A Conversation on Telekinesis and Poltergeists

Conversation on Telekinesis and Poltergeists

I woke from my nap to the ringing phone.


“Hi... This is Scott.” I said.


“Scott... I need you to do something. I've got stuff moving around on its own. I'm freaking out!” the caller said. “We just did a ritual for to call my power back and now this! What's Going ON!?”

I took a deep breath and modulated my speech to be stable, safe and comforting before I spoke. “Theresa... 99% of Poltergeist activity in our society is related to abuse. I'd be willing to bet you've been through some pretty horrible sexual abuse.”


Silence on the other end, and then. “Yes.”


“OK... First things first. You survived that abuse.” I reminded her. “You are here today because you survived it, you learned how to make it through and you grew into an adult.”


“The horrors you experienced opened a door for you.” I continued. “You probably had stuff like this happen in the past, and you thought you were being attacked. You were told it was evil and you were under attack. You tried to find ways to make it go away.”


“This isn't evil though. This isn't something else attacking you, Theresa. This is your emotions, your hurt and your need to act when you felt powerless, flailing around and moving stuff without you touching it.”


“You went through a horrible experience. This is a gift from it.” I told her. “I have had one other person who came to me with this same problem. She woke up floating! Within a month of listening to my advice, she started learning to do this on purpose. She learned to do some pretty awesome stuff like moving knives without touching them.”


“So you are saying this is all me? I am this powerful?” She asked.


“We all are.” I answered. “Everyone has this kind of power inside them, but only a few people can access it. The horrors you went through opened the door, and now you are going to start learning to turn this into a blessing which improves your life.”


“How do I learn to do this?” She asked.


“You are going to stop being afraid when it happens and start paying attention.” I answered. “When a baby is first born they don't know how to control their arms. Their arms flail around and after a while they start learning to recognize the feeling of when their arms move a certain way. After a while they learn to stop flailing and move the arm on purpose.”


“You are going to do the same thing.” I said. “After a while you will notice that there is a certain feeling to moving stuff. You'll learn to do it on purpose, and then you'll learn how to stop doing it on accident.”


“I'm proud of you.” I told her. “You are doing an awesome job facing these challenges. To be honest, I'm kinda jealous... you're gonna have a fun couple of months!”

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