill that bastard who broke your heart, never mind that you might get together again...  THIS is why we bind.  Think of bindings literally like contracts.  I would like you to fix this problem, in this way, for this cost.  

Cost?  What's that?   Most spirits don't have much ability to effect change in this world.  We can change it with our stray thoughts.  Our energy body allows us some impressive options they they don't have.   If you think of our body like an army focused towards whatever purpose we choose, then think of spirits doing work for us as contractors with security clearance to fly the F-14s.  The contractors aren't always easy with the equipment.  Hey we're rich, what will we care if they crash a few of the planes or sink a small boat right?

This is why when you are binding a spirit it is a good idea to not only write a contract, but also to give them a body and "blood" it.  By giving it a separate body, giving it power and in the contract defining how it might (or might not) receive more power, you disconnect it from you.  Instead of giving it a blank check, you define what resources it has and what budget it needs to stay within.

I recently pissed off a few dark hearted people when I decided I wanted them out of my life.  After opening my 3rd eye and seeing my aura coated in "sludge" a couple days ago, I decided to go ahead and create a spirit to help defend me from any curses they might send.  Being the light and love person I am...  I decided I wanted the spirit to attack those who attacked me better and faster.  I designed a bindrune (I'll cover bindrune design later), wrote up a contract into my book of shadows (Yes I do have one) and then empowered it in a circle with with alchemy, blood and will.  After the ritual, I felt accomplished and like it was drawing out all kinds of negativity that I hadn't cleared away.  It was only this morning that I realized my mistake.  Let me read you the original contract and see if you figure out my error.

"IVHATHI, spirit of curses redirected: Absorb those energies sent to harm or hinder me and use them to destroy those, other than myself (as defined by me), who choose through will and action to set their energies against me, my purposes and mine.  Do so effectively and without malice.  Maintain your purpose and your allegiance and be empowered to change and grow for your purpose."

I woke up with a serious feeling of doom.  Luckily, I knew my mistake.   I had made a simple error.  My definitions and consequences were flawed.  I had mistakenly defined ANYONE who disagreed with me and opposed me in any way as someone to be destroyed!  0_0  :-0

This brings us to the second reason you want to write a contract and give a body to a spirit.  If you have access to the contract and the body, you can change or destroy the whole situation.  I changed one word this morning and the whole situation improved immediately.  I changed the word "destroy", to "redirect":

"IVHATHI, spirit of curses redirected: Absorb those energies sent to harm or hinder me and use them to REDIRECT those other than myself (as defined by me), who choose through will and action to set their energies against me, my purposes and mine.  Do so effectively and without malice.  Maintain your purpose and your allegiance and be empowered to change and grow for your purpose."

This brings us to another reason to bind spirits.  I ignored the law of silence, I didn't keep this spell a secret from you.  Why?  Because IVHATHI is a smart, living and growing entity.  Your disbelief doesn't matter to it.  It can still do its job no matter what you believe.  Now silence is still a good idea in most cases; Sharing what you're doing can have people decide to oppose you because they disagree with what you're doing and/or how you're doing it.  Keeping your mouth shut prevents you from gathering anti-momentum.  Unfortunately it also prevents you from gathering allied momentum.  

I am choosing to share IVHATHI because (especially in his new contract) he's a pretty cool and positive ally and THE MORE HE IS USED THE STRONGER HE GETS.  If all he does is learn and grow dealing with my stuff he will grow enough to do that.  If I get a lot of readers who learn how to access his aid, then he gets all of the learning experience they bring him as well.  Since I'm the person who fundamentally holds the contract and body then I'm the person who gets to redirect him if need be.  Now to be honest someone else can decide to form another body for him and change his purpose.  However, in doing so they will most likely disconnect from the energies we are building here. The further from my IVHATHI they take theirs, the less they get to tap into what we're doing here.

I will soon post details of IVHATHI, the runes I used and the Bindrune involved.  I intentionally designed him to be able to be accessed through his Name and his Bindrune separately.  Doing this is what we call creating a focus.  I take a complex spell and create a simple way to access its energy in entirety.  While IVHATHI is more that just a spell, calling upon him and knowing what I'm calling IS a spell.  The focus allows me to do so quickly and without having to recreate the 2 hour long ritual I used in his original summoning, contract and binding.  Plus... now I don't have to prick my finger again... that shit hurts!  ;-)

Power Before Wisdom

Update: I just realized that I didn't teach you how to summon spirits in this article... So if you don't know how to summon read THIS ARTICLE!

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