How to counter and recover from Magickal Attacks, Curses and Black Magick

surviving magickal attacks removing curses

Somehow somewhere you pissed off a Witch, Brujo, Shaman, Gypsy or other spellcaster. Details vary. Maybe it was personal, and maybe you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. At this point it doesn’t really matter anymore. Your life started going downhill. It seems like if an accident can happen it does. Your friends and family have started pulling away. People routinely tell you that you’re acting crazy, but you don’t even know what safe feels like anymore.

Being under Magickal Attack feels a hell of a lot like a mental illness both on the inside and on the outside. The reason for this is that part of what a concerted attack can do is induce an actual mental break.

First, the good news. If you didn’t have some personal power than you’d probably be dead or content in a new life far removed from your old one. Very few people encounter casters who actually want to torture them more than they want them just gone or out of the way.

Now the bad news. At this point you have an uphill battle to reclaim your mental health and form healthy habits for your mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and magickal wellness… and you get to do that while someone else is trying to tear you down.

This isn’t going to be easy, but when you eventually succeed you are going to be a badass mother-fucker. You will know yourself and your power. You will know your relationships are the real deal, and you will have found a passion for life.

I’m going to explain a bit about how attacks work so that you can understand WHY we are going to take the routes I’m recommending.

To massively oversimplify: When someone casts a destructive spell they use their energy, will and spiritual connections to ask for something harmful to happen to you. Sometimes they are quite specific, sometimes they are not. This “bad stuff” flies toward you, but your subconscious, spiritual allies and your friend’s and family’s subconscious don’t want the bad stuff to happen. So, if you have the power, you turn the bad stuff away. The hit doesn’t seem to do anything to you other than sap some of your energy.

Eventually though, if the other person does a lot of work and you don’t do a lot of work, your response gets weaker and weaker. Instead of negating the bad stuff your energy can only make it “less bad.” As you get weaker and weaker, the attacks tend to “splash” more and effect your relationships. For a while their energy helps turn the attacks, but it makes the relationship hard for them. They feel uncomfortable or even kinda cursed around you so little by little they pull away.

The more people pull away, the less support you have. The less support you have, the harder the bad stuff hits you and more and more stuff goes wrong. The more stuff goes wrong the more you become desperate. By now you believe you are under attack, but you’ve lost the social connections. Even the few people who believe you either can’t help or won’t. Your world becomes smaller and smaller. Every little thing seems like another attack.

Here’s where a really sinister part comes in. Their magicks are training you to curse yourself now! You are so used to bad stuff happening to you that it’s all you can focus on. Instead of doing work to manifest good stuff you are habitually putting your energy forth to find bad stuff… and because of all your hard work, you find it. Bad stuff flocks to you like ants on sugar.

If you’re really “lucky” you have the gift to work with spirits and your situation has gotten so bad that unfriendly spirits are now hanging out in your energy and siphoning it in order to fuck with you like psychic leeches adding to the chaos. You hear them whispering nasty little things which help tear you down and in moments of stress you’ll even have haunting related drama like stuff flying around the room, cold spots and crazy noises.

At this point they don’t even have to do anything anymore. They’ve disconnected you from support and trained you to self-destruct. You now see yourself as someone cursed, and until you change your consciousness, this spiral will end in misery and eventual death. I say eventual death because by the time you desire death, you no longer have the personal power to manifest a quick death and will struggle on the line of life and death in despair unable to find a way to live and unable to find the power to die.

There is GOOD NEWS however. Your higher self, your spiritual allies, others around you, your subconscious and more want better for you. They want you to have a better life. Somewhere and somehow they will work to help you out of that downward spiral. Depending on how much you own the self-destruction, they will be able to help you have either a crappy, mediocre or even decent life.

If the attacks have stopped you can rebuild from there. You’ll eventually start to trust and believe you can have good things, you’ll overcome the training to habitually self-sabotage and you’ll start manifesting good things into your life again.

However, for the sake of this article we’re going to imagine the attacks haven’t stopped. In this story you are currently in a downward spiral, relationships are going or gone and you’ve had so much bad stuff happen that as you look around you, you only see more ways for the next pain and hardship to arrive into your life.

It’s time for Magickal Attack Triage.

Magickal Attack Triage is:

  • Stop helping them hurt us by retraining our thoughts.

  • Build and leverage support relationships in healthy ways.

  • Get and perform effective protection magicks.

  • Build our personal power.

All of the Triage goals are important. Individually each of them will help a little, but together they are protection and healing which help us find our power and overcome the attack.


As a rule of thumb, in magickal warfare, logistics rules apply. It is harder to project power onto another than it is onto yourself. A LOT harder. 1 unit of protection/healing can overcome 20 units of attack. Now, to start with, they may have a WHOLE lot more power than you, but we’re going to work to change that. It’s easy to be more than 20 times stronger than someone who has nothing, but you’re going to find your strength. If you use that strength wisely you will become strong enough that the sacrifices they would have to make to attack you directly will be too much. Then this magickal war will hit stage 2: Attrition (We’ll talk about that later. Most people are actually in attrition, but an attrition magickal war needs the same resources and warnings I’m give you now… and some more too).


Build and leverage support relationships in healthy ways
Let’s start with spirits, more accurately, spirits who are almost assuredly on your side (for very selfish reasons): Your Ancestors. We need to build an ancestor altar and we need to work with it. If you can afford an Ancestor Pot or to go take part of an Egun Dance or Ancestor Ritual do so. Form relationships with your Ancestors. Even if the person attacking you is family you will have ancestors who support you against the attacks. Talk with your ancestors regularly and ASK THEM FOR HELP. Even if you don’t know their names. Your blood calls them. An ancestor pot or altar give your ancestors tools to aid you. Putting water out helps them stay clear and focused. Putting candles or incense out gives them power to act. Giving them a place to manifest gives a base of operations for their work to make your life better. If you have other spirits messing with you ask your ancestors help to end the attacks.

After you are working with your ancestors it’s time to start working with other spirits. Make altars to any other Gods or Spirits you have a relationship with. Same rules. Offerings give them resources to help you.

Nurture and nourish the relationships in your life. Right now it may feel like you have nothing to give, but get creative. Find people you care for and find a way to bless their lives. You are LITERALLY paying them for the opportunity to be in their life. Why? Because right now it is hard for them to be in your life. Your self-destructive cycles and the magickal attacks makes being your friend painful and expensive. By giving back you are doing two things. First you are honoring the fact that they are making this Sacrifice and compensating them for their costs. Second you are practicing creating, healing and growing. This will help retrain your thoughts.


Stop Helping them Hurt us by Retraining our Thoughts
This is both the easiest and hardest task. I’m going to give you this as a series of exercises. If you do this you will cry. You will feel weird doing this at first and it will help you in the long run.



  1. Recite the following 3 or more times: “I am a good and blessed person, and I deserve good things in my life.”

  2. Make a list of 3 things you experienced recently that you enjoyed.  Take a moment to enjoy the good feeling it gave you.

  3. Identify 1 thing you could do to make your life better, if you feel up to it today.

  4. Identify 1 thing you can do to bless the world around you, if you feel up to it today.


Another option if possible, go to someone with power and look into a Cleansing or an Initiation. Both rituals, done well, work to clear your energy and realign you with your higher self. An Initiation tends to go one further and works to help you connect with power or spirits you didn’t have access to before. On one hand the initiation can be very explosive in your life, but on the other hand... you wanted change anyway right?


Get and perform effective protection magicks
There are so many spells out there to protect yourself that I don’t want to recommend just one. However I will give you a couple ideas. Be creative and go beyond this. The more diverse your protection magicks the more likely that your enemy won’t be able to easily bypass them.

  1. Fill a cloth bag with salt and carry it around. The salt will absorb excess energy which will make it hard for you to give the energy to unfriendly spirits. If you’re having hauntings they should be reduced. Even if they aren’t gone the bag of salt should prevent the worst of the whispers or even possessions (yes… it happens). Change out the bag of salt once a day or a couple times a day on bad days. I personally would have 2-3 different bags and just leave the ones I’m not using on a windowsill in the sun (this removes the energy they’ve collected)

  2. As soon as you aren’t being possessed or feel ready to handle the whispers if you are hearing them, make a Juju Bag with stones and herbs for protection and carry it around. Work with someone in the know or look up stones and herbs for protection online. (You can search for "protection" at to buy stones and herbs of protection.   We even have protection Sachet up for sale HERE.)

  3. Get stones and herbs for protection and place a small bag of them in the corners of your house while asking the herbs and stones to protect this home and everything within.

  4. Start using your psychic energy on purpose. Find a shielding meditation exercise. I have a few at this website. Do one or more on a regular basis. I re-perform 16+ on a regular basis and have a selection of common ones for specific situations in my life.


Build our Personal Power
This one is confusing in its simplicity while also having a TON of options. Relationships aren’t just with spirits or people, but are also with places and experiences. To understand this, find a place (usually in nature) where you feel awe. The only way to explain is that you are impressed with the “power” of it. Sit in this place. Allow your thoughts to go wherever you want. After an hour in this place notice that it seems “normal,” but you feel better. You just formed a temporary relationship with a place of power and absorbed some of its power.

At first all you will be able to do is find places, people and situations with power and simply “share” some of it. However if you choose you can intentionally draw some of the energy into yourself faster. You can use your will to draw energy in. Once you begin to be able to do that you can connect with the earth, the sun, the moon, the sky, gods or even just your environment and draw energy in until you feel “as big as you can handle.”

Energy is like gasoline. Cars can’t run without it, but if you pour it in the wrong places and set it on fire it can be very destructive. You body is like a machine. It needs energy to work well. If you give it enough, it runs optimally. Also, your spiritual allies need energy to be able to do work and you can give them energy simply by having enough yourself. If you get a little too much and relax it’s ok it’ll just flow back into the environment. If you hold on to too much though you’ll be setting yourself up for drama. Imagine carrying gunpowder around in your hands. You can generally be ok, but all it takes is one wrong spark and BOOM. Most of the time the BOOM will be something that you’re ok with, but it’s wise to wait until you’re in a good head-space to overcharge a lot. The more positive and focused your thoughts are the more you’ll like the side effects of lots of energy.

Personal power is about more than energy though. Personal power is about liking ourselves and our lives. Make time to find joy. Do what you love. Change whatever you dislike about your life into something you like. The more you do this, the more you’ll know your personal power.

At first you’ll barely be able to give yourself permission to go for a hike or visit the beach, but as you find more and more of your power you’ll find that you are able to take on larger and larger challenges. That ability to take on large challenges is your personal power.

Some spiritual people will say it’s all about Spirit. They’ll challenge you to return to spirit. I disagree. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We CHOSE this experience. Focusing too much on spirit while in body is like meditating on the lines at Disneyland while you’re on a ride. Spirituality is a resource to having an awesome human experience. It can give us perspective to find our joy and give ourselves permission to be happy, but spirit is NOT the goal. A joyful and fulfilling life is the goal. You now have tools to accomplish that against someone focused on trying to take that away from you.


Magickal Attacks Stage 2: Attrition

I told you we’d get here. Remember how I talked about the “logistics” of magickal warfare? How it’s easier to effect things closer to yourself? Well there comes a point where you are protected and your inner circle is protected, but the attacks continue. However, unlike before they aren’t hitting you directly anymore, but are instead hitting your more distant stuff. Awesome Coworkers you loved working with suddenly start hating you. Weird coincidences keep happening, but instead of directly to you it’s like they are happening to your friends, acquaintances or business/social dealings. You can extend your protections wider and wider, but the wider your protections go, the more they cost to maintain.

It was necessary up until now to focus in on yourself and your immediate protection. This helps you get to the point where you are personally safe and the attacks on you are annoyances and inconveniences rather than life/death. At this point you will need to meditate on your ethics. You can respond in multiple ways.

Option 1: Better Defenses
If you get creative you can find ways to stretch the protections wider and wider. You can turn their attacks back against them. You can setup ways where their attacks block/harm them. You can even use their attacks to bless you.

Option 2: Give it to the Gods/Spirits
If you empower your spiritual allies and form strong relationships you have the option to ask them to take care of the problem for you. They will likely work with the enemies spirits to determine the best course of action where both sides receive the best possible outcome. It takes a lot of imbalance and pain to be committed to attacking someone. That person is almost assuredly NOT aligned with their higher nature. By asking the Gods/Spirits to take care of the issue there’s a good chance that the person attacking you will receive a series of spiritual clue-by-fours to the side of the head as spirit tries to teach them better patterns. Just like you have the choice to choose pain instead of enlightenment they may resist the lessons, but with your protections in place you should be safe and with the Gods and Spirits becoming involved (you’re making regular offerings right?) they’ll find themselves otherwise occupied and less able to continue the attacks.

Option 3: Return Fire
This is the most dangerous and yet potentially most effective choice in the short term. Everything you’ve learned to protect? A series of probative attacks will show what they’ve failed to protect properly. If you’re talented or just lucky you’ll find options which will remove their ability to hurt you. Once they can’t hurt me anymore I tend to stop. That’s my line. If you want to continue past that point I’m not going to stop you, but I’m not going to go out of my way to teach you how. Hurting other people is a great way to stop them from hurting you, but it is a TERRIBLE way to make the world a better place. I know you want revenge, but please try to see past that.

Of course, maybe not. A student of mine studied with a witch in a region of Central America where the witches and their apprentices exist in a perpetual struggle for territory. Some of the stories of the attacks they do to each other are incredible, but it seems to have a nice side effect. They regularly sharpen each other. They are all excellent and well trained in being effective witches with powerful abilities to protect themselves and harm each other. The struggle raised the bar in quality. Who knows… maybe we should emulate that some.


Good Spelling,

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