Burning Salt to Clear Energy, Banish Spirits and Remove Curses

a bowl with burning salt

Clearing Energy
Back in 1999 (before I could see auras or feel energy) a mage taught me a cool trick.  My aura and energy were a mess so he poured a cup of salt and a couple cups of rubbing alcohol into a pot and lit it on fire. As the concoction burned I noticed my back was relaxing and that I was generally feeling better.   In fact, the whole room felt better afterwards. He recommended I do this once a month as a magical cleansing of my living space and my personal energy.

Banishing Spirits
A couple years later I encountered a home with a rather nasty spirit that wouldn’t be positive and/or cross over.  My mage friend mentioned that burning salt is a VERY powerful banishment.  I burned salt and felt the banishment IN the house, but it felt that the spirit was anchored UNDERNEATH the house.

Everywhere inside the radius of the Burning Salt seemed to damage the spirit and even after the fire died down there was something that interfered with the spirit manifesting inside the house.  In fact, after every instance of burning salt I notice that it is hard to form energy into a Coherent Structure.

Why it works
My mage friend believed in an elemental system where Ice and Fire are opposites.  In his beliefs when elemental Ice and elemental Fire meet there is an explosion to the tune of Matter/Anti-Matter.   To him burning salt was the giant explosion made live and the burst of energy had these side effects.

However, I think that the burning salt works for a different reason.  Salt draws energy into it. This is why salt is used for purifying rituals, removing energy from items and general grounding.  Salt can be filled, but when it is heated and dried, it tends to release its energy.  I think that burning salt does a couple things at the same time:

  1. Heating the salt presses it to release its energy.
  2. The burning flings small amounts of salt into the air.  These bits of salt are now cooling and starting to draw energy in.

If you perceive energy structures as spider webs, imagine that those tiny bits of salt flying around in the air touch parts of the spider web and absorb whole lines.  Pretty quickly the web is going to fall apart.  Eventually the particulates of Salt will either fill up, fall to the ground and/or move out of the area, but until then…  woe unto a weakly formed energy structure.

Now this DOESN’T explain one odd trait of burning salt.  For some reason when you add salt to an already burning pile, it flares up and turns a bright green.   If this was the only time it happened, I would assume that there was a chemical reaction that explains it.  However, if you try to burn salt in an area that is filled with intense energy, the salt burn will flare up and turn green as well.  In fact, if you can’t sense energy, you can often measure whether you’ve cleared out old energy by whether the fire flares a lot or only a little.

Removing Curses
It should be apparent now how you would burn salt to remove a curse.  If you can unweave the curse, it will fail.   Now a solidly made, well planned and maintained curse using the law of similarity will only be inconvenienced; however the vast majority of curses will wither and die in the face of a giant floating salt bath.

Other Side Effects
I’ve noticed that all energy structures are messed with, not just the bad ones. If you create a nice enchantment to make a space feel comfortable, it’s just as likely to be destroyed by burning salt as a nasty curse.

In fact, burning salt is why I so strongly recommend putting all of your enchantments into a body. It doesn’t take much.  From a stone, to a plant, to your own body: anything physical which blocks the salt from directly contacting the energy structures within will enable your spells to ride out the salt burn.

In fact, other things can be even more disruptive to your spells… I know a woman whose sharp and powerful energy shatters most enchantments just by her presence. My best recommendation for keeping your enchantments from disruption was and continues to be placing them into a body, shielding the body and empowering them to repair whatever flows they have outside the body after the storm is passed.

Good Casting,
Power Before Wisdom

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