How, Why and When to Curse People

Your ethics are up to you. Here are mine. I chose to come here and experience everthing I experience. If I allow someone to "hurt me" it's because I chose to experience it. If you walked over to me pulled out a shotgun and successfully killed me, I plan on stepping out of my body (If for some stupid reason I'm still IN it), accepting I'm dead, Letting go of separation mentality enough to understand why I chose to experience that and then... I'll decide what to do. Who would I blame? ME...

This mindset is why I don't mind "hurting others." Hey. You asked for it. If you didn't I didn't DO it. I've cursed some people and watched them drive off without a care, and I've cursed others and watched their car start belching out black smoke.

Beware. I don't believe in dogmatic karma systems, but I do notice that there ARE consequences. If you curse anger and destruction than you are vibrating at anger and destruction... If you experience some it's your own damn fault and just as throwing a rock into a pond has consequences, everything you do has consequences. If you are smart, choose ways of making ripples that don't capsize your boat.


Anger/Pain Curse one:

I had an arrogant asshole of a driver, drive in such a way as to almost kill my newborn daughter, my wife and myself if she hadn't done some awesome driving to avoid him. The asshole then honked at us, flipped us off for HIS fuckup and squeeled his tires as he drove off. I was so freaked my heart started beating irregularly. I decided... "Give me half a heart attack and you can have a WHOLE one." I reached out with my aura, bound his heart to mine and then proceeded to make myself more and more irate, terrified, increase my heart irregularities and hyperventalating while going out of my way to channel more of it into his side than into mine. For "no reason," his car swerved to the side of the road before Misty finished driving away. I continued to have my "heart attack" for a couple more minutes before accepting Misty's requests to please stop doing what I was doing as I was freaking her out. Use your imagination or if you're advanced source what happened from there. (btw... I have stopped my heart by deciding to. Don't do it.. The moment where you suddenly realise you don't know how to get it going again isn't worth it. Ironically the fear releases adrenaline which would restart the heart except it can't reach the heart that isn't beating. I'm still not sure what I did to restart it. After a few moments of no heartbeat I stopped thinking, I remember coming back and being glad I was awake and had a heartbeat again. However, after my warning, if you're in the mood to try doing so merely relax on a bed, let everything go and then little by little slow your heart down with your will. While completely relaxed, make a mental rhythem equal to your heartbeat in your mind and then begin slowly slowing the mental dum-dum music and your heart will follow. Be patient. You are not used to controlling your heart and you have a LOT of biological signals telling it to keep operating regardless of what you think you want. When you lose sync, move your mental rhythem back to the hearts rhythm and continue. Please make sure to tell someone around you who knows this website what you're doing so that he can post a link to your obituary if you're less lucky than me. Extra points if you're young and "died in your sleep of natural causes.")


Debt Curse:

Persons fucked my family hard. Silly persons did so and left some of their hair in my house. Created a paper package with their hair in it, Spit bile into the doll, Bound the doll with string soaked in my blood as I declared the curse: Fear of Us, Fear of Each other, Discord, Sleeplessness, Terrifying Dreams, Sexual Impotence, Awareness of Terms. Declared that the curse could be undone by repaying the spiritual debt. After a couple hours I felt bad about the curse and tried to release it by burning it. Unfortunately amplified it. Beware... Do something like this and you have to unmake it by piece by piece removal. The person who had done the worst to us and to whom my prime angers was is currently insane living on the streets, the others we know little about and seem mostly unaffected. However they have access to some solid protections... so who knows... maybe a few years down the road they lose the protections and we'll see interesting things happen to them.. In truth at this point I'd rather they just repaid the spiritual debt.  --Update--- Thankfully they seem to be doing so...  Curses like this bind you to the target and usually it's just better to let the persons go quietly.


While I admit to having my angry, binding and destructively limiting curses I like to have a higher energy while cursing. Higher energy? Yes. People who piss me off get "blessings" from me.


  • Someone makes me wait in line because they wanted the power trip? They are cursed to experience exactly what they give others.  They will notice that when they hurry lines they go fast the rest of the week, when they delay them they go slower the rest of the week.
  • Someone driving dangerously almost hits my car?  Cursed to have an accident soon that hurts nobody so they can learn without the guilt of hurting someone.
  • Someone insults others to feel more powerful?  Cursed to experience the pain they deal more and more strongly until they choose to stop dealing it.  Heck, If I'm in a sour mood I'll tear open their Shields, Heart Chakra and Third Eye and be a telepathic bridge between the person they just hurt and them...
  • Someone disrepects and damages property?  Cursed to learn to value their property by receiving something they value and having the same done to them.
This is another area of ripples.   I am willing to experience "hard lessons."   If I need to grow I don't mind having the universe teach me instead of putting up with my stupidity.   My Blessing-Curses are usually amplifications of standard consequences to help a lesson happen more quickly.  I choose the consequences I am willing to receive by what I put out.  I have started being more careful in my choices of get lots of what you give type curses because sometimes it may actually just accelerate their destructive behaviors.   I've started working to be more careful that my "curses" are beneficial to everyone involved.   This way if the ripples return to me I get beneficial and positive.

--- UPDATE 9/19/10 ---

My mindset regarding curses has changed greatly.  I still don't really think they are WRONG, as much as I think they are stupid.  

  1. Why should I focus energy on things I dislike.  
  2. Why should I take my personal power and set it to attempting to effect the life of someone I don't like?   

A recent FB post put it clearly... "I just stopped believing it was my job to "change other people's bad behavior." Heck, I've got enough of my own to deal with!" I have found more use and value in my life lately by focusing on what I like and manifesting more of it.  Rather than sit around flinging poo at the other dumb monkeys why don't I go and live a good life.  

I understand the mindset one has to deal with when we are looking to curse though, so I intend to leave this article as a way to help people understand curses and perhaps climb the ladder of emotions:

  1. Despair to anger/hatred (when we curse)
  2. More positive emotions Like wanting goodness ("blessing-curses")
  3. The higher emotions (self-responsibility, positivity and focusing on what we like)

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